Taiwan Trip (8) ♥ GOOD BYE TAIWAN :'(

25 November 2012

Herloo All :) Finally here is the last post to end my taiwan trip :'( I'm seriously so sad now and the reason why I'm late because I don't wanna face it!! I don't want to end my taiwan trip post!! Millions thanks to all the new readers and sweeties here :) You all are the reason for me to work harder and it's my motivation. Enjoy the last post of my trip and anything just drop me a comment or email me! Will try my best to answer you :)
 So what about the last day?! I think you can see that my face getting tired day by day! HAAHHAHAH and I realize my eye's make up seems to be so weird especially the eyeliner! I draw until one big and one small eye! Guess I'm blur until I can't control and can't draw the thickness of my eyeliner nicely! But I'm still force myself to be confident with that weird eye make up! HAHAHAHAHA sorry for that just ignored that k?!

Heart beats fast!! That was the last day and I can't think anything just keep on thinking how to utilize all the money I left! AHAHAHAH but I need to keep the remaining NT1000 for paying the taxi driver who fetch us to the TaoYuan airport! Not dare to use that so I ask Bobo to remind me once I step into the new shop! So funny :P We wake up quite early because it's LAST DAY! and actually we planned to do some healthy exercise in the morning ! Planned to rent bicycle but FAILED! Because both of us so tired :S

You know I'm a kind of hyperactive girl! I didn't get enough sleep because I edit photo and update my blog during the trip!! I'm not crazy I'm just can't wait to share the happinesswith my readers! Arghhhh when I'm blogging I'm so happy and not tired! At the same time I do gossip and talk to Bobo until midnight! The only time I'm feel tired is when I'm standing and waiting MRT that time! Lol

We discussed quite a long time I guess..about what we need to do on the last day and then we walk out from the homestay! Met Sam and he bring us to have some dessert! Actually Bobo and I were so hungry at that afternoon and feel like having as many delicious food as we can but end up went to have dessert @@
 We simply pick some cake and drinks @85°C ~ A very popular Taiwanese Franchise Bakery/Coffee Shop:) Their cake is simple and yet awesome! I'm quite regret that I never try their strawberry cardina :( & we ordered their mixed fruit tea 水果茶 very nice :P
During the dessert time we keep on discussing where and what we want to do on the last day! Never regret of anything after that! Then we suddenly think of 师大夜市ShiDa Night Market! Wanna to fully utilize our day with the few hundred left on our mini pocket! Lol Next, we just simply walk to the nearer MRT station !
For those who want to go to ShiDa Night Market, you can take the MRT-XinDian Line, stop at Taipower Building Station, and head toward exit 3. [捷运新店线 >台电大楼站>3号出口] Previously we actually enter the wrong exit and it's really weird for us until we meet a cute girl and she told us we actually need to find exit no.3 not no.1 or no.2! HAAHAHAH Please take note this if not you might be one of us :P

Before we heading to it or start shopping like crazy we actually spot one shop which selling diff kind of chinese hot buns ,包! It's so huge and tasty!
So basically ShiDa Night Market is somewhere near a taiwan university, so you can spot and see many pretty student passed by you :) So all of the stuff they sell is so suit for me!! (of course we used all our money left in this night market) As i mention on the previous post this is a nice place for girl~ All clothing , bags, accessories special for Fashion lover like Bobo! She almost crazy too! Some snap of their shop and the decoration is just so nice :P
Many diff color of beanie! Hot item recently! You can see every one own one of them :P Me too! Hehe
Many good stuff to grab! Is a must place to come! Remember bring enough  cash come ya! We quite regret not come this night market at the first few day when we still have so much cash on pocket :'( Why we only go there on the last day !! Not enough cash to buy lor of course :'(

Other than that got some other shop selling hello kitty stuff , fake eyelashes which is cheap like hell , fooooooood & of course my lovely DIARY BOOK!!...
 This shop is a must I didn't remember the name but I snap this photo for you guys as reference! Many fake eyelashes which cost only NT100-NT200 per box! OMG damn cheap I forgot to grab fake eyelashes :( NOOOOOO!! THIS can't happened 1!!! NOOOOOO!!

