20130106♥ Wardrobe

06 January 2013

Herloo Sweeties   :3 Finally I'm free and able to update a short blog post here!!! I'm almost fall asleep this  evening and can't sleep very well yesterday due to my running nose ! Guess what I'm so tired to see my small room with a big wardrobe which full of my clothes! I have no idea why I got so much clothes but still can't find any nice dress or top to wear! 

THAT'S GIRL! girl being girls!~

Yea! I guess most of the girls having the same feeling like I do ! I'm a little bit over react (i guess) because I'm a kind of person dislike messy things in my room~ At first I'm still ok with it until yesterday morning !I wanna dress up myself nicely and have a great dinner with Mr.Kitty! So I make up nicely and style my  hair! 80% done~ Still left a piece of nice dress..I keep finding finding until I'm really so angry then throw all my dress on my bed! It's something like this 
And the design of my wardrobe is really not good! don't have enough space for me all clothes and dress need to be hang up at the top of the wardrobe and only a little place on the bottom to put your things but it's very hard for me to sit down and find at the bottom part of my wardrobe if you realize my bed is in front of the wardrobe! So I found the dress and the holder that part drop down -.- SO ALL MY DRESS WHICH HANG ON IT ALSO DROP! 

OMG !! I'm totally mad with it and pity him I ask him not to come my house when I'm really mad and I JUST WANNA CLEAN AND ARRANGE AGAIN ALL MY CLOTHES! So that's my motivation to make me clean my wardrobe once a year! Normally I just keep on selling my pre-loved item once I realize I got too much clothes and no place for it! 

BUT THIS TIME!!! I'm gonna clean everything and my stupid running nose really so annoying! Really so suffer and exhausted on the process of cleaning and clearing my wardrobe :'(  But I'm really so satisfied now! I used almost 14 hour to clean it -.- So long if without the problem of my nose I guess should be half day ONLY!
On the progress of cleaning and help those clothes to find their new owner!!! So messy I wonder how my wardrobe wont spoil -.,- I willing to let go some of it although I'm mad love with all the tops and dresses! Because I rather to sell it with cheap price to those people who need it than just keep inside my wardrobe~ 

Lesson learned not to keep things too long and not willing to use it! You see this -.-
</3 Heart break! I have no idea why it faded with color :'( and all is new!! Never use it before ! People ask me to put inside the charity box :'( I think I should let go them !! I shouldn't keep it too long !! I throw 5-6 bags! 3 of them is white color all become yellow and some is brown on the white color part! I never use before and keep it nicely in a plastic bag !! WHYYYY!?  Lesson Learned  </3
Good bye all the bags </3 I dunno why I love to purchase a same design or bag/cloth with more than 1 piece or more than one color ! GIRLS! #GirlBeingGirls ! I'm so tired and exhausted! So I'm finally done arrange nicely all my clothes and place those NEW CLOTHES purposely purchase for this coming CNY because my exam is coming I got no time to shop! Ohh seems so nice but once I turn my head behind -.- SEE MY BED -.- 

Whole room full of dust and my annoying nose -.- damn it ..suffer a lot with the air conditional too -.- So I decided to let it be and go sleep with my mom! AHAHAHAHAHH Good decision
So this is the result of my hard work and thanks to my nose I suffered a lot with that .___. ! Spot some space?! HAAHAHAHH I can purchase more and more again!! Thanks god! I can sleep so well tonight liao!! TEEHEE
Next mission - Clean my book shelf ! 

The size of my book shelf is 70% of my wardrobe! I'm regret that I bought it home~ I remember I never see the size and just saw the picture and say YES ! Bobo and most of my friends so shocked after enter my room! Because the huge book shelf make my room look so small and look like no way to walk -.- just can sit on my bed! OMG I dunno how can I make it small~ I'm going to think of it! Thinking how to let go all comic books , magazine , files , finance book & etc! I should put inside the recycle green box again I guess~

So you might be interested about how can I settle the clothes which currently still on my bed (So I'm still sleep with my mom now xD)

Share it with you all, sweeties :) I got a private group on fb and that's the 2nd one! The first one I opened and after sold out I opened again for all the buyer to place their pre loved item there! Share the place for them to sell but some people taking advantages and benefits of it! Keep selling and promoting their business I'm already mad with it because the group is for PRE LOVED ITEM and price should be at a acceptable range but that people really never afraid of us ! So i give up whole group make a new owner to handle it!

It spoiled all my mood! Previously I really think that it's really a good chance for all of us share pre loved item inside a group but due to that people I decided to close it and not selling anymore until few month ago I decided to open a brand new private group which just for my personal usage ! No more open for my sweeties :'( I'm sorry because some of you inbox ask me whether can sell on the group a not.. I actually did is last year but somebody keep on breaking the rules! Not 1 but more than that!!

So I just gave the whole group to my friends and she handle everything now :) I'm so happy and appreciate for the help! I uploaded 50% of the pre loved item because it's so tired >< Keep on changing the cloth and pants at the end I give up didn't wear any heels for it! HAAHAHAH I keep laughing when see my leg muscle and stand so straight inside the photo!!

HAAHHAAH SEE MY LEG -.- Mother of god -.- so ugly!!! 
Special thanks to Mr.Kitty! All photo took by him except those on the floor :3 I'm almost mad when he can't snap what I want and keep out of focus but slowly he learned it! How good if he's a part time photographer!! HAAHAHAH Girls always prefer to have a partner who willing to  help her taking photo:3 of course need to know which and where is the best angle !

Thanks for the purchase and support sweeties <3 80% of the clothes found their new owner! Guarantee all of them are still new and good condition and let go with the price range of RM10-RM25  !! 1 for RM25, 2 for RM20 each , the more you purchase the more you get! Not really want to earn from that but just want to find a new owner who need them :)

Thankiuuu so much! I'm so happy and hyper now! That's why I'm still here to blog about it! Thanks so much again I guess it's time to bed!! Good night sweeties <3 xoxo