15 May 2012

Herloo Sweeties :)   Guess it was too late now but I still not yet feel sleepy :P I'm at my dear Lyvia house now! Yipppeee but too bad she got class and lab tomorrow :( The night still long we have so much to talk since few months we didn't meet each other! 

Then , she asked me how to tie a braid ! I think all of you love long hair braid ..Me too but so sad my hair really not enough long to make a long nice fishtail braid but I'm here to share some youtube video which is really useful ! I guess most of you actually know how to make a normal braid by yourself but sometime i find out that's really hard for me or maybe you to make a braid for yourself :(

I can do fishtail braid on my own hair but i can't do waterfall braid on my own hair :( I don't know why maybe i need a side mirror @@
This one is a.k.a waterfall braid(but i'm doing the simple one which is Waterfall Braid With A Twist) and the first picture of myself is actually a fishtail braid! Still got a lot diff kind of braid i think :P I think the twist waterfall is so much easier if compare to the 3 strand braid :) Try it out sweeties! really fun!

Below are some of the tutorials on YOUTUBE.
#Fishtail Braid 

With this video you actually can do it and practice it on your hair :D So niceeeeee with long hair i think!
#Waterfall Braid

and the last one!   # 5 Strand Braid

Short Updated! Night sweeties♥ Xoxo