Taiwan Trip (6) ♥ Hello Kitty Sweet & WuFenPu五分铺

06 November 2012

Yooo~ Baby Sweeties :) Done edited all the photos yesterday :P So, what's the plan on the next day?! Unfortunately, it's raining day!! worried about the weather during the trip because everyone told me that October = raining season but i'm so lucky because we went for almost 8 days just one day raining! Hahahha Not bad but once we back to Malaysia I saw the weather report it's raining again! Seriously, Thanks God!I pray so hard for the weather and hopefully it wont spoil our plan!
So as usual we dressed up nicely and had our lunch at 12pm ! I remember that day I feel so sad because I didn't get enough clothes I didn't shop a lot :'( I don't know why!! maybe just didn't spot anything special!! So we straight away heading to 五分铺-WuFenPu and this is a MUST! But the price range is almost same at here RM15-RM30 ! 
Raining day and only both of us wear like this @@
We were so lucky again !! Because all the shop at that period doing clearance! OMG but some clothes which is NT100 (RM10) the quality was so soooo bad! So we didn't shop that much but we manage to bought at least 5 pieces :P So how to go there? It's very easy just go check your MRT map and look for  - Hou Shan Pi 後山埤- ! Then, walk to the no.1 exit you can see a sign board wrote 五分埔商圈/Wufenpu Commercial ZoneThat's easy right?  

Nothing much can show you guys :P Nothing special except shopping shopping keep shopping then shop til drop:P But still not satisfied :'( due to the weather! Imaging both of us wearing raincoat and people around keep looking at us + carried a lot plastic bag ! Running here and there without umbrella and wear like alien with the raincoat!IDK why the rain just can't stop :'( I'm afraid I'm sick if I kenal the rain* Lol
Then, we get Hello Kitty sweet's phone number at that morning & called them for booking purpose :) Remember to call them first before going there ya :3 We booked Hello Kitty Sweet Cafe at 7.00pm :)! WOOOHOO Can't wait to go there! I'm so exited because this is the first time I go! So we finally say bye bye to WuFenPu ! It's time to have some delicious and cute hello kitty dessert :3
Before I continue something you might need to know! All the dessert and decoration of hello kitty sweet is totally damn cute! and of course it's very nice to take picture and the environment is all PINK PINK PINK! I'm not a hello kitty fans  (I'm Melody's fans) but you know I love pastel series color with all those soft soft color like light pink or pastel pink :) So I'm still very exited and can't wait to go HELLO KITTY SWEET CAFE

Let the photo do the talking :3
 First floor environment and decoration much more nicer :( The chair in first floor is hello kitty's chair !! Wanna take photo with the hello kitty's chair but they not allow us to sit on there!!!!

Everything was so nice to me..all pink furniture and decoration is just soo cute...

until....I realize that I shouldn't put on such a high expectation on that because end up everything was just sooooooooo disappointed! Seriously, I'm so disappointed! Especially their service :O + at the same time I'm playing instagram and I saw some negative feedback/ comment from Cheeserland about their food :S 

Firstly , i'm disappointed with their customer service! Bad customer service = LOW CUSTOMER SATISFACTION! We called them and told them we want to sit at the first floor(they said YES, OK!)  and end up they ask us go for the 2nd floor! we ask for the table on the lower floor but that waitress show some useless expression to us !You might think it's because too many customer there?! NO ! First floor got many table and just one table got people sitting there but others all blank + no reservation label card on the table! Then , never mind but I seriously purposely come here to snap photo with the cute hello kitty chair and table but end up we force to sit at the 2nd floor!! I'm sad with that ..but not yet angry

Until that time the waitress come to us and take our order! wow that's kidding me.. We change our order 3 time! THREE TIME MY GOD! EVERYTHING =N/A, NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT and that waitress never know and realize.. is like we ordered the Drink A , Food A , Caked A and dessert A (minimum expense NT600) then the waitress say YEA YEA , okok , noted! Next, I went to toilet until half way Bobo call me~ So I walk out then the waitress told us DRINK A , FOOD A & DESSERT A not available @@ Okie then, we ordered 4 and we changed 3 of that to Drink B,FoodB and Dessert B! After that, I went to toilet again then walk back to our table I saw the waitress come again and ask us to change our dessert B and DrinkB! OMG everything I want to try = N/A! That's so embarrassing and the waitress expression is damn suck ._____.  How come they become popular already then don't even treat their customer nicely? 

Besides, the bread we ordered is really so damn diff from the menu but others look just the same! Just the bread! You will know how it look like later! Lol suppose we order others dessert and end up everything N/A so we were so angry and just choose the cheapest bread which got a hello kitty face on the surface of the bread! but it look like shit -.- not even a complete hello kitty print on the bread! OMG

But all the dessert still so cute! except the bread @@
 I think whole table only this can eat! HAHAHAHA I LOVE THIS♥♥ Tiramisu small cake :)\
aihx wanna try other drinks but end up all N/A so this is the ONLY drinks available i guess -.- changed twice for the drink @@
 Look at the bread ._____. disappointed me! or maybe is because my expectation too high?!
No photo of me drinking this because it's suck :S So All the photo just snap with the nice environment and background :( Sad to say that !!!
 This mini tiramisu cake still ok so I still can take photo with it :P HAHAHAAHHA
 This cute baby birthday on that day :)
Seriously sad to know that :'( But I think the interior design still so AWESOME! So I think I should stop the negative part ~ Forget about that and let's see their toilet's design !! it's just soooo cute!! ALL PINK PINK PINK~
 Other that the design of the toilet the first floor design moreeeeee cute!! Especially the hello kitty chair :( WHY THEY DON'T LET US SIT THERE!!! :'( cakes and all hello kitty doll beside us :'( SOOOO CUTE!!
If you afraid of the dessert which might taste like chemical :S Then you can order chocolate cake, tiramisu cake , hot chocolate drink & etc!But for me just the drinks not nice others consider ok :D But I don't know why some people said it taste like chemical :O Part from their bad service and food I think this is a nice place to TAKE PHOTO ONLY! The pink furniture & hello kitty background just soooooooo nice! 

How I wish they can improve more on the service part and don't N/A again T^T It's a waste we purposely came here and end up everything NOT AVAILABLE! OMG I rather use the time to visit other place :'(

Really really disappointed us! Bobo used to love it so much because she went there before and this is the second time :( She expect everything just like before but end up EVERYTHING JUST SOOOOOOO DISAPPOINTED! Haix :(

Sad ending but still I'm enough with the photo I took just so regret we have no chance to sit on the first floor :( That's all for today sweeties <3 Good night :)