BakingStory♥Addicted for their Spaghetti

26 January 2013

Hello Lovely :3 Good afternoon!! I'm just back from my mom's friend's shop! I'm gonna share this awesome place which is located near my house and I guess YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW it! Not yet familiar with this maybe?! 

I purposely wake up and plan to study & read for the 1st chapter or at least 1st page! But after 15 mins I still looking on the slide and doing nothing -.- I GOT NO IDEA WHY ! During this boring moment, my mom suddenly appear and pop up with a great idea!She wanna go high tea a while but I don't even take my brunch yet! So hungry ;'( So I just follow her!

Good plan actually because their spaghetti is so damn delicious and tasty!This shop actually is my mom's friend's friend's shop! Just share this CHEAP AND SIMPLE NICE SHOP TO YOU!!  LOL Long relationship and I did tried their spaghetti before but never go to the shop! So here's a great chance for me to try their breads and cakes too! This is the 3rd time I tried their spaghetti! 
Nothing much to explain why I addicted with it! You can feel it from the photo above! It's a mix of carrot , vege , egg , seaweed with a normal spaghetti you can see it everywhere! But one thing you might think it's specialTheir spaghetti SAUCE!  

Their sauce got a little taste of sesame with a little bit sourness which can actually stimulate the appetite! I'm so interested with the sauce! This is a main thing which make me so addicted to it! My whole family members love this so much! Guess what it's just 


Oh dear RM7.90 included a drinkfor you! You can choose any drink which available on the shop. Soft drinks , Can drinks or milo &etc. OMG!!! SO CHEAP! Normally, a price for a spaghetti = RM12++ without any drink so this is worth! Yum yum! The taste of this spaghetti is really so special I don't know how to explain but MAD LOVE with it!

Other than spaghetti they have their own special kind of fried rice ,  HANDMADE PIZZA, breads , hokkaido cakes , birthday cake which you need to pre order before 2 days & etc.
 Photo taken from their fb account ;)
Hokkaido Cake -RM2.50 each
 Their interior design is so simple nothing much but you actually feel so comfortable and relax ;) I usually go there on afternoon then I feel so warm and from their food I can say that they more focus on their food quality ;) Their menu got no more than 10 choices for the food but each of the food got own unique selling point and so tasty :3

好吃的东西不需要太多的修饰 ,舒服 , 价钱便宜 何尝不是一个好地方  我觉得普通也有普通的美 最重要还是爱心食物的品质~

I can't recognize this shop at first until my mom bring me there I only realize! Lol I guess less people go here because it seems like hiding behind those familiar mamak & restaurant! AHAHAHA but it's not so important as long as their price CHEAP and food really TASTY and Delicious they still got their own demand and customer ;)

Their address ,
No5, Jalan PUJ 3/3,
Taman Puncak Jalil,
Bandar Putra Permai,
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

Tel: 03-89995080 

Drop by there and enjoy their cheap and delicious food ;)