♥20120513♥ Holiday

13 May 2012

Herloo Peeps :3 Herloo sweeties! :D Finally I'm back~ Wooohoooo I can't calm down myself because I'm really sooooo exited  :) I'm done with my finals and I'm here to thanks my babe Hweesinfor the help ! I'm really weak in writing essay for my Korean Language final paper and she really help me a lot by teaching me all the day before the exam! Enjoy your holiday at your hometown :) I'm waiting you back and we go shopping
Long time didn't dress up  myself nicely and Mother's Day coming soon! Dating & Outing with Bobo yesterday! I get myself one of the top i'm currently selling then I wear it out yesterday! Simple make up with a new hairdo! Just simple hairdo :D Clip it to a side to match my outfit! I don't know why i so hyper recently! Lol!!
Outfit of the Day :P  Shoe from Sunggai Wang , Bag purchase online from Uniqueen , Top and bottom from Double Beauty , Sock from VickyBobo and accessories from DaLouis :) Long time didn't dress up myself nicely :P FINALLY~ I look so short without any high heel :'( 
Meet Bobo then we went to Sushi Zanmai :) We're so hungry and camwhore everywhere! Hahahahah<3 Everyone know i like sushi very much especially Zanmai's Soft Crab sushi! SOOO delicious even Bobo also fall in love with that :P
 Not enough not enough! I'm so hungry now! We chatting ,gossip around too bad Rose got competition if not she will be joining us! :'( But all of us will support her ! Kambateh flowers :P the good news from her..She get into the finalist! Wooohooooo :) Congratz for you~
 my hair look weird here .______. why? Long fringe or short? which nicer
 The most funny thing happened on us..We actually didn't plan to wear like this..Look almost the same outfit right? But we didn't plan actually HAHAAHHAHA that's so weird :P But I like! Miss all my babiessss and flowerss too! Must enjoy my Holiday to the MAX..MMU got less holiday that's why :( Stupid Booooom! Next semester gonna take 7 subject @@ must be tired with that i think !
Please ignore the person behind us..Lol..
Next will be yogurt time! Bobo like this so much! HAHAHAHAHA so cheap only RM9+ for one cup and so full after this :3 
 Meet this flower Bobo only for few hour then both of us back home liao :'( But few hour enough for us to took so many photos...we're crazy sometime..LOL
Last photo of myself :P Enjoy sweeties and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY everyone :) Love xoxo