#10 Summer -Photo Shooting ♥

20 January 2013

Hey guys :) Almost forgot to update this post! Remember few months ago I did mentioned about a summer theme photo shooting with two photographers. Know both of them from last year MMU's event! Still remember it's a very first time to dress up myself like a maid in order to serve the customer inside the small little restaurant! Lol :) For more detail can read this : ♥20120409♥ MMU GamFest 4 -Maid Cafe 

After that I never ever dress up myself like a maid! Whole set of pretty maid outfits now just hide inside my wardrobe! HAHAHAHA I have no idea what to do with it but it's so cute and a really good experience to work with cosplayers! See them how to make up and wearing colorful lens with super colorful long hair! It's so hard to keep those fake hair in a good condition but they did it! :) and I guess it's not easy to become a cosplayer. 

So back to the topic, it was a super duper hot day and I'm always pose under the bright sun :'( One photo shooting session took 2 hours but always need 20 days to make myself in a very good condition and also 1 months after the shooting to make my skin change from black to white! Easy to get dark if you non-stop stand and pose under the sun! 

Photographer of the Day - Int. Photography & BryPhotos.com :) I guess it was the 2rd time to work with them! HAHAHA no more than 2 hours for it if not I might fall down because of the weather! I think I should stop myself by talking too much here! 

I love this theme so much because I look so natural that time :) Especially my smile hhahaha! Had a blast that day ~ Thanks so much!

 ♥ Photo Time 


My outfit seems so match the theme huh?! HAHAAH Thanks to my mom because she bought it for me last time :P 

Enjoy reading & HAPPY SUNDAY :)