♥Girl Meets Girl ♥ Aseana Cafe Bar

29 November 2012

 HERLOOO HERLOO HERLOOO Sweeties :) How are you!? I'm just back from my class and finally ended my boring class :S TGIF tomorrow!! Any plan? I planned to watch Twilight Saga again for the second time tomorrow but this time with Mr.Kitty:P I think the ending is just awesome!! Am I right? 

Okie I'm gonna blog about girl's outing on last Saturday :) Not the first time meet Doris, I guess this is the second time we met! Planned everything in last mins due to some reason & Bobo and I can't attend for a blogger event :'( So what to do on weekend? I hope to go out because my test and assignment are coming soon. Once I get busy on that I have no nice weekend and outing with my girls :'( Therefore, Bobo date Doris out and FINALLY Doris got her DAY OFF:3  

& FINALLY our first dating :P 
My #Ootd :) My bangs quite long already ! Have no idea whether to cut it or just leave it ! No time to cut so I guess is time to use my curly iron & make a little bit curl on it :) So yea , hope it look nice on me! *wink*

I reached first then meet with Bobo and both of us walk to KLCC :3 Such a long way to go! Wearing high wedges and heels walk from Pavillion to KLCC is just so tired and exhausted! OMG I have no idea how I walk back twice a day :S [On the way to meet Doris] we rest a while at Chatime and of course is time to capture some nice photo since both of us really love to selca :P
 I guess my Green Ribbon Hair accessories did a great job for me because it make me feel so happy on that day! HAHAHAHAH Bought it from Cheessie @ ChurpOut event :) Regret never buy another color! I guess I shouldn't buy so many clothes and top , should purchase more on hair accessories because it really help to create a nice hair shape and make me look 'brighter' in some way! Lol
 1 hour later, 3 of us met each other and just simply walk around.Then heading to a Korean Restaurant! I forgot what is the name of restaurant :S Guess so much time to talk or maybe I'm so hungry! I haven take any lunch yet :O Wanna go try some japanese restaurant but when we check their menu the price was like RM100++ and above -.- Suddenly forgot here is KLCC ! So we just heading to this Korean Restaurant!

I realize that every outing with Bobo sure can try some Korean Food ! Kimchi! LOL But spicy for me!! SPICY and at the end I just choose a korean type fried rice! Lol RM25 gone with only a fried rice! But at least it's delicious la! I know I'm stupid in some way because nobody come korean restaurant just order a fried rice! But I dislike spicy ma :X That's why! blablabla~~
 Oh then I'm hungry again! But I guess my stomach just can fill in some delicious dessert! Lol So next we heading to Aseana Cafe Barwhich is so comfortable and a bright place to take photo! HAHAHAHA All our photo taken at this place :P Located at Tower 3 of KLCC if i'm not mistake!
 Seriously I'm always prefer to go to this kind of place :) It's so relax and comfortable with their lightening! Nothing can win this I guess! It's so comfortable and make my weekend soooooooo happy & relax! Think nothing and just talk everything! HAHAHAHHA
 Finally have a great day without any assignment and homework :P At the same time enjoy their dessert and drinks!
 keep  on playing Doris's camera! Mad love with it
 nom nom~~ So yummy ! Especially the dessert we ordered nothing much can complain their service is just nice and of course I guess the environment did well ! I feel so comfortable when sitting there and chatting with  my friends! How good if near my house got this kind of cafe :'( stop talking about food and dessert I'm seriously damn hungry now (it's dinner time now) so That's almost done with this post but before the post end of course need to show you guys some PHOTO! AHAHAHAHA

Photo Time with Bobo & Doris
That's all for today :D Time for dinner! Good Bye sweeties~ LoveXoxo