Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Foot File Review

11 October 2015

Hello Everyone Is me again!! People always told me how important it is to take a good care of our feet. Why?! Because beauty actually begins at your feet! But most of the time, we still neglect our cracked feet. Am i right??? But what if there was a simple yet handy electronic foot file that is designed for ease of use, so everyone can achieve a beautiful and velvety smooth feet instantly & effortlessly?

Check out this cute little foot file that is going to change your life! The #SchollMY Velvet Smooth Express Pedi gently buffs away the hard skin on your feet to keep your feet looking beautiful and young. The instant outcome right after one usage amazed me too! It's time to say bye bye to cracked feet.

This package also comes with 4 AA batteries so you don't have to purchase it on the side. Just open and use!

 A simple design on the on/off feature. Just turn left / right to on and off the foot file.

 Beautifully Smooth Skin AFTER 1 USE!

This roller head is also washable and replaceable! You can buy a new roller head to replace the old one as it's widely available in most of the pharmacy in Malaysia.

Open the batteries cover and take away the protection card. Then, you can start to use this foot file!

- Ergonomic Design -
Design that maximise the comfort level for all users and look how easy it is to use with just a single switch button!

- Washable & Replaceable Roller Head -

- How to use -
You will fall in love with this device because it certainly helps you to get beautiful salon finished feet at home without going out to visit any pedicure salon / spa. What else can be better than this? Just switch on the foot file and place it on the hard skin of your feet like this.

Just few second and I'm sure you will be shock with the dramatic change from hard to smooth skin on your feet. This device has slowly become my holy grail for for feet care because I'm super duper lazy. The #SchollMY Express Pedi really does the job of removing the hard skin on my feet, it even reaches the spots that the usual foot file can’t!

 Look at this?!! Before after!!

 My calluses!

- Removing the Roller Head -
Is it easy to remove the roller head?! OF COURSE! Just give a long-press on the button on the side and pull the roller head out like this:- 

 You can get a new one and change it when needed. 

- Benefits -
 1. Easy of use, even at home
2. Instant Result
3. Roller head can be replaced
4. Effective to remove hard and dead skin
5. Less time consuming
6. Washable

Nothing can be better than a video to show you the dramatic change that I achieve with this foot file! VIDEO HERE!! Click HD to view!

How about the price?!! The retail price was RM135.20 but since you are reading mean that you can get an additional 5% off if purchase from using promo code: SCHSOU 

Remember to enjoy this 5% off promo now until the 31st Oct 2015!

This little thing here is now my travels essential and I’m hoping that it would become your must-haves too! Log on to for more tips and info on how to love your feet! That's all for today. Love, xx.

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