Taiwan Trip (7) ♥

12 November 2012

Herloo Sweeties :) I'm so sad  now!!After this post , next post will be the last post about my wonderful trip at taiwan :'( and after this week i will work harder and earn more money then save it all for my next trip! Woohooooo I'm wanna share everything with you my readers!

Started my Student life again! 3rd week this week and I'm getting tired and boring day by day especially when mid term then rush for my assignment :'( Lastly, final examination!! but I'm really glad that I left 1 year and 1 semester then I'm officially a student which graduate from bachelor degree of finance! Flashback from the day I graduate from secondary school until now .. a hard time for student which need to sacrifice some of the entertainment to study and graduate..I'm seriously a stupid girl if compare to others student :'( So what can I do? Nothing else than that, I just can work harder & harder & harder x1000 !!  
Oh! Do you notice that I'm always out of the topic! Lol~ So I just continue for what I'm suppose to update here forget about the stressful student life I had :'( Okie?!

So as usual wake up in the early 'afternoon' not morning because my whole body tired like a dead fish during the last 2 day on my trip! Seriously my leg damn pain and tired at that time even no energy to stand up :'( Pain like hell and I'm not wearing heels or wedges !! I'm wearing slipper or maybe sport shoe every single day :'( So maybe you guys should plan to have some leg muscle relaxing activities or exercise:P
Sooo where am I went on that day?! Seriously it's the last chance for us to shop and of course need to buy something for my relative and parents. This was the hardest time for me because I have left NT4000 only and seriously can't get any counter to exchange my RINGGIT MALAYSIA!! All counter for cash exchange just receive Yen , dollar and etc but not RINGGIT MALAYSIA!!! why?!!!! OMG and I force myself not to bring ATM card or whatsoever because I scared I will spend too much and at the end OVER BUDGET!

Lucky I still left some extra money for myself to eat! Lol 
Guess what?! I never try out their Mc Donald until the 6th day :'(  I keep on remind Bobo to bring me go to try their pork burger! Seriously it's so tasty and deliciousor maybe this is my first time tried it that's why it sounds like soooooooooo delicious and yummy?! OMG omg and I'm seriously damn love their food because all non-spicy :P But I guess Bobo seriously damn suffer on that trip because she can't live without spicy food!! Everything to me is just nice! Teehee

No plan on that day I guess.. but we just simply walk to MRT Station and heading to TaiPei Main Station!! and we just realize that inside the station is a HUGE AND LONG SHOPPING PLACE!! Got their own food canteen which is really huge and we just simply walk around then walk to a place name Q-Square ! Inside is a shopping mall I guess and a lot a lot alot clothing , bags and some very cute handmade stuff which I guess it's so unique but it's a bit pricy for me :) If you guys really got enough Cash to shopping you can heading to TaiPei Main Station and just KEEP WALKING then you can realize that IT'S REALLY HUGE! It make us almost lost our way O.O
It's really HUGE right? I dunno how the map look like but everything is so HUGE for me :S because we lost our way !! ahahahaha!! I'm still not yet full and start to feel hungry :O So the next thing for me is to find FOOOOOOD! I guess I ate too much night market food and morning took Mc Donald's burger but now I just wanna eat RICE ! RICE! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT!! As usual we lost our way again and just keep walking and spot some cake shop and think of buy some of their cake but the line is too long :'( Many people waiting on the line and I'm hungry!! So we just say BYE BYE to the delicious cake shop and continue searching for our FOOD!

Keep walk around the building until we saw this place!! OMG FOOOOOOOOOOOOD!
 So the name of this little place is Breeze Gourmet! I almost forgot the name of the place lucky I took a photo of this! Many choices for us I think :) Japanese or korean food also available!
 OMG! MY RICE! MY LUNCH! MY TASTY LUNCH!! I remember when Bobo saw my order she was Shock to the max! hahahahahah IT'S TOO MUCH I guess :P and of course HUGE! I think the price is around RM10-RM15 I forgot! but this is really FULL!

Bobo love Korean and spicy food so this is her order :)
  After our lunch we walk to Q Square!It's just like a shopping mall so don't expect the price of the thing is cheap :S It's quite pricy and got many diff kind of shop :) Included some handmade key chain shop and D.I.Y paper/material/stamp shop!
 Seriously, it's really huge right?! Many diff kind of shop and thing you can purchase from there of course what you need is just MONEY OR CASH!! AAHAHAHAH we didn't bought many thing from there but just simply walk around to wait for the time because our next place to visit is the night view of TAIPEI 101 and Xin Guang San Yue(新光三越)

 Spot the tall building behind me?! TEEHEE! That night was cold and it's really comfortable to walk around there + taking some photo for you all :) So relax at that night! Nice building + Nice view
 walk around then we spot many dog on the road :) A very kind man was standing there and giving some paper note to us! All = stray dogs 流浪狗!OMG I feel so sad for them and I wonder why their owner dump them and don't want them because of their size! I think Taiwan's people more prefer small size dog :'( and those stray dog's leg with wound ! OMG! :'(
 So the kind man brought all of them home and try his best and take care of them :'( People passed by keep on touch them and play with them :'( So pity </3
 it wont bite you but keep on looking around like finding a new owner and if you want it you can bring them a new home for FREE~ but I guess you should be a responsible owner for them because it lost their home once and It's really sad to meet bad owner which is irresponsible :'(
 Trying so hard to calm down myself and leaving those stray dog :( Seriously it's so hard for me to get off from there because the dog is really so cute and I have no idea how the kind man can take care all of them? He got enough fund for them? hmmmmm that's why they are here and wait for us to provide some fund :) If you pass by them remember to give them some fund and touch/sayang those stray dog~
 Besides that, I start craving for some dessert :S Hungry again :) So we walk out from the shopping mall and heading to a shop which near on that area !!!
 OMG seriously I miss this cake so much!! it's soo soft sooooooo damn tasty !!
 Look >.< Seriously damn tired on that day :'( My face so pale!
LAST PHOTO OF THE DAY :) After having our dessert we just walk to MRT station and back to our homestay!

That's all about my last two day post :'( LAST DAY POST still updating!! Stay tuned for all the pinky hello kitty airline and a good place to shopping for us!! Before the last day we just pull out all the money we left on that night and keep on counting see whether how much we left / can spend on the last day :P Teehee♥ Love