Casio Exilim ZR3500 Review | Part 2

10 September 2015

Hello Sweethearts  Finally I'm done with this Part 2 review , so sorry for keep you waiting!Teehee* So here's the part two + last review on this Casio Exilim ZR3500 camera. There are 4 main things I highlighted on my first review (click the link below to read more)

4 Key Features on Part 1 review: 
#1 AUTOMATICALLY send photos to our phone
#4 NEW Shot

I guess most of you noticed that my review always focus on the special key features and the selfie beauty mode. So far, the beauty mode remain the same like the example I showed on my part 1 review and today I'm gonna blog about something related to me. How I use this camera when shooting for my instagram's photo , OOTD photo all by myself! Mainly focus on the motion shutter feature. This is how I fully utilise the motion shutter feature on my ZR3500! 

Motion Shutter
Motion Shutter can easily find and set on your camera's setting. You can choose Off / On or 180' Only. Next, you can choose how many second you need on the timer setting. Usually I use motion shutter to shoot for some selfies with product , OOTD when no one could help me shoot but have to put it on a tripod stand , make up tutorial , video & so on.

^ Motion Shutter Setting

^ Tripod Stand will be the best buddy with Motion Shutter

^ Motion Position

Motion position can adjust according your need and position you wish. I prefer to put it on a side either right middle or right top. So after all setting done, you can just wave your hand then the shutter will turn on according to the timer you set just now. Whatever object that move on the motion position will automatically turn on the shutter. Oh yea except the standing type tripod stand, this time with a purchase of zr3500 you can get one selfie stick that specially design into the cute mini size and suitable to put in our bag. So caring!

 ^Selfie Stick

Just placed your camera on the selfie stick and now you can enjoy selfie with a group of people. I think can fit in more than 20 people in one photo! So cute and convenience compare with others selfie stick. 

Motion Shutter selfie 

After that you can connect with your bluetooth and all photo will automatically send to your phone. So easy and bye bye wifi card! No need any extra budget to get an wifi card now! It's basically the whole process of myself on how to take photo without asking help from others. I also use this trick to snap my pre-loved cloth when no one was there to help me shoot for the photo. 

Here's the example :-
Nice right?!! HAHAHAHA

25mm Wide Angle
  ^ 25mm Wide Angle Lens

Wide angle lens again. Look how WIDE it is! Even I place the camera so near but I'm still able to capture AT LEAST half of my body. So nice so now even it's selfie with a group  of 10 people this shouldn't be a problem anymore! MUAHAHAHAH

THE CONCLUSION More photo taken by ZR3500 *without edit 
Since I have been using the same ZR3500 for more than a month now, I collected some of my favourite shoot from my camera and it's time to let you know how amazing and awesome this camera was. Firstly, I love how fun it is as a travel companion buddy. It's wide lens which mean it can capture nice photo when traveling + the motion shutter is quite useful for us + how fast it connected with our phone + remote control feature too.

Secondly, as usual the art filter, best shot & beauty makeup mode that I always mentioned on my review. It's why photo taken by Casio camera always my favourite. Hence, it require less edit before you upload to your social media platform.

Thirdly, the price was around RM1699 (Included GST) so for those who dream of getting a TR you might have to try this first because it's more natural especially the make up beauty mode and more fun filter allows you to create your own shooting style.

More sample photo take I took without any edit except added some font and wording on the side of the photo. Just to show you what mode I use to take with this camera.

^ Focusing only the front object for a blurer background

^ Art Filter: Toy Filter

^ Smooth Skin & Natural Skin tone allows you to get a flawless skin look 

 ^ All my friends also fall in love with this camera! AHAHAHAH
because of the flawless skin lolx Very natural right?!!!

OOTD? DETAIL? CLOSE UP? HALF BODY?! All no problem at all! 

What are you waiting for? Did I mention that Casio Exilim Latest ZR3500 only selling at RM1699!! Need to know more?! Check out their official site now That's all for the last part review on this camera. Enjoy reading and hope you love this post. That's all for today! Love, xx.

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