Favorite products of the month♥ Pink X Pastel

18 January 2013

Herloo sweeties♥♥ :3 Miss me miss me?! Seriously , I'm so happy now because I'm done with all my assignments, reports and presentation! Unbelievable!! One semester going to end again and of course FINAL EXAM coming :'( Quite busy this few days and all the pimples suddenly appear on my forehead due to not enough sleep. I'm really happy now because I sleep more than 8 hours today!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH

So, I'm back and blogging this very first 3rd post for 2013!! A lot a lot things need to share with you guys as I promised. I'm going to make a Vblog very soon :3 Stay tuned!! I think I did a lot thing other than just done my coursework! I change and put my bed in a new position in my room because my room seriously damn small :'( I'm regret now because I exchange the big room with my brother! I thought it was nice if I'm stay in a smaller room with a single bed and a large wardrobe! 

Small room = Easy to clean 

But it's not enough for me recently :'( Especially the big book shelf , books, shoes, clothes & etc. My rooms can't fit everything! So, I can't sleep again ~ Keep thinking how to make my room looks bigger and put more things on it! Previously I had a pink table, which bought from Ikea, and now I just simply move it to my mom's room and I shift the position of my bed! Next, applied my favorite pastel pink bed sheet on my bed and also the little flora wallpaper:)

I got limited $$ so I did everything on my own :S I'm really 0 knowledge on those wallpaper and how to paste it nicely! But still it's so pricy to ask others to apply wallpaper on my little room. I asked before, the price range like RM800-RM1600 depend on the quality and the type of wallpaper you want! I just need a wallpaper to make my room look nicer and of course easier for shooting #Ootd purpose inside my little room :P 

My room is just a small square and half of it if my toilet which share with my brother's room . Now, you can imaging how small my room is! Lol I DIY the wallpaper sticker with my own and applied it on  2 large wall in my room. The wall beside my bed and another one behind my room's door:) Other than that I think it's useless to applied on it because :-

 1) My huge book shelf cover it and nobody can see what's behind the book shelf so = NO NEED
 2) My wardrobe so heavy and I don't even see my wall behind :P = NO NEED 

hmmm so here's the outcome :3
My room is so so so normal and simple if compare with you guys :'( I always hope to have a big /one set full furniture with nice interior design but I think I should learn to appreciate what I had now. I still remember I don't even have a room for myself few years ago before I shift to this house. I shouldn't ask my parent to pay for myself just for my dream. I should save the money up and when got extra money just use that money to buy a new bigger house to my family and slowly design it with nice interior design! AHAHAHAH maybe this is the only way I comfort myself  LOL 

How was itx10000? I'm satisfied with the outcome and result because previously I thought the wallpaper will make my room look smaller and getting more messy :S HOW WAS IT ?! Is that alright?  I'm afraid both of my parents will tear off the wallpaper!! HAAHAHAH Look so girly :P

About the bed sheet you guys can get from parkson or juscoI guess! They're doing promotion for that Original price is hundred plus and after discount no more than RM70 *if i'm not mistake! & I just back from Daiso which located just so near my house !! Guess what I get for myself~~
So cute right?! It's a small accessory holderwhich you can put your small item on it. I thought it can put macaroons or small biscuit/cakes on it! HAAHAHAH But please don't do :P So cute hor?!!! It's just RM5 and got 3 diff colors which is white, purple and pink! Look so pastel OMG!! 
 I get myself a pink and a purple color one :3 I'm so happy and I actually thought can put two color together become a higher holder but can't one~ Maybe just can exchange the color between two diff color because max 2 level only :3 You can actually separate ir and exchange the color or you buy 3 diff color without separate it and paste each diff color on the top! OMG SO CUTE!!
 Look like food holder more than accessories holder

 OMG I'm gonna put my necklace and cute rings I got on it! The color just so sweet and it's really useful for me! How about you sweeties? :) Like it too? Go grab from Daiso too! Best selling and Hot Item recently!