Horien Eye Secret Contact Lens Review (Before & After Photo)

01 September 2015

Hello Sweeties hmmm.....did you notice something diff from my photo above?! It's always a hot topic for girls!! Yay~ you are right! The top secret for having a beautiful and attractive eyes. It's been 2 years after since I did my first few reviews about my contact lens. I tried so many brands and it's my daily needs that I can't live without. This time, I got my favourite pair of contact lens from a brand called Horien Eye Secret. I stick with it since two weeks ago and now I love it even more because of the comfortable level and nice design & colour of this lens.

I know some of you actually need a complete review! It take me some time but finally it's here~ A complete review with BEFORE & AFTER photo available for a better comparison and my thoughts on this lens! Keep reading~

 ↑  For a complete review on this contact lens, I got myself a total of 6 diff colour / range
   This brand came out with quite a number of unique colour 
(from pink to gold , green and some normal one like blue and grey)

It's a new product! Featured:-

|3 months disposable color contact lens
|38 % water content
|Bio-molecule 3D wrap (BMW) colour technology
|6 colors available
-   3 Tone (Fantasy Series) : Rome Grey, New York Green
-  2 Tone (Sweetheart Series) Vancouver Pink, Berlin Gold, Kiev Blue, Madrid Grey 
|Current Promotion: Buy 1 get 1 free (38% 3 months disposable color contact lenses + 360ml Fresh solution)

There are 2 diff series of each colour tone! The fantasy series and sweetheart series. One with a more dramatic outcome (fantasy series) and another one create a more dolly eye's look (sweetheart series). Except the colour the packaging itself is super cute too. Came in a small box yet caught my eyes. It's a 3 months disposable lens with a maximum comfortable level and did a great job to enlarge our eye with 14.2mm diameter design. It meet beauty & health concern at the same time!

Besides, this Horien eye secret is a product with Certificate recognition so you don't have to worry about this product because I personally love it so I would love to share with you the before & after photo of each lens.

   3 tone: Rome Grey

 3 Tone (Fantasy Series) : Rome GreyNew York Green
For me this series looks more sexy and dramatic at the same time but still look quite natural on my eyes. To be honest I never expect it looks natural on my eyes because previously I tried so many brand those 3 tone colour lens still look unnatural on my eyes so I give up wearing those UNTIL I FOUND THIS! Photo above I'm wearing this 3 tone rome grey!

 Before & After3 Tone (Fantasy Series) : Rome Grey 

 Before & After3 Tone (Fantasy Series) : New York Green


2 Tone (Sweetheart Series) Vancouver PinkBerlin GoldKiev Blue, Madrid Grey 
Besides the 3 tone here's the 2 tone sweetheart series contact lenses. For me this was great to create a big and dolly eyes look. A black circle diameter design on the outer corner and this helps to enlarge our eyes and create a bigger eye look!

  Before & After: 2 Tone (Sweetheart Series) : Berlin Gold

   Before & After: 2 Tone (Sweetheart Series) : Madrid Grey

   Before & After: 2 Tone (Sweetheart Series) : Vancouver Pink

  Before & After: 2 Tone (Sweetheart Series) : Kiev Blue

   2 tone: Kiev Blue

Overall | My thoughts & review

Overall I'm very impressed and satisfied with this contact lens. First, the lens itself is very smooth and I can feel my eye breath even I'm wearing it out (about 5-6 hours). Secondly, the unique colour and diameter, both actually makes me a loyal buyer for this product. I can't believe the 3 tone series actually looks much better on my eyes compare with others brand that I tried previously.

Never expect so much for this!! The colour payoff = VERY VERY VERY GOOD. Honestly I don't have any cons for this contact lens except it's too pretty on our eyes.. lol it's all about positive review and because of this review post I have to wear it all to show you each before & after photo. But luckily it's a 3 months disposable lens so I can still wearing it until end of this year probably beginning of November~

So now I have to buy it more since there is a promotion and....OMG!? GUESS WHAT I FOUND FROM THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE!! Detail of this promotion!!! *Another reason for you to grab more~

For more info & detail, do check out:-



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