22 December 2012

Hey Hey Sweeties  :3 I'm so exited now! Just done all my mid term paper and guess it's the right time to start involve in some group discussion and then complete my assignment one by one! Hwaiting~ So, I'm so tired & lazy to get out from my house until I received a parcel from MIVVA.com this morning!! OMG I was sleepy at first then someone knock my door! 

Ding Dong~ Ding Dong~!!

I'm still very sleepy and I love my bed so much until I can't wake up by myself :'( But still I force myself to wake up because I heard someone voice & I guess it's time for me to wake up! I'm awake and walk slowly from my room to my living room then turn on the light and open my door!

Postmen say 'HI, CHANWON? Can you help  me sign for this parcel?!' Then I was so blur and never wear nicely -.- Sleeping clothes which is XL size with my damn sleepy face! As usual I look so blur and just simply sign for the parcel and I don't even realize it until I saw the receiver name and who posted this parcel!

OMG~!!! MIVVA.com!!! Straight open my eye as BIG as I can! Heartbeats so fast! So exited! Brain start to function! It was the beauty box from MIVVA! OMG OMG OMG!! SHOCKED to the max because I can't believe it! It's so efficient and effective! I received their email before today and asked for my personal detail for that!

Seriously, thanks for the opportunity!Thanks for the invitation!Guess I'm the FIRST few blogger to review about MIVVA Box this Christmas! OMG! Just like a present from Santa! I'm very happy when open it up! It's full of Surprise

STOP STOP STOP!!!!! I guess you're so interested about it too!! 

So once I got the parcel I straight away run+JUMP to my room and get my camera ready to capture all the photo and show you guys!! OMG!! Please be prepared and GET READY for it
It's time to open it!! Unboxing with a lot a lot awesome and great products! So basically MIVVA.com did a very great job on it! I'm really satisfied with each of the special products inside the box! Just like a kid received a birthday present~ The feeling of open up a present and wonder what's inside the box! 

MIVVA is a brand new shopping experience with diff type of beauty / skincare products! Every month they will randomly pick 5-6 products for each of you and put it inside a lovely pinky box :P What you need to do is just subscribe it for either 1 / 3 / 6 month subscription and each month you will receive the MIVVA box on your doorstep with Surprise! OMG!! I'm going to subscribe for next month Mivva Box too :3
Other than the beauty products , I still received a greeting card from Mivva :) It's so sweet!  Merry X'mas to Mivva too :3
 Besides the greeting card , Mivva provide a sheet of product description for us too! With all the brand of the products and also usefulness of each of the product!
 I'm seriously so in love with the logo of MIVVA.com! It's so sweet with a pink love on it! You know I super duper love pink stuff! Mivva box is PINK toooo! OMG I will keep the box for myself too :P Used it to put my readers letter or birthday card :P
Oh no!! Get diabetes already!Thanks for the surprise and the mini hand writing card :) It make me so warm and X'MAS is just around the corner! Thanks for all the ♥ :)

 Good enough right? Got Heme BB cream , skin care product , Bio Essence Exfoliating Gel , Collagen Cream from ORIKS , Cleansing Foam , Di Palomo Hand & Nail Cream which is so useful for me!! and and and EYELASHES from Stage!! AND AND AND MIVVA BAG!

OMG! It's so worth to pay only RM38 (1 month) and you can get to try diff type of beauty and skincare product from them! You know girls , sometime we always waste so much money like rm60-rm100 to get try on 1 new product and it might not suit for your skin :'( It's quite waste our money! But when it come to this, you only need to pay less and get to try so many new product ! With this too , you can share some new product with your friends and relative!
I'm going to try the eyelashes soon on my friend's wedding dinner! I guess it look great on me :P I just tried their hand and nail cream! OMG I'm getting another one to my mom too! It's so moisture for my hand and it smell so nice :3 Thanks for the small cute bag from Mivva too! Now I can put all my product from MIVVA.com inside the cute mivva bag! 


I'm definitely purchase again for their beauty box! The pink box and the hand writing card is the most great early X'mas present I ever had :) Thanks for the little candy inside the box! You made my day!

HAPPY X'MAS TO ALL MY SWEETIES here! Can't get any idea on what to give your friends? what to buy for them as their x'mas present? Try to get a beauty box for you and your friends :) It's a great online shopping experience with MIVVA :) 

Again, thanks for the opportunity :) I choose MIVVA! How about you? :P Love, xoxo.