Chanwon Travel in Japan: #12 Camp, My favourite Curry Rice in Japan

16 October 2015

Hey my little sweetie so this time I left 5 blog post to end my April Japan Travel post and I will be leaving Malaysia again next week! This time will be back to my favourite country again, JAPAN!! Will be there to celebrate my birthday and also it's a present for myself. Guess this year will be my favourite year ever! Yay!! So today, I'm going to blog about all my favourite spot and place in Japan. Confirm you can get some useful travel guide from here. 

So back to the topic it's the day that we move to our second homestay. The best homestay experience ever. Also my first time took taxi in Japan. Not much diff from our country except the taxi behind got a small tv screen + charger for you to charge your phone! AHAHAHAH

 Spot my colourful bag! AHAHAHAH Sorry I bought too much!

 Oh! I can understand this! HAHAHAHA The drawing so cute!

After we placed all our luggage and hand carry bag, we just went all the way down and its located nearby Ikebukuro Station. Raining outside so we decided to rest at a coffee shop.

So cozy inside but super duper cold outside! HAHAHAHA Love their bread even it's not a popular cafe but the bread and everything was super fresh! Just like their rice ball OMG! SO GOOD!

It's 5-6pm that day after everything settled and I'm still hungry!  I have no idea but when I'm in Japan I always eat more than 4 meals a day! AT LEAST! AHHAHAHAHAH Now I know why my money gone so fast! After our discussion we decided to dinner @Camp. A super duper YUMMY!!!! place for curry rice lover. I think all of you know that I don't eat spicy but Japan Curry Rice totally NOT SPICY AT ALL.

Waiting for our turn! I think we waited for 25 mins! SO hungry that time but is okay because this is the best curry rice ever! If you come to Japan remember to try this. Their curry not very sweet but just nice for me. I hate spicy but I can accept the taste of their curry rice. Have no idea why but it smells real good! HEAVENLY GOOD!

The shop's official name is Yasaiwotaberu Karee Camp (野菜を食べるカレーcamp). It's all about vegetable + curry rice. I'm not a vegetable lover but this really melted my heart! Will be going here again on my coming Japan trip!

 Which to choose for??!

Quite reasonable because the portion damn big. RM30-40 one big curry rice and it taste really good i tell you! You must try this and take note for this. But if you like super duper spicy one this not really spicy~ 

 Their spoon & fork look super cute!! Feel like getting one for myself also! AHAHHAAHAH JK!

 Kicker want to eat also! lol

Although the interior wasn't that comfy due to the limited space and crowded during lunch & dinner time but the food there was FANTASTIC! Rate this as one of the best curry restaurants I've been to in Japan! Strongly recommend to all of you and I'm not really good in describing curry rice but trust me! This taste like heaven T.T I coming my baby curry!! See you next week~

Still raining at that time T.T That's why kicker so happy?!! I miss my favourite country, JAPAN! I'M COMING BACK SOON!

My happy face after done shopping and grab my favourite cosmetic product at Landuree & Jil Stuart~ Wooohoo that's all for today! Love, xx.

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