♥20120527♥ Levain & Instaskin

27 May 2012

I like #啊宝色 too :3 Do you but dunno why i look a bit weird in this photo -.- ? Good afternoon sweeties :) How are you today? I'm so tired today and later will heading to Kuchai Lama again to meet my BFF! Had few hours photo shooting session with 2 photographer yesterday. Will update all the photos soon but not much photo since it's just few hours! Thanks for the awesome day :) 
And Finally I'm able to have a visit @ Levain ! Goooshh! I can't stop myself to buy their macarons and breads! Many people have their breakfast at there~ Is a lot.. their environment so warm :) you will definitely feel so comfortable with the environment and decoration at there~ FOR SURE! You will love it!

Photos of the Day :
Awesome right? :) Really love the environment so much! Relaxing..Next time wanna go Dream Bakery & Poco @ Damansara ~ But really so far from my house that's why I'm so outdated :'( Why don't they open somewhere near my house? lol

Okie! Next will be the INSTASKIN that i just received few days ago from OhOh Shop :3 Click on it then will deliver you to their fb :) 
Ps : I have no idea why I always post the link inside the post but still there're some of the people asking me for the link from fb @@ 

Back to the topic! I'm so glad to be a customer from OhOh shop! I'm able to have diff kind of design for my Iphone and now a great news for you guys!! They offer the skin/sticker for Samsung Note and Samsung galaxy! All design available for Iphone is now available for other Samsung phone!! What are you waiting for? :P Go and grab it now~

I'm happy with their sticker and they have a customize kind of skin which is INSTASKIN :) They got diff pattern and design which you can choose from their page..Then summit your photos for them and customize your OWN skin and stick it on your phone! Wooohooo! Thanks OhOh shop for the awesome sticker! I'm glad and happy with your service too!

Besides, there're some bad issue happened on ohoh shop! Which is some of their design and their shop's name used by other people! Those people are bad..They sell others sticker which is spoiled and label their sticker said that it's from OHOHSHOP..So what to do after that? It spoiled the name of OHOHSHOP and ohoh received some of the customer complain about those spoil sticker..WHICH actually not from ohohshop!

Sound bad right? Other than that those pasar malam seller told that the sticker is actually from CHINA that's why with those spoiled quality -.- I feel that really unfair to ohoh :( Those pasar malam sell RM10 per piece! So if you're one of the smart customer ..Please do not purchase from them :X because most of the sticker spoiled that's why you can purchase it with a cheaper price ! In addition those seller still charge their customer for the stick on service which help you stick the skin on your phone..OHOH didnt received any payment for that service! OHOH free those service for us as a customer

I think ohoh shop provided a reasonable price for us :) It's just RM20 for one piece..Sometime they have their promotion even cheaper! Buy 2 free postage! Reasonable i think :) So be a smart consumer do not purchase the spoiled / wrong product from wrong seller
Best wishes to OHOH SHOP :D 生意兴隆
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