GOGI KING @ Solaris Mont Kiara

06 September 2015

Hey Hey Peeps It's another well spent weekend this morning! Why?!! Because I just discover a nice Korean BBQ place with my friends. Bored about the normal korean BBQ?....What about..


Yea...CHEESE!!!! A combination of traditional Korean BBQ with lots of CHEESE! We bump into there this morning and the stuff told us that it's only open at 12.30pm. So we waited for half an hour and I can't see anybody there except 3 of us. lolx I saw quite a number of people sharing this and I was like...OMG I MUST FIND someone who love cheese to enjoy this meal with me. I found it! But to be honest, it's a little bit crazy to have this at this hour but I'm so happy to be there this afternoon. Not crowded at this hour.

Extra Cheese RM3

Belly & Meat

We order separately but you actually can order their promotion set for 2-3 pax. It's more reasonable and cheaper compare with this. There are a space for you to put the cheese , steamed egg and some extra side dish where you can refill anytime!

 Half melted cheese!

 90% Melted

 I don't eat cheese powder and those 'over smelly cheese' at all but this one just NICE FOR ME. I almost tear when I try this and I specially recommend you to try their CORN CHEESE. Super duper good and taste heavenly if you mix it with your rice. OMG~

 Cut it into small pieces and well served lunch!!

 Corn Cheese RM20

 How good i can have this every day lolx  *Fat die


Look at the cheese!!! O.O

I'm hungry now! T.T
Best combination ever! Melted cheese melted my heart too!! 

Mini Rice Sealbap RM9

Too bad it's spicy because I never notice this until I bite it. Super spicy for me I totally can't eat this. But both of my babe told me it's still ok. OMG I wasted one mini rice lol.

It's scorch and they change a new one for us!

Overall, I will recommended this to my friend because I love their concept of having cheese with korean BBQ so much! It's super fun and nice to gather with your friends here. Remember to get an extra cheese so you can enjoy as much as possible :p Remember to take some photo and I believe the amount of cheese will seduce you for second visit again! MUHAHAHAHAHAH

 That's all for today. Love, xx.

Detail & Location

Add: No1.jalan solaris,solaris mont kiara 
50480 klKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-6206 5256

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