20121114 ♥ Flower Story

14 November 2012

Hey Yoooo Sweeties :) Promise myself must keep blogging :) LAST post for my taiwan trip still on the way~ Too much photos to edit and insert all watermark but seriously I wanna shift their 7-elevenback to Malaysia :'( So as i mentioned on previous post I told you guys that I'm going to a celebration right?!

Yeap! Bobo's Grandmom Birthday Celebration in her house :) It's just like open house celebration!!PARTY TIME Her parents and relatives were so damn sweet and friendly! Seriously I'm so happy because finally 3 of us, Flowers can gather together and snap a family photo! HAHAAHAHAHHA Huirayy!So don't get shock when you're reading this post because more and more crazy photo will appear ! Keep reading :P
Steal this photo from Rose's instagram! HAHAAHAH Posted some of the photo we took yesterday and uploaded to instagram people wonder why our outfit so Pastel Color!Yeapp!! I'm pastel color lover ~ Seriously I feel so happy to see all of my photo with pastel color~ Happy Mood After some cake session and having a great dinner + chatting time with bobo's family both of us run run run run run to bobo's room ,then selca time! That's girl
Some photo edited with Rakuga-Cuteapps :) Awwww Seriously I'm so in love with pastel series color! I'm crazy of it I hope my room's wall can have some pastel color tone of wallpaper or what! But I think this will cost me a BOOOMB at least 2k needed for whole room renovation just for the wall :'(  Besides, finally I'm able to meet Bobo's sister BaoBao:)  Cute girl with short hair and very friendly as well!! Keep on snap photo and I wonder why I haven fully recover but still able to be there with my flowers :P My pity honey Bobo sick too! Pray for us T^T We want our healthy life and body!!

All memories suddenly come across and flashback appear on my mind :) Wonder how 3 of us meet together and suddenly got a group name, Flowers! AHAHAHAHAHAH I think I knew Rosefirst but both of us never meet together..because...I guess we don't have any chance to meet or maybe any reason/ gathering because both of us like totally in the different world!Lol but we do chat in facebook but never meet each other!!.. Then, I slowly step into photo shooting model world I know many photography's friends and I saw Bobo's in one of my favorite photographer's album! First thing I think she is really so 斯文 gentle and like little girl with mature face!

If you're my long term reader you can realize that I'm super duper hope to have a long fringe and Bobo's having a long middle line fringe that time! People tend to love a person's outlook when you're not possible to have that outlook! I'm in love with those mature type of girl because mature this word never appear on my face! Even I applied mature make up or thick make up people just will think I'm a kids play with those make up stuff like that :S It's a sad case for me but I'm old enough now so CUTE is just fine for me from now on! HAAHAHAHHA

At least my stupid funny face can make my family and my friends around me happy :) It's fine for me now..Mr. Kitty always try to calm me down when I keep on complain about my look , my face , my hair! Sometime it might be unfair for us to have that 'outlook' but it make us become uniquein this world :) The only Me, Chanwon!

Then, I start to read Bobo's blog and realize that she own a boutique with her lovely mummy :) After that I realize Rose stay near my house! It's so near!! Next, Bobo make a group on watsapp! We start our story! HAHAAHAHAH 
Then, Bobo's the organizer :P Arrange everything then all of us finally MEET each otherWe still so shy at first 10 mins but after that we realize 3 diff girl with diff attitude gather together can be a BOOOOOM! Bobo & Rose not very 38 and crazy person at first but if 3 of us mix together it will totally make each other laugh! The most talkative and love to laugh is me :S I know you actually can feel that in every photo of us! LOL
 I got diff type of friends and buddy and this is the first net friends gang! At the same time it slowly transform to Net Friends Gang-Blogger Gang- Sister Gang- FLOWERS!! So that's our flower story :) I know you might be interested on it because people wonder why 3 diff kind of people can be so good to each other :P But too bad that the taiwan trip Rose can't join us :'(  She sendiri don't want to join us!! :'( she so bad ..very bad xD
 I'm glad that I can meet you flowers :) They're still a thing call as friendship although we just know each other from internet :P Somehow it's dangerous toooooo!! But they are always be a miracle between us~~ Too bad we just able to meet each other once every few month :'(

You know now the world turn to be so so so so complicated especially people we know in internet. If you are too friendly people think you wanna be popular and stick to her! Or gossip about your life,  your bf , your family or maybe your friends! That's not wrong but not correct too! I just wanna have my own  life and be a blogger share everything including my own story or my life to my readers but I wonder how those PEOPLE can life or can be happy by talking behind a human :)

Don't simply judge people. You don't even know our story , you don't even know what our personality! How you judge a person with their outlook or even a photo? You're just kidding me! I'm sad especially this kind of people still living here happily ! Even it appear in my university life... People think that I'm so playful I love to talk and laugh then they think I'm stupid noob in my academic ?!

Don't think that! I'm not for you to choose Don't look down on me :)  I'm feel sorry to make you unhappy because,seriously people with good academic result doesn't need to say it out  loud or maybe wrote it on our face! I'm sorry to make you unhappy because what you expected on me is totally WRONG! I love to play , I'm talkative , I make up , I dress nicely , I blogging doesn't mean I can't complete my job or assignment on time!

It's so tired to know that! Totally hurt me after I knew that ! But still I got my own friends , babies and you sweeties who know me well :) Seriously I'm not so happy during my university life! People here always try to blame others if they wrong , they point out people weakness and prove that they're GOOD ENOUGH , did something bad behind but still so happy in front of us, but they are still some good friend in my university :) Why those people can't disappear and out of my life?! Those people who never admit what he did wrong is the thing I HATE THE MOST! Try to good with you stay in your gang and talk rubbish behind is not a GOOD THING!
The only way I can release out my stress is talk to them :) Talk to my dear Lyvia, Talk to my Mom , Talk to Mr.Kitty , Talk to Boboand write it here talk to you :'( !!! Diff kind of people everywhere even it break my mood to study in my university! What they need to compare? why need to compare? I'm  not free to entertain you! If you dislike me or I can't entertain you anymore just STFU and disappear :) My friends and I are kind to talk with you but it doesn't mean that we need to make you happy! Just disappear :) I will be glad if you can disappear automatically!

I'm so damn tired to mention those people in here! This is the last time I mention! No more spoiling my study mood and my wonderful university life! From now on I will ignore and think you're transparent :) Everyone told me to be happy and open mind ! I'm open mind now~ I wont bother anything which related to you ..Anything I just will SMILE :) Because I know people who care about me no need my explain! 

Love all of my reader! Don't know how many time I need to say but THANKS SO MUCH for wasting your time to be with me by reading this! HAAHAHAHA I will be a happy.smile Chanwon from now on :) Wont bother those useless people! Thanks so much for all my friends and readers...I love you all!!

OMG! Out of topic again -.- Keep out of topic ! So last but not least , some of the photo which took by my Iphone! Picture quality not really good but many pretty hot chick inside so just don't bother about the quality ya :P Teehee!

So happy to see whole of my post's photo full of pastel color :) Teehee!! So when should I stop this post? Lol I talk until where a? ERHMMMM, whatever I just like to be myself and I have my own life :P Just love me more , k?! 

So how about you sweeties? Did you meet someone from internet too? Any good memories?

Everyone deserve to have her/his own life :) Just do the best and be yourself ! Most important live Happily because life is short!♥ Love , xoxo

我希望你们了解的,认识的,是最真实的我!而不是经过包装而认识的我~ 因为真正的朋友是聆听你的~ 就像你们♥ 没有人能够为你而活只有你自己~