Digi WWWOW Awards is back!

26 September 2015

Hey Peeps  It's something diff and guess what am I doing now?!! Just randomly scrolling my social media platform and have been looking at the Digi WWWOW Awards official website @www.wwwow.my OH MY GOD! Finally this Digi WWWOW is back this year. Fyi, it's actually a Malaysia's only Internet for All Awards that based on 100% user-generated entries to showcase the incredible creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurialism of ordinary Malaysians using the Internet in extraordinary ways to inspire others

It's all about inspiration and this was one of the reason why am I here. For me, inspiration comes from diff ways. Either from yourself or your stories inspire someone to do something or influence them to do something. I know some of you have been looking for a good way and opportunity to share your ideas , creativity on internet but now....it's time for you to move on and step out from your comfort zone!

If you're a dream chaser, a savvy startup owner, or a charity-sharing soul, and you harness the power of the Internet to make it big, Digi are looking for you! Submit your project, business, or work of art to us and together we'll take it further. Because at Digi theye believe that the best of the Internet belongs to everyone.


There are 8 categories for the awards as below - 
1) Videos & Photography
2) Social Influencers 
3) Independent Publishers
4) Web commerce
5) Mobile app commerce
6) Social media commerce 
7) Social impact 
8) Social gathering

For all dream chaser, anyone of you... it's the time for you to make a change on your life. Participate or nominate your friends to join. You might be the one to bring home all the real & attractive prize to help take your ideas further!

There are 8 categories and i picked the web commerce for myself. Web commerce is very important now because it's a form of electronic commerce that conducted primarily through the World Wide Web. If you wish to sell something and reach out to more customer and buyer , this should be one of the best tool for you to chase your dream. A question came up in my mind

"What would you do if you're an entrepreneur in this category?

I believe everyone has a dream in their mind. I have a big big big dream.... Entrepreneur WANNABE!! If I'm an entrepreneur in web commerce I would love to open an opportunity to reach out on all customer / buyer around the world. I would love to offer an innovative product and good customer service provided on my website. In order to do that I might need an amount of money to think about the layout / design on the website.

I strongly believe that a website that is attractive and unique from others will gain attention from others. Everyone was busy working from home and the office and I wish that my website allows customer to save their time from shopping with us, get discount , get unique items that can't find from other shop. Web commerce actually open up a various options for searching and selecting products and services, which offer speed and convenience of shopping from home or the office

I wish to influence everyone to shop on my website and look at the first hand information that I posted and telling them a true/honest review on my site. I hope to achieve a C&C customer base and to reach that goal I would love to increase the sensory perception of the actual product. For example having a 360 degree turning video showing the items / clothes on my website and makes customer or buyer feel like they are actually shopping! not just look on their lap top!

Moreover, web commerce allows us to gain benefits of shopping 24 hours a day. ANYTIME , ANYWHERE with a single finger! After done selecting the product and services I would like to came out with an application that make shopping easier on their smartphone and so on! So now, what would you do if you're an entrepreneur? sounds interesting? 

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For more info : http://www.wwwow.my/