Instagram - Follow & Unfollow ♥

24 December 2012

Herloo Sweeties!! Short update today :) I'm gonna share with you this InstaFollow apps which I accidentally found it on apple apps store when searching for instagram apps for my Ipad! This apps is just a simple apps to track or check your instagram followers ! For instance, who is your new followers? you followed someone but he/she haven follow you  back ? and the last one is the most important and awkward issue when using instagram. Which is who followed you and UNFOLLOW you!
Oppss!! I'm not really interested about it until I found this apps and figure it out myself how USEFULof it and of course for stranger if he/she unfollow me I wont be so concern about it :S One main reason is I don't know who you are and don't expect me to follow you back if you just want to gain follower ! They all like to play with the follow & unfollow button :S I wonder why?! 

Few mins ago , xxxx followed you..        After 3 mins later or maybe after a day , xxxx UNFOLLOW !

OMG! You expect everyone of us check our notification every 3 mins or maybe every 1 hour? Notification can't show you followed sometime due to the limitation of instagram's notification @@ so we don't even know about that :'( then someone might come to our  profile frequently to check our update and keep playing with follow & UNFOLLOW! OMG That's really weird but still not the most weird part of that :X 

The most awkward time is when someone you know in real life and he/she met you before but you still not so close to her . So what he/she did? Those people like to follow you and keep check your update and + photo in your instagram and maybe few days/hours/mins later he/she UNFOLLOW you :S 

So, everyone of us expect people we followed, follow us back? Or you just like the feature of instagram by clicking follow & unfollow few time each day?! It's really annoying and it just like forcing you to FOLLOW that person back :'( 

Not following someone didn't means anything for us actually but FOLLOW then UNFOLLOW again will  be a problem to most of us (I guess) :P I guess most of us tried follow & unfollow someone but IT'S OKIE! Please don't followed for 1 mins then UNFOLLOW immediately :O We know it actually..
So from now on, don't expect too  much on it :) Don't expect people to follow you back and keep on repeating the same thing which is  follow then Unfollow again ~ Because we got apps to track on it :P HAHAHAHA and this apps is FREE ! Others similar apps might need to pay for it :D

Lesson learned , Don't simply follow & Unfollow your friends and expect people to follow you back! It's awkward and I'm thankful to those who followed me since I own an account on Instagram♥ Love , xoxo

It's still ur choice to follow and unfollow someone but make sure that he/she don't know ya *wink* Teehee❤ ⚫〰⚫