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13 November 2012

Herloo Sweeties :) I'm here again!! Must update this before I go out for the celebration later :3 and of course HAPPY DEEPAVALI♥ to all my friends here ! Enjoy the holiday to the max ya  I'm gonna blog about my favorite item of the month again, which is my very first pair of flat which bought from Tiamo @ The Garden, Mid Valley :) 
Yeap! As usual I'm a fans of pastel pink stuff and of course I noticed this shop quite a long time until last few weeks I just manage to bought it home :) Actually it was a present from mua bf, Mr.Kitty. For me I think it's really expensive and pricy to get a flat or even a shoe which is more than RM100! It's not that worth for me to get a pair of expensive shoe which just to wear on your leg and the main problem is I never take care of my own shoes , wedges or heels :'(  I'm serious!
but still a pair of comfortable flat/shoe is really important for us especially girls! I never ever dream that my bf will bought it for me because I never spend so much money just for a  pair of shoe for myself! I rather use that money to eat or buy some sexy dress ♥ Until the day I fell down and my flat spoiled fml* It's awkward because he told me not to wear high heel then I wear my own pair of new flat but still I fell down with the stupid flat! 

Don't laugh me I know I'm stupid even wearing a pair of flat still can fell down?! OMG I'm not kidding, just let me explain a little bit for that awkward moment :'( I remember it's not the matter of the walking style or the problem of my leg it's all because that stupid flat which make my leg (the end/behind part of my leg) feel so pain!! Then of course I walk slowly slowly...and slowly to ignored the pain until my left leg hit my right leg!!After that, FELL DOWN!!!!That stupid flat hurt my leg and make myself look so stupid in front people! It's so painful !!

I guess most of you having the same problem like I do:(

Shoes grinding feet of girls seems fast become the order of the day!!

I guess it's because the design of the flat is not that good :( or  maybe just because my own leg's problem?! but this is so annoying ! That's why I always prefer to walk with slipper or heels at least it wont hurt myself :'( Every time need to buy new plaster for myself and paste it on my leg but sometime it just doesn't work on it ! I still can feel the pain :'( Seriously , it's so painful! it bleeding like hell
Ok I should stop on that :S So..then....I finally got a pair of Tiamo's flat! The design is so freaking awesome!Snap some closed-up photo for your reference :)
 Can you see it? The detail part of the flat~ Especially the ending part design :) A bright and sweet pink color match with a dark classic blue ribbon + a alphabet 'T' on it ! Simple yet it's easy and nice for matching my own style :3
 The pastel pink shoe box + pink ribbon~~ as the packaging is so damn nice and sweet enough :) It's fresh for me because normally those shoe  box is so huge , wasting space and ugly :S But this is just nice with it's design and size. So I just keep it for myself to put my stuff :3
 Perfect matching :)
I tried with this pair of flat on that day and walk around for few mins :) It's still nice and very comfortable for my leg on that few mins! 

 But does it work on my leg? hmmmmmm... 

The answer is...

Why?! HOW?! 

I wear it to my class last week ! At first everything is still nice and comfortable to me because I still  not walk that long until when I walk with this flat to the car park in my university..I start to feel the pain :'( it start grinding :( Ohhhh NO!!! 

Nothing pain than my heart because this is so waste of my bf money! He purposely bought it for me to reduce the painful of my leg and try to solve my problem but at the end IT STILL HAPPENED! Don't think it's just RM160 only MA!! Seriously , I rather use that money to having a romantic and great dinner or buy something else ! 

I uploaded this shoe on my instagram and some of my friends told me that they having the same problem like I do :( They bought other design flat from tiamo but still it's still grinding !! But some might not facing this problem they think that it's just so and super comfortable!!

So the conclusion is, it's depend! Not depend on your leg but maybe some part it's really a reason but most of the problem is their design! I tried some of the design which is more simple compare with mine it's comfortable and wont grinding your leg! The design which I bought is really painful :'( 

For your information , if you afraid of it happen to you, you can choose those design on the behind part of your leg which is much more simple or thin material or lighter one! something like this kind (photo below) :) the thickness of the flat compare with mine is much more lighter and thinner! To reduce the friction of the shoe with your leg!
Something like this or maybe like this :)
I tried the leopard one but no my size :( It's damn comfortable! Lesson learned now :( Maybe I need to think of how to wear it nicely without pain!! Haix!!! How many plaster I stick on my leg still can feel the pain!! T^T Save meeeeee!!
But still I'm still loving Tiamo! Will shop and visit it again but make sure to choose the correct and comfortable one for myself :)

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