Limited cash and limited time! We need to back to our homestay and pack our thing before 6pm :'( So after a while more then we need to find a place to have our dinner before leaving there!! hmmm..this shop strongly recommended by Bobo! I wonder how delicious it's so I just say YES! (I'm quite hungry also :X)
OH MY GOD! THIS IS FREAKING DELICIOUS although I'm not always like to eat beef but you should try this out! The beef is just nice not too soft not too hard to bite with the noodle as a combination! OMG I LOVE THIS! I SHOULD BRING MY DAD TO HERE! He love beef so much :)
So we shop around until 5pm like that we walk back to the MRT station and back to our HomeStay! I didn't really pack because all of my luggage and things are well packed before the day! I means from the 2nd day until the 7th day! I didn't like last mins packing because I know I will be moody and mad if I see my stuff so messy and all the plastic paper bag here and there! So that's why I just bring all my thing in a mini luggage and the medium luggage (blue) is empty one! AHAHHA So I just need to open up the empty one from the first day I reach taiwan and every night I will pack nicely my things! Pack it nicely every night :P and keep on laughing and feel so happy :P 暗笑几下~

You guys can do it so If not during the last day you will just hide yourself in your room and facing all messy & pack it.. Especially when come to the last day.. Pity Bobo keep on searching her lock and key to  lock her luggage :'( She done pack and the people help us carry to our front door but she still can't find her key so she quite rush for it keep on searching.. Closed the luggage and open it again and again to look for her key! At the same time someone keep on rushing us to go down -.- The taxi driver! Both of us mad to the max seriously!

 I'm actually mad because I'm done and Bobo just finding the key what is the purpose of rushing when you see one of us actually damn mad to find a key! Lol The  people keep on open our door, stand on the door and ask me Bobo found it? then I say No. He walk out from the room again then 5 mins walk in again and ask for the same question! HELLO please don't show your rushing face to me.. Stay calm ok?! He did the same thing repeating for at least 4-5time !

Tic tok tic tok..Time passed 15 mins KEY founded♥♥♥! I don't know how to express the feeling it's just AWESOME! hahahah Smile appear again on both of our face and of course that person's face :P Happy Ending heading to TaoYuan桃园 airport no2! Heard Bobo say there still can snap photo because got a hello kitty airline check in counter there which is full of PASTEL PINK! run`~~~~~ run~~~~
My sleepy face because I just wake up inside the car! HAHAHAH it take almost 1 hour to reach the airport >w< So sleepy with the cold weather at night :P for your information we depart from taiwan at 11-12am around that and reach Malaysia at 4am :) Night not bad because we can sleep inside :P

Are You ready ?!!! PINKISH AIRLINE!! OMG why hello kitty airline not available to malaysia :( It just limit available for 4-5 place only :'(
See both of us feel so sleepy .____. our eyes our brain all can't function anymore and my camera left 13% battery! HAHAHAHAHA never charge it before the day :) But I guess this will be a good memorable trip for both of us! The first time travel to taiwan, leaving my family , with flower Bobo , without any card in our pocket , limited cash , limited luggage and limited time xD But because of the kindness of the people there and of course the sponsored ship of the homestay I just able to make my dream come true!
Used all my I-cash too :) Ordered all my favorite food in their 7-Eleven! Really wanna shift whole building back to Malaysia! Their 7-Eleven really damn diff from our 7-Eleven :) It's unique!
Everything is made for easy recycle and go green with their food paper box and of course the food is fresh! Look at it! OMG DAMN MISS THEIR FOOD NOW! :'(

Everything is just like a dream for me. Until now I still like never want to wake up from the dream :) The trip is end but for me the memories will never end in my mind! It will long lasting until the day I forget I can view back and refresh my mind back in my blog here! This is the purpose of my blog and it's good to share stories and feelings here :) 

Thanks for everything! Now saving money all over again ! Next time will visit taiwan again but not taipei! Should go further than that maybe GaoXiong , TaiNan or TaiDong :) But just need to choose a nice month which got holiday and also NICE WEATHER! Work Hard now for my next dream trip!

Nothing much to say because I'm almost cry now :( Many feelings suddenly come to my mind..I miss everything! Seriously what can I say...I LOVE TAIWAN MORE THAN EVERYTHING! I feel like I'm started to make every of my dream come true! Thanks god Thanks everyone of you :) You guys make Chanwon a little bit more different now! I love you all!♥♥♥

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For you information, whole trip I bring RM1.5K go excluded ticket :) I booked ticket 3 month before I went to taiwan because due to my holiday problem I can only go trip when I'm having a long semester break :'(
So this is what I grab from the trip :) HAHAAH Don't laugh I know you spot a body shampoo there and even bought a economic package to here because I scared later too nice then I didn't buy it I will feel so sad :P Most of it were beauty mask , skin care , mascara , eyeliner pen which is damn cheap compare to Malaysia :) Some necklace grab on their night market and of course DIARY BOOK! ahahahaha I guess I grab so many wedges :P There are still some clothes which I can't manage to snap it all..Not much la still got 5-6 pieces because I put it into my washing machine and washed it :P

See you soon Taiwan~♥ Earn money is not a easy thing :( seeing every single sen i earn been used in whole 8 day trip !! I'm poor now seriously!!! Argh T^T My savings T^T