DIY Ideas | Mini Baby's Breath Bouquet

12 September 2015

Hey Sweeties This is another post that I would love to share with all of you! Yes, I mean ALL OF YOU. If you notice that, I'm actually a big fans of baby's breath. I love how pretty and amazing it is. If you want me to choose between rose and baby's breath, I'm sure to go for baby's breath. I get my inspiration when I'm travelling around Seoul , Korea. I saw those big bouquets of baby's breath hanging around their cafe and shop. EVERYWHERE! I was like I'm gonna bring all of them back in Malaysia :'( unfortunately I can't do that!

So I was hoping I can get one once I back in Malaysia and guess what. Smelly surprise me in the early morning a week after I back from my trip. It's a early celebration between us for our 5 years anniversary. Words can't describe how blessed and happy I am but just want to let you know that when i'm celebrate it with him I also preparing this DIY Ideas post for all of you. I hope that with my unique travel experience I can share diff ideas like what I did now on my blog. To inspired and spread my love for all of my blog's reader.

I'm happy to meet people who share the same hobbies and love the same thing with me. You guys just like a part of my life so I would take this opportunity to share this cute and useful DIY ideas for all of you. You can DIY handmade it to your girls , your bff or anyone you love. This ideas pop up in my mind when I'm thinking how can I keep this big bouquet of baby's breath. So, I was like looking on my Facebook and those baby's breath pictures caught my eyes and I was like...WHY NOT GIVE THIS A TRY?! How about Do-IT-Yourself now!

So here's some simple and nice idea on how to DIY a mini cute baby's breath bouquet. It's time to prepare some props and turn this big thing into this cute little mini baby's breath bouquet! It's so cute and you can put it as a decoration in your room or on your table. So nice right?! Now my whole room is full of baby breath! AHAHAHAHA Too many ideas and hope you enjoy this DIY Ideas / DIY Projects ya Some ideas from Facebook , some just too random and the crystal ball baby's breath was my ideas. SUPER PRETTY AND UNIQUE!!


-DIY Ideas | Mini Baby's Breath Bouquet-
To kick start this diy project you might need to prepare the following items. Most of the items I got it from Daiso and some (like ribbon) I actually collect it every time I receive any gift and I keep that as a memories lol. So basically this DIY project won't hurt your wallet! HAHAHAAHHA

^ Items you need for this DIY Project

Extra items you might need (optional)

-Idea #1: Mini Baby's Breath Bouquet Frame-
This idea was great to keep it as a memories and you can put it on your room or on your table. A great idea to preserve your flowers for years to come. But first you need to hang the bouquet upside down in a cool, dry, dark place. For this post I'm not using a dry bouquet since my baby's breath still so 'fresh' lol!!! So if you wish to keep a longer time you might need to turn it into a dry bouquet before you start this DIY project! :D

To make it easier, here's the step-to-step photo tutorial for all of you! Just have to cut it off from the original bouquet and make a new mini baby's breath bouquet like your hand's size.
Next, wrap it with some recycle brown paper and a layer of transparent plastic paper. You no need to buy it but just find some recycle paper bag and cut it into this small pieces. Then, write few words on a white paper and paste it on the mini bouquet. Last but not least, use hot glue gun or anything that you can find at home to stick it on the photo frame. 

 Recycling the paper bag and transparent plastic paper :P make use of it! lolx

It's more vintage and more white! if you prefer colourful one you can actually cut some small part from the wrapping paper and combine your favourite colour together and repeat the same step!

-Idea #2: Pastel Mini Baby's Breath Bouquet-
Just can't live without pastel colour and i cut a small pieces from the original wrapping paper. Just a small pieces and just wrap it like this then added with a pastel blue ribbon! You can add on a birthday msg on a white paper and put it inside a frame.

 Or you can just put it inside a small box and surprise your friends with it

  Repeat the same step as stated on ideas #1

  Put it horizontally and write your secret msg for your love one :p


-Idea #3:Paper Bag Mini Bonquet -
Inspiration from instagram and those cafe shop I saw in Korea. They will get some vintage paper bag and put some dry bouquet or baby's breath there. I'm finding some idea and accidentally saw the chanel paper bag that I received when I purchase their lipstick last year. 

So I just took that out and randomly put on some baby's breath! Another nice deco idea on your room! Imagine this on your table and you can see this every morning! wow!!!

-Idea #4:Mini Bottle / Vase -
Purchase this whole set during H&M HOME sales at IOI CITY MALL few weeks ago. Wanted to decorate my room but not sure what to put so I just keep it in my room until few days ago lol. Got this whole set for RM15 ONLY! SO CHEAP!!!!

It's best if you can decorate and do some doodle on the mini vase or stick some label on it so it looks nicer! I use the ribbon that I bought from Daiso to stick on this mini vase. So cute and if you want you can actually use the used milk or soya bottle ! Then you can save lot of money from this DIY project! HAHAHAHAHA


-Idea #5:X'mas Crystal Ball-
This is my ideas and I love this! I love christmas tree and crystal ball as long as it's a celebration i'm totally fine with it! AHAHAHAHAH Took it out and put baby's breath inside. Next you can doodle some gold polka dot on the surface of it or you can just tie it together with a ribbon. 

Tadaaaa!! That's all for the DIY Ideas and I'm so in love sharing this kind of blog post on my blog. This project used minimal $$ and the outcome still looks so amazing and satisfied me! Arghhh I'm just in love with baby breath and I hope can get colourful baby breath that I saw in Korea! Next time I should just get it and bring it back so I got no regret on that lol!!!! That's all for today. Love, xx. 


  1. All of these babies crafts are really cool and awesome..Also your blog is so colorful and engaging.I hope you'll make more improvements.thank you very much for sharing.keep posting.

  2. OMG!!! I love Baby's breath flower too ;)
    Thanks for sharing this DIY ideas! ^^