Innisfree Beauty Picnic with Jeju Sparkling Mineral Line

01 October 2015

Hey Sweethearts Is me again and I always get so excited when I get to go to any beauty workshop. So today, I'm going to share this super fun Beauty Picnic event with you all. Yay!! Not the first time you saw me blog and share about Innisfree product, am I right?! Last event was a meet up with Lee Min Ho and this time it's all about the most 'beautiful' Jeju sparkling mineral line again. Jeju was one of the 7 wonders and also one of the place that I strongly recommend to others. I love everything about Jeju and it's why I get to know Innisfree during my Korea Trip two years ago.

Have no idea how I look like until I saw this photo! AHAHAHAH A beauty workshop that required us not to put on any makeup. ZERO MAKEUP ON! So it's better I use my hand to cover half of my face! lol The whole event was great for me and I can see the effort they put on this workshop. It's why I'm always appreciate them and make my appearance on their event. I love Innisfree A LOT! You can't imagine how many perfume diffuser I brought back from my Korea Trip! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

I think i should back to the main topic now! So this summer , innisfree will be taking us on a little adventure by hosting a beauty picnic, where natural beauty and healthy lifestule meet. So it's why the whole event makes me feel so cozy and comfortable. Just like how I feel when I first saw Jeju with my own eyes. lol  The event started with a welcome note by Johnny Nam , Brand Manager Innisfree Malaysia and moving on to the best beauty class by Purple Yap.

Surrounded by the new Jeju Sparkling Mineral Line product and of course my favourite scent of flower and green tea too. 
 Welcome Note by Johnny Nam, Brand Manager of Innisfree Malaysia

 Super cute and huge hair band from Innisfree

After all, it's time for the beauty workshop! Huuuray~ It's the time where everyone has an opportunity to try the Jeju Sparkling Mineral Line. Innisfree always taught us how to GO GREEN and PLAY GREEN. So, this time they let us to discover a new skincare product that was perfect for the humid weather! eg. an outdoor picnic.

This product range works well to provide deep hydration for our skin, just like how the spa therapy does. It used carbonic hot spring water (also known as Sparkling Mineral Water) as its main element. So, it's crafted to make your skin clear and moist from within while giving you an everyday hot spring spa-like sensation.

Wow!! Btw, did i told you that this sparkling mineral water also provides you with 16 types of benefits from 3 types of high-concentration carbonic acid to 13 types of hot spring minerals?!!! MY GOD!!! What are you waiting for?!! Let me try it out for you!!

#1 Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Powder (RM8.00/30g)
Started with a Sparkling mineral powder that leaves my skin clear & moisturises. Look like a soda drinks and it smells so refreshing. I was telling everyone that I'm actually having a relaxing spa-like treatment now. A sparkling massage effect and sensation that shocked me to the max!

 Pour in sachet 1 and wait until it dissolves. 

Next, add sachet 2 and stir in the water to make FIZZY bubbles.
Can I drink this? lol 

This is the most excited part ever! Just soak your face into the water for 2-3 mins and remember to enjoy the effect of sparkling massage on your skin. After all, just rinse off your face with lukewarm water. That's all for the first step!

#2 Innisfree Star Product* The Green Tea Seed Serum (RM90.00/80ml)
A must product for everyone and you definitely can see this everywhere in their physical shop. My everyday skin care routine must start with this star product. You won't missed this once you noticed the diff between this and other moisturising product.
 It helps on keeping your skin supple for a longer time.

#3 Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Skin (RM79.00/200ml)
A deep hydration skin toner with 88% sparkling mineral water that can give your skin a powerful boosting effect! It helps to smoothen the sin texture and enhance the absorption of skincare products in the following steps.

Just simply pour 6-8 drops on a cotton pad and wipe it around the face or you may use your hands to apply it.

#4 Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence (RM110/70g)
Just like the spa therapy does, it delivers 5-in-1 intensive moisturising effect that helps with 5 skin concerns. Just pump out an adequate amount and apply it all over your face. Oh yea!! Remember that when you massage it onto your skin, it's not only moisturise skin but also improve skin texture , balance uneven skin tone and keep your skin firm and last but not least, strengthen the skin barrier too.

 #5 Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Lotion (RM79/160g)
Your skin need to lock in water and therefore, we need this Sparkling Mineral Lotion to lock in all water under our skin. The texture was just nice for me and there are a ingredient known as macadamia nut oil that can helps to prevent loss of moisture from skin & at the same time keeping it hydrated without feeling tight.

Apply this all over your face (after the toner and essence) and don't forget your neck area too!

What else again?!!

Yea!! After the lotion you basically can go ahead and start to continue with your makeup routine but this time Innisfree surprised us with this Jeju Sparkling Mineral Mist!

You can bring this everywhere with you because this can keeps your skin moisturised anytime and anywhere! Just spray onto your skin 3-4 times when it feels dry. Remember not to place too close to you@@ About 20cm away from the skin while keeping your eyes closed. Can use on both before/after makeup!

After all, YOU ARE DONE and can start pampering your skin for an everyday spa like sensation! This is why I love Innisfree so much! HAHAHAHAHAH 

 So check out this latest JEJU Sparkling Mineral Line! I'm loving it ;)

 Spot me now!

Moving on the next session, the DIY time with founder of Organica Lifestyle. Enjoy the DIY sparkling juice & jar salad with other beauty bloggers out there.

  Camera-ready anytime & anywhere! 

They put me on a morning slot and it's why after the whole workshop I feel so hungry! Thanks god they prepared lots of yummy and healthy green food for us. First time in my life having such a peaceful and wonderful day! Feel so blessed or maybe because of the cozy environment and surrounded by all pretty flower.

I'm always the first one who finished my makeup so when everyone still makeup + ing!! I'm already having my lunch! nom nom nom~ So yummy!!

 Want some?

 Innisfree team even prepared this for us T.T 
Romantic than smelly! lol I'm joking!!

 This is just too pretty! 

 Remember to check out their in-store promotions for this new Sparkling mineral line! Enjoy your day and another post coming up tomorrow! That's all for today. Love, xx.

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