Taiwan Trip (5) ♥ KeeLung Night Market-基隆夜市

01 November 2012

Helooooo sweeties! Sorry for the late update this week because quite busy for the registration :'( and I'm really happy that I settled all the registration problem! Thanks god and I guess all MMU students suffer so much due the the system error in the capacity! It's really tired for us actually~ We  pay for the fees still need to line up everyday and waiting for the capacity of a subject and need to go from A place then B place....until D place to submit all the form and get signature from every lecturer! Damn it!

Done with all the registration thing and I'm really happy now~! Super Duper Happy Chanwon! Actually this post should continue with the previous post but due to the overload photos (That's really tooooo much if you realize) So , I have no choice to break it into diff post! Beside, I scared this post will be so short for you so I summary up another post here about the night market! Some tips and note you need to remember when you went to diff night market ya :) Continue reading.....

Okie before I continue let's talk about few night market which I went and some I planned to go on next year :P  So where we gonna go now?! Yeah, NIGHT MARKET TIME-KeeLung Night Market 基隆夜市!!! Btw, you really can't find any toilet at JiuFen except the Toilet inside the Convenience Market! So remember to peeeeee nicely before get into the bus :P
Ok so how to reach there from JiuFen Old Street? After the JiuFen Old Street we walked back to the place that we originally get off, the bus stop which is near or opposite the 7-eleven or the entrance of JiuFen~ Then take the no. 1013 Bus (1013客运) to KeeLung night market :) Almost 45 mins we reached the night market! 

I still remember that night damn cold !! Almost freezing once we get down from the bus~ The night market is really cold maybe it near the sea so what so special about this night market?! Every night market in Taiwan got it own uniqueness I think :) Am I right? KeeLung Night Market popular with seafood snack! So if you're a seafood lover guess you should come here and have a look baby!

Before I continue let's talk about night market! Few night market you must go- ShiLing 士林夜市, KeeLung 基隆夜市,ShiDa 师大夜市 , LiuHe 六合夜市 , FengJia 逢甲夜市. Or else you can actually check the top 10 list for Taiwan Night Market! 

ShiLing is full of food and also some place can let you shopping it separate into two part one for food and one for us to shopping while KeeLung night market is popular with seafood stuff like that that's really not a place to shop except if you keep walking around the road and you maybe can found some shop lot! KeeLung night market got few very nice food you can try
#1 Butter Crab I guess which is really so juice!! some more I know it from some Taiwan TV Show 
#2 Sandwich stall - I remember we passed by there and you can see many people line up and waiting. The sandwich is really so delicious , huge and full of ingredient but you will easy to get full with that :P 
#3 bubble ice cream (泡泡Ice Cream) 
#4 Seafood !! Seafood!! Seafood!
#5 Don't forget to try the fish game with tissue one :P

Other than that for ShiDa Night Marketi think it's really a place for girl to shopping! There got many boutique and clothes from korea + one very nice beef noodle shop which me and bobo love the most! Those clothes is really fashion and price range like NT150-NT1000 also got! Is really a huge range of their price but the stuff you buy from there seriously you can't get it at here ! Talk more about this later ! Next will be LiuHe Night Marketpopular with diff type of snack or small food a.k.a 小食 because those snack is original come from LiuHe that place! So that's all about FOOD FOOD FOOD! Lastly will be the FengJia Night Market but located at TaiChung台中 and this night market can shop til DROP & very HUGE! My friends told me he and his gf went there from 12pm-12am still haven finish shopping! wtf* I'm so regret we never plan to this night market!!! So please take note this and remember to go there and tell mw how AWESOME that night market is!!! 

Other night market you can check by yourself :P I not really clear about other I guess :3 So shall we continue? HAHAHAHA
 So the first thing we spotted is Mc Donald! Pork Burger is really damn delicious and crispy !! I'm really so in love with their burger and everything is no spicy but bobo damn moody because she prefer spicy food! HAAHAHAH :P
 Most Friendly Night Market / Top 10 list too :3
 The night Market seems like really diff from other.. Each diff stall got own number :D and such a long way to walk + full til drop!
 I keep on snap photo why no photographer here :'( Next time should ask a photographer to join your trip! Then you will be really happy he/she snap every precious  moment in that trip :P
Seriously, this taste like heaven! We ordered 3 bowl ahahhhahaa! 
 We were so hungry that time and I want RICE! Can't live without rice !! No.31 Stall
 why her expression :S LOL
So after that we almost 50% full but still we craving for food! Saw many diff stall and the sandwich stall is FREAKING DELICIOUS! So!! ARE YOU READY?! It's photo time!! Take note those delicious food I mention previously ya :3 Let's Go!
 YOU SEE!! How Huge is that O.O OMG..We want to try it but scared can't finish it >w<
 OMG -.- This is scary!
Don't forget to try this out!!! AHAHAH cute mini game :3
 Before we start the game the people teach us how to play and what is the tip :P hehe must let all the water out from the tissue and let the fish get on the surface of the tissue then only you slowly move up your hand! :3
Happy Girl :3
Seriously , this is our first time :3 we didn't manage to bring the cute mini fish back because we can't bring them to airport lo T^T Sounds sad so we're just playing around but most of the food from night market is delicious and tasty you can actually try it out by yourself! 

After the cold cold night and we are so sleepy because few days non-stop walking and my leg almost break! Hope someone help me to massage my leg T^T Smelly Kitty why you're not beside me that time:'( My leg is really painful and tired !!!
 The night market closed every 11pm I guess except weekend will be late more 1 hour! Then we back and wait for the bus no.1813 back to our homestay !!
See my weird smile?! The bus driver uncle is really FUNNY TO THE MAX! AHAHAHAH we were called by them and I thought we did something bad or wrong! Lol they stopped us for going to toilet and chat with us like normal people do. Then start persuade us to sit on the driver place and snap a photo @@ Kidding me!? So shy and bobo keep laugh !! I remember that awkward moment I had! and still I remember that time the uncle keep on talking and ask us snap photo with his bus until we really can't wait to go to toilet! LOL then we run to the toilet ! and those people is waiting us inside the bus! OMG.. That's crazy ! The uncle purposely waiting for us! The bus turn ON and passengers all already sit inside the bus BUT just wait for us! OMG we don't know and still move slowly ..walk slowly until I notice all passengers GONE!

That's really funny and I wont forgot that special night :) We are stranger for them but still they treat us like their own children or maybe we look so young and he scared we lost ! LOL some more inside the bus keep asking us to take care each other and keep camera in bag don't use hand to hold it..It might be dangerous and so on... Can't believe that taiwan people is really friendly and very kind to us! It's touching especially at that moment when I'm looking the window inside the bus and start to miss my family :'(

Thankiuu driver uncle! You're really so nice to us! Lucky we met you if not there're no bus for us to back our homestay again :'( It was toooooo late!! Remember to look for your time don't walk til so late like us ! AHAHAHHA Because usually Malaysia here even 12am 1am still very happening one ma :P Hiak Hiak *evil smile!!
That was the forth day of my trip :) So how yours? Planning for a trip too? This is really a nice place seriously I love taiwan so much! I don't know how to express my feeling here but that moment really so touching when you are not with your family (especially for me because even I'm already university life but I still travel to school everyday and live with my parent everyday...) then even driver also so friendly to you and talk to you with your language ! I remember that day , that night , that precious moment