MIVVA BeautyBox Invitation Code♥

06 December 2012

Hey hey Hi Hi Herloo People :3 I'm here again and want to share a greats news with you all! With all my readers , especially YOU!! Girls Don't Missed this chance !! 

"Have you heard? There's a new kid on the block! Yeap yeapppp *exited to the max*

MIVVA.com is the fast becoming Malaysia's hottest Online Beauty Portal and this month they're
launching their debut MIVVA Beauty Box! OMG OMG!!!! THEY ARE LAUNCHING!VERY SOON! it's not easy to launching a beauty product online and they need your support sweeties :) So here's the greats news for you 

For only RM38 per month, you get 5-6 exciting beauty products and this Christmas, they've also
packed in little surprises!

As boxes are limited, they are only open to members (from 7th Dec onward) and I was lucky enough
to be selected to share the Invitation Code with my readers!
So here it is! Hop over to MIVVA.com and key in the Invitation Code: 'DiscoverMIVVA

Click [http://www.mivva.com/join/d6ce2826bddf] and insert the invitation code from 7th Dec onwards!! 

COUNTDOWN 1 DAY for their launching and insert the MIVVA BeautyBox Invitation Code !!  AGAIN,  Invitation Code: 'DiscoverMIVVA ' ♥  it's tomorrow~~ omg omg omg* it's tomorrow~

Please use my referral link and help me claim my free MIVVA Box too ! [http://www.mivva.com/join/d6ce2826bddf]   

I simply cannot wait to receive my MIVVA Box and try on those beauty products! Dear Santa please
get me one for Christmas :D"

#MIVVA BeautyBox Invitation Code