20120502♥ Angel.Fantasy [Photo Shooting]

02 May 2012

Herloo sweetiess  :) Oppsss that's so fast! Having a week of break now :P Study week break then next week will be my finals test! So just study harder in this semester instead of pray harder before the exam :'( But still Good Luck for me   ~ Good Luck for everyone too...

I'm really so afraid :( The last paper! God bless me! 
So yea! Nothing much to say but after my exam will update all the review for skin care product and some make up post ~ Stay tuned ya!
I just grab some of the photos from all the photographer :) Some of the photo still in the process :P Stay tuned again..Lol  Here we go!      *I will be back after i done my 3 papers on next week k?!*  Love
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