♥20120524♥ Mickey Mouse Through The Years @ Mid Valley

25 May 2012

Awww!! I'm so exited now :P I wanna to show you guys all the photos I took today :3 I took almost 300 photos today..ALL MICKEY! with diff design and colour! They're so creative :) So what am I doing today? whole day? shopping?
Today is the first day of this event i think..I have no idea for this..I just went to Mid Valley to meet my buyers and have a look with topshop's pastel colour short pants and also dip dye pants! At the same time when i pass by ground floor , I SPOT SOMETHING! MICKEY MOUSE?! thanks god i went there today! I'm not a fans of mickey mouse but you know sometime when the world around you got so many mickey fans you will get influence by them! LOL is that true?  i think so LOL
People around me just so crazy..MICKEY MOUSE ALL AROUND ME..goshhh! i think there're more than thousand mickeys! So cute..got huge one and tiny one..and I'm like a kid walking all around ..dancing?! LOL and MR.Kitty like @.@ ..then some photographer who really enjoy in their little world then didn't see i'm behind them -.- at the end make myself almost fall down ! Lol...
Lol..The Mickey Mouse beside me seems like attractive than my Mr.Kitty x) So colourful..Each of the mickey is design by someone..I hope to see my own design there too LOL but too bad I'm major in creative multimedia :'( One of my facebook friend from ONE ACADEMY tag me O.O The huge mickey is her design ehhhh~ So proud !
 Each of the design got their own label :)
  This is really cool
 Can you see how ?! So many people there :P and mickey mouse too!
 this is so cute! chocolate mickey :P So i learn to pose like the mickey..but FAIL lol
 My eye seems so cacat ._______.
 Okie..this was 60% look alike..k?!
 THIS 100% ALIKE..HAHAHAHAHAHA CNT SEE -.- I know I'm very high now!! Lol but it's really fun at there.. #likeakids
 Ugly eyes without contact lens so I just block it...LOL but the mickey so special! so i decided to post it up :P
Mini Chanwon with Huge Mickey !

So above are all of the photo with my face..Is time to show you the photos which is without my face 1 ! Each of the design got their own unique point..Among all of the design..The one i love the most will be~ actually got two!
 This and THE PINK one!!! I dunno why i like this the most..really so nice !! Am I right?
 I like this so should be another photo for this mini mickey :P
So I just edited half of the photo..because that's really a huge amount for me to upload all of them :) feel free to visit there ! Once in a life you can see SO MUCH mickey mouse with diff design and colour! Even Mr.kitty that boring person also will feel happy when he first enter there..Or maybe he just accompany me?! LOL

So here's the photo!!! MICKEY MOUSE :3  I reduce the quality abit here due to the concern of time ! I dont wanna you all to get mad when all of the photo still loading then you getting tired to wait for it :P So hope you dont mind it :)
 This is so special too :)
 Full with lace! Like it but seems like abit complicated..hmmm~
 This mickey duck! HAAHAHAHAHHA so adorable~
 Are you kidding me? Kwan? 关公?   [one of the god name in chinese culture]
This is so special too :P
 I love it eye! AHAHAH [n.n]
 Spider mickey!
 Don't you think it's cool?! HAHAHAHA So much photo to go :) Guess will upload all of them on my personal blog fb's page :D very soon!

Mickey fans? what are you waiting for! GOOOOOO!
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