Tutorial: Iphoneography #1 [Another way to use Rakuga-cute]

22 January 2013

HELLO Sweeties It's me again :3 Promise to update my blog as much as I can before my final exam next week! HAHAHAAH So back to the topic... remember I did uploaded some similar photo like the one on the top of this post on my Instagrambefore?!  Yeap I did and some of you asked me how to make it? 

My Instagram photo@Chanwon92 :
example #1 
example #2
Q: Is there any iphone photography apps to make it or you just one click insert the photo inside then have the outcome like this?

Yeap! I'm using only the apps which is Rakuga-Cute to make it :) This is the only apps I used most of the time because I'm not really good in that but I do like to try out diff kind and series of photo by using just an app :3 I guess most of you downloaded it but still don't know how to make the effect like I do :P Don't worry only few steps to make it happen! TEEHEE

Some of you might think I'm selfish / not willing to share what app I used for most of the time or I'm just simply replied you said that I'm using Rakuga-cute! Lol 


So here's the steps!
#1 First of course need to download the apps and find few photos for youself! Simply imaging to put your photo on the left or right / top or bottom like this~
#2 After choose your best selca photo then is time to open it with your Rakuga-Cute app!
#3 Next, open up your collage collection for the lace stamp which I love the most! I didn't jailbreak my phone but I just bought few collection of Rakuga-cute which is Collage collection , make up collection , sweet collection & standard collection (Standard collection is free for everyone you can go download it )
#4 Then placed and applied it on the top or bottom / left or right :) It's up to you~ I love to put on the left-bottom or left-top :3 
#5 After that , look on the bottom right part EFFECT icon. Click it and choose COLLAGE to insert your second photo. 

#6  Choose the shape of your collage and see whether you prefer circle or love shape . I choose circle and white firm color because my stamp is circle and white on the back :)
#7 Then just simply place it above the stamp you applied just now :)
 #8 Not enough? Not attractive enough? Then go ahead and choose whatever ribbon / love shape stamp to put on the top of it :)
#9 Last but not least , put some bling bling effect on the white blank background to make it look more cute :3
Taa-daaaa!! That's all for the step-by-step tutorial :) Upload and edit yours on your own instagram and feel free to tag me by showing me your creativity!! Good night sweethearts