#1 Vlog by Chanwon♥

24 January 2013

 Herlooo Sweeties ;3 I know it's so late now but before I sleep I need to upload my very first #1Vblog and share with you!! OMG OMG OMG

I promised long time ago to make a video ! At least one before the end of the world but I guess it's time to surprise you :P MY VERY FIRST VBLOG!! Just try out and learned some basic editing tool by using iMovie! I'm happy I'm super duper happy but I have no idea how to put photo into my iMovie -.-

This video is just a simple hair do video on how to create a natural curl look with curly bangs! I hope this can help you to figure out how to make a curly bangs :) and then I got extra time before my final exam on the coming week so I guess I should add one more part which is about my own make up! LOL just simple !! No more than 6 mins but used 6 hours to film it + edit it!

Enjoy the video and appreciate your like <3

My serious look -.- How to change the thumbnail?!!! I look so ugly @.@