Go Blonde & Be Shine | My New Hair Color

04 September 2015

Hello Sweeties! Not to surprise you but I'm now a blonde hair girl. lolx not a big surprise actually because not much diff except this hair looks brighter than my previous. Today, I'm going to blog about some frequent asked questions on this blonde hair. I know it's been a big step for me but I just wanna 'yolo' a bit since I'm still young and you know....Just interested how am I look with blonde hair. More few weeks I'm going for a darker shades so....I'm gonna love my blonde hair as much as I can now!

Fyi, I dye this before my Korea Trip on August. We booked our flight quite last min and planned our twinnie trip two weeks before that. So it's quite rush and we just call for an appointment at @De Maker. Luckily Dezh was there and we immediately mark our day and visit their shop at Sungai Besi there. It's my 3rd hair transformation at the same place. From long until the latest bob hair! Love how patient the owner was and love the humble personality. Read more review :- 

Before you go for blonde, one thing you have to remind yourself. It's.....BLEACHING YOUR HAIR! Yes, I bleached my hair once 2 years ago and I told myself NEVER EVER do this again but since I decided to go for a big transformation, I told myself not to regret on that. Everyone's hair might be diff but I once bleach once to get this kind of outcome of colour while Bobo bleached 3 time only can get the same colour like me.


Because I'm always stick to light brown or brighter colour on my hair while Bobo having a black hair. So she need to bleach more time in order to get a brighter blonde colour. For the past 2 years I'm always a brighter shades and thanks god i only bleach once because I can really feel the pain on my hair. 


If hairstylist told you bleaching will never hurt your hair and scalp ...HE LIE! But they can reduce the chances of your hair and scalp getting hurt / dry / spoil by lowering and controlling the amount of pH of the bleaching product on your hair. To get a completely blonde you might require more than 2 time of bleaching. Please be prepare that blonde hair might be troublesome if you are a lazy one. You need to apply conditional and blow it every time after you wash your hair. It might be super dry , some 'old thinking' parent can't accept this kind of colour actually and apparently, when you go out...everyone will staring at your hair except you are going for some fashion event then you will be a normal one for them! lol 


I'm lucky to have only one time bleaching on my hair. Thanks god. But before the bleaching product apply on my hair and scalp they used a brightening cream to brighten my hair roots and they will start covering all my hair except the hair roots. The last step is the most suffering step ever , because once the bleaching product applied on your black hair roots you might feel a little bit itchy and some even feel the pain on their scalp. I feel itchy during the process of bleaching , not pain at all but my friend feel very pain and her scalp actually bleeding after the second time bleaching her hair.

Each time of bleaching will make the colour become MORE blonde , and tend to be more bright , clean and 'PURE BLONDE' if you know what I mean. You might need to decide which kind of blonde you wish to achieve. Whether a brighter one or more yellowish blonde. First bleaching will tend to be a yellowish - gold then slowly more blonde by increasing the amount of bleaching your hair. Hairstylist will set the timer and see each of the process and the colour of your hair. If you are not satisfied with it then he will need to prepare for the next bleaching process.

So please be prepare you have to sit at the salon for more than 4-5 hours to get your blonde hair done!

 So excited!

 I'm sailor moon! 


After the bleaching process, they will dye/ cover another color to tune down and balance out your top & bottom hair colour. They added dunno which colour (i forgot) to make it more ash grey on my after bleaching blonde hair. So it means another 1 hour before I can back! AHHAAHAHAH Smelly was there right beside me. Pity him now he know why I might took a whole day waiting for my hair done. lol

Here's the final outcome I took at home after I back from the salon. It's the colour that I want! Bottom tend to be slightly ash blonde. I'M SO HAPPY and SATISFIED! Chopped my hair shorter too and preparing my korea trip that time! hehe 
yay x2!!

After a week...

4 in 1 Photo taken during my Korea Trip last month.

You can enjoy your blonde hair after all but once you spot the black roots coming out from your hair you will be like #$%#Q%@$##@$#@. Need to touch up again but once you go for blonde you can enjoy your super hair transformation to any colour you wish. But remember that once you bleached your hair the next darker shades might not last on your hair. Mostly it only lasts for 3 weeks then it might fade again to blonde or yellowish colour again. 

So I guess it's all and everything I can share about my blonde hair now! Hope you gain some useful info from here and til the next post! That's all for today. Love, xx.

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