Tutorial♥ New method for applying double eyelid tape (easy method)

30 May 2012

Herlooo Sweety :') I'm always late for the make up tutorial post but before that I'm going to teach you girl how to create a natural double eyelid! I'm a single eyelid girl , sometimes i hate my single eyelid :'( But still I'm very proud for it or maybe love it?!.. Single eyelid doesn't mean you're ugly but if you wanna to create a bigger eye then you need some make up tool for the help :P

You can always choose diff method to make your eye look bigger by using double eyelid tape :) There are many tutorial available with diff method..Included my own tutorial last time [Click here for the tutorial] and today!! I'm going to share a new method on how to apply it to create a larger and bigger EYEs with a nice double eyelid shape~example : like the photo below  :3 

I'm really glad that you guyss love my product :)  I used to share with my classmate and slowly some of them start to purchase double eyelid tape from me! That's almost 4 months ago & NOW I have my own mini business which  major in selling double eyelid tape ! Thanks for everything :) I feel so happy to have those lovely customer~
I know I look pale here :) But I want to let you know before and after k?! Hhahahah Photo with no make up make myself feel like naked and shy to show my cacat pale face to my readers here..Sorry if I'm ugly but I still love my naked face because it's the true part of me :) I always wear spec with naked face to my class and nobody recognize I'm chanwon! HAAHAHAHAH low-profile with that pale face :S Okie..back to topic!!
So yea! The method here start with applying your daily eye make up..means mascara + eyeshadow + eyelashes...so on.. Then grab your double eyelid tape with the tool and try to find your double eyelid line on your own~
 Korea double side Double eyelid tape from Double Beauty..
Stick with the tape by using the eyelid tool :) The position for your eyelid tape will be something similar like this >
Then slowly open your eye and use the tool to adjust your eyelid :) That's all... Why I think this method will be much more easier if compare to the old one? Because it's the last part after you done with your eye make up..and you will be able to get the best positionof your eyelid..If you use the normal way which put your eyelid tape before you apply your make up the outcome of your double eyelid will be much more smaller..means smaller / thinner double eyelid ! This is from my own observation cause if you apply before make up you can only create a inner double eyelid :D 
I'm using the fake eyelashes :D [2nd one] 

Let's see the outcome of this method !
Can you see the diff? The awkward moment is when you actually can see both of my eyes which have diff size @.@ seriously ! before and after..lol another photo.......
Spot the diff :) I hope this tutorial really help you because i received many question about how to stick the tape..I already done with the tutorial but still.. some of the sweetie are too lazy to read the tutorial ..Lol how can i use word to let you understand..I guess you need to have some photo as example..So don't ask me again here's the tutorial  >w< 
obvious enough i guess :x

So after I done with the tutorial..It's selca time :P Which means self capture.. I learned this word from Jane.. She told us to use selca now instead of camwhore! So yeaa..remember what is the meaning of selca !
act cute ni!  I'm 20 years old now but i still look like.........................argh!

Time to continue my work :3 Thanks for the reading! Kthxbye♥ xoxo