♥20120520♥ Beetle Tip 3way Highlighter [Giveaway]

20 May 2012

Herloo People  :) how are you today? 520? Stay sweet ^^ Guess what I  bought today?! Here's the sharing post! I guess all of you saw this type of highlighter at facebook right?! Or haven know what is this :) What so special about this product? 
This product aka Beetle Tip ♥ :] It's actually a 3 way marker which can act like a normal highlighter pen and also can draw diff pattern or mark it on your note! It's actually so attractive when I saw them shared on their facebook wall ! Then i decided to get one for myself!
The unique part of the pen can draw out 3 diff line . The tip is meant to be used in three ways: for highlighting as a double line, for giving a bold broad stroke across the page, and as a sharp accent line  :O So convenient right? you can mark which is the main point and the rest is the example with diff line! OMG!!!! I'm going to share this with my friends and my readers! 
 Come with 3 diff colour : Pink ,Orange ,Green ,Blue & Yellow! You can get this from  http://www.jetpens.com/Kokuyo-Beetle-Tip-3way-Highlighters/ct/888  !
 It's soooooo good for me as a student ! I love this so much    ! Thankssss god! the person who create this is really understand us !
 It's pretty nice :3 The colour not as bright as the normal one..But i prefer this at least i wont feel dizzy when I reading my messy note that full of words x) awesomeeeeeee!!
Show you guys the colour! I prefer the pinky :P

I bought extra one box :D Gave Mr.Kitty one , BFFs left 2 units! So what you can do is just leave a comment below or email to chanwon92@gmail.com , tell me WHY YOU WANT IT then i will random pick the winner!
That's all :) The contest winner will be posted on next blog post

I will ship within Malaysia :D & I will gladly ship to you guys at my own expense♥ [using pos laju] 

what are you waiting for?!You can't beat the uniqueness and utility of the Beetle tip though, so I highly reccomend this pen.

Before I end with this post :P Have a look with this ♥ 

That's all for today :) Good night~ HAPPY 520 ♥xoxo