♥20120523♥ FOOD FOOD FOOD

23 May 2012

Herloo people :3 Squeeze Squeeze x1000! HAHAHAHA I got so many expression huh?! So fast holiday going to end soon :( 3 week holiday end up left 1 week+ only! Haix..I'm so sad now but still I got nothing to do other than blogging ! I love you guys! Thanks for spending so much time to read my post and be my readers! I will show my appreciation and share more great stuffs/posts for you~ sweeties :)
Went to Damansara yesterday :) Have a lovely dinner with Mr. Kittyand his gangs ! They're so lovely and friendly too ! I'm done with everything and bring my camera along but what am i doing with  my wallet? I FORGOT to bring MY WALLET.. Lmaoz!

 I don't care actually i just don't bother my wallet but my bf told me not to out if without IC .______. Okie then... First image spoiled his friends purposely follow our car from subang to my house then delay their dinner time T^T I feel so sorry about this.. plus I'm very paiseh cause I'm stupid! Stupid Kitty rush me first ...Bleh:S  but i know he worry about me..Scared i kenal polis catch then go balai -.- I THINK SO.. lol forgive me pls T^T
I'm out of topic again! Okie! back to the topic..we enjoyed the food there and had a blast but not much choice for their food :(sad for that.. Everyone of us focus on our food..Keep on order order then at the end just manage to took few photos only ! Price for each person RM70 around that i think :D Birthday Boy for this month can get 50% for it!!Happy Belated Birthday for Kitty's friends I'm not really sure for their name HAAHAHAHHA i'm old -.- !
 Yum yum and nom nom nom time!
Unagi Don :3 My love! but so mini ~ HAAHA
Messy table ! Spot the tomatoes haha~

eat so much this few weeks :O Not sure I'm still in a same weight anot..Lol! I guess I'm fatter than last time because i can feel my meat between my leg , hand and stomach -.- gooshhhh~

So yea! talking about foood i much more prefer steamboat sometime with a gang ! So warm huh?! I prefer to have group dinner with gather some old friends and chit chat session :) That's really nice! I'm in love with the SHABU GARDEN @ Kuchai Lama :) Their ingredient is so fresh and service not bad! with air con some more :D
With my mama and mama's friends :) guess who is my mom?      middle one :P
 We ordered thissssssssss alll..all!! everything RM30+ per person :3 Cheap cheap !

 Then after we done our finals babe Charlotte bring us to another place for steamboat too ! EAT AGAIN?! wtf ......Hoi Tong Steamboat! Familiar with that? This is my first time to go too! Crazy..their steamboat is so cheap..RM30 PER PERSON..YOU CAN CHOOSE ANYTHING OR EVERYTHING! ohh my gooosh...fat die xD 
 Photo took by Iphone..so abit cacat! hope you don't mind :)

 I'm hungry again >w< ! So many choice right? I personal prefer this! Their lamb chop the best:P

So yea! I guess it's enough :P HAHAAHAHHA Hmmm oh yea! Is time to let you know about the previous giveaway post :) I have randomly choose anyone yet..But i will do it right now!
Received some email and comment on that and I just randomly mark it down from no1-no11..Guess i missed out no.5 ! LOL nvm not important also..To be fair for it I will log in to http://www.random.org/ and use their  Random Number Generator :) I will generate 2 number now..and see who is the lucky one :)
So no.8 will be    ... 
YBee Hamtaroooooo
no9 will bee....
Mabel Lee

Sorry I can't provide the giveaway for everyone of you :( But more to come okie?! Stay tuned ! Oh yea! for the lucky girls please remember to email or fb inbox me your mailing detail including your address , phone no and receiver's name ya ! If not I will give the chance to others lucky girl :D 

Thanks for the comment and email sweetie! Hopefully there are some stationary shop selling this product cause really helpful for us as a students! Good luck and enjoy my FOOD post :P Have a nice weekday..XOXO