Colouring Addict | How to colour /what I used & Tips for colouring

04 October 2015

Hello my Sweethearts~ How are you today? I feel so bad due to the haze & weather recently! Hard to breath and I have no choice to reduce as many outdoor activities as I can. So sad about that and I have no idea how long we should wait until this problem can be solved. Since I'm a 'home girl' now, I decided to calm down myself & enjoy this little time of what I'm doing now at home. Pretty sure you know it! It's all about the adult colouring book. I think you might be interested about this so I took some time to prepare this post for all of you.

To be honest, I'm quite surprise on how much effort I used when I'm colouring. The story started when Smelly was there in Melbourne and I was searching for this on amazon website. Before mph and popular came out with the Mandarin and Malay version I got this English version 'Secret Garden' from amazon website and smelly brought it back for me. I'm so surprise for that and it's the first time I'm so into an adult colouring book. This series of colouring book is specially designed for adults and older children like us!

It's a combination of quieting the mind and colouring has been found helpful for those dealing with stress, anxiety and other recovery issues. Believe it or not when you colouring you got no time to think about others. Just focus and concentrate while colouring the small leaf and animal drawings on each page. So, this post is all about some #ChanwonTips on how to colour and what product I used! Of course, you are welcome to join this colouring addict's journey with me now

- What product I used & #ChanwonTips -
I'm using Faber-Castell product because I went to their physical store at Mid Valley, 3rd floor and I remember I saw another shop at Sunway Pyramid too. I purchase the first box of colouring pencil from popular, the most basic red packaging box that you can find it almost everywhere. 
Then I realised that I need more pigmented and vibrant colour. So I tried another brand which is Staedtler , Luna colouring pencil but still I can't get what I want and in fact, the Luna colouring pencil even worst than the Faber-Castell. The colour so light not pigmented and look at it can see many white blank space between each colour and no matter how I use my energy when colouring, there are still some blank space. I have no idea why and I wish to get something to suit my needs.

So...end of the story was like... Faber-Castell gained my trust and giving me such wide choices of fantastic colour pencils for me to choose from. You can always stick to your colouring pencil unless you wish for something more vibrant and pigmented then you can look for this BLUE LINE Faber-Castel colouring pencil.

#1 Artgrip Aquarelle coloured pencils [BLUE LINE]
This is the range of colour pencils used by hobbyists or artist to be. Art Grip Aquarelle is similar to Art Grip, except for its additional water-soluble functionality for different effects. Such technique is called mixed media colouring.
Biggest difference between this with the normal basic one is the quality of colour pigments – lightfastness. I'm glad that I found my colouring buddy! I'm still using this now and I'm super satisfied with it + wish to get more colour but this is the max colour I can get on this Blue Line. Look at this gorgeous blue tin cover box and the amount of colour pencils! Caught my eyes and seducing me to colour more! AHHAAHHA I know all of you interested to know the price, I think this is another reasonable alternative to choose for. It ranges from RM48 – RM 138 (more detail can click here). I pick this Artgrip Aquarelle so I can mix with water and came out with a water colour effect colouring. 

#2 Polychromos coloured pencils [GREEN LINE]
This is the Finest Artist’s Quality range! The highest range and it's the artist's choice of coloured pencil! Nothing can beat this and for those who really really into colouring and hope to keep your artwork you can go for this. This polychromos is the highest grade of colour pencils, produced to meet the high demand/expectation from artist. The strongest feature of Polychromos is the extreme lightfastness where the colour stays true for a long time. The non-wax characteristic of the colour pigments makes blending of two or more colours easy and natural.

I'm satisfied with the blue line one but wish to try and complete my collection and would like to try this artist's quality range myself. So I got this polychromes coloured pencils tin of 24. 
Each coloured pencil came with its own code and rating. You will be impressed& know how precious it is. This come in different sizes, from 12 to maximum 120 colours. They also available in wooden box as gift set like this

The 120 coloured pencil with wooden box was my dream. So gorgeous and I can't believe I'm so into a coloured pencil more than a branded bag! lol What a joke but seriously this is just TOO BEAUTIFUL!

#3 Soft Pastel Chalks
This is the one I used as my background colour. It's a chalks that blend well with your finger or tissue paper and you can use this to colour the background. I love to use yellow and light pastel colour on my colouring book.

 I got myself a total of 24 colours and mini size one. It's not expensive I think it's just RM30-40 depend on the amount of your choice. I got this for RM36 or RM38 I think.

#ChanwonTips: Just apply this pastel chalk and blend it well as a nice background colour!

#4 PITT Artist Pens
Thanks god I got this! Save my time to contour my colouring and add more dimension on my drawing. I got myself the basic version which contain 6 basic colour that you need for everything. Unlike the marker pen, this won't bleed through and I think I'm going to get another 6 colours so I can enjoy more colour choice on it.
 #ChanwonTips: Use PITT Pens to make your colouring more attractive and add more dimension.

#5 A black pen 
Any black pen will do! To outline the drawing and deepen the colour. Just like contouring your face, we need a black pen to outline it and make it looks attractive!
#ChanwonTips : Outline

#6 White coloured pencil = BLEND BLEND BLEND
To blend both darker and lighter colour together I often use a white colour pencil and blend it. Everything just looks nice with blending by using a white coloured pencil. Remember this!

#7 ChanwonTips: Matching Colour Group
To be honest, I'm not a art student so I got zero knowledge of colouring and matching colour but I found a very tricky tips while I'm colouring. So here's the best time to share with you. Just like a rainbow colour Red- Orange - Yellow - Green - Blue - Purple. I break it into total of 6 colour and separate it into 3 diff group.

- Red + Orange
- Yellow + Green
-Blue + Purple

Using this 3 diff group of colour to create a nice colour combination (like the photo below). So pretty right?!! Hope it's useful for you too!

Ps: You can also mix purple with pink / Orange with yellow too

#8 Light colour to dark colour
Just like the tree you can use the same colour but colour it from light to deeper colour!

- Secret Garden & Enchanted Forest Colouring Book -
Yay!! Wanted to show you my work and here you go!! I used more than 8  hours to finish it and Enjoy reading until the end! Remember to look at the colour paid off , the pigmentation and JUST BEAUTIFUL! 

The Peacock

 Dreamy Tree
Each colouring showed you my current mood. I'm always a colourful lover. This drawing I'm using a yellow and red + orange coloured pencil to colour the door of the tree. Then everything was randomly choose depend on my mood too. So  here's the final outcome.

Hope you enjoy reading this post and find this useful for you too! I love to share things happen around me and it's one of my current addiction. Can try this when you free because it's really hard to tell you the satisfaction I got from here. So stay tuned for more colouring journey/diary! That's all for today. Love, xx.


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