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16 September 2015

Oh yay ♥ It's one of my monthly favourite post now! Hope to update this #OOTD post as frequently as possible. Maybe every month?! I love to travel around and take some nice OOTD photo but once I back in Malaysia, I realise that it's really hard x102803802831 to just simply take a proper ootd photo. If it's necessary I need (purposely) drive to a place with a nicer background or street just to take 3-5 photos on that.  Quite tiring right? :'( Have no idea on that but so far August was so good for me! Peaceful and blessed and next month will be one of my favourite month too, which is OCTOBER!! Wooohoooo 

So yea! This is a collection post on my recent minimalist OOTD. I have no idea why I brought mostly black and white outfits to Korea. Maybe because it's more comfy?! OR I guess it's the time where I'm not worried at all about what to match and just simply grab whatever I have! For me, minimalist doesn't mean just black and white but it's more to an idea of:-

  1. Less is more
  2. Simplicity
  3. Reductivism
  4. Back to basics pieces

So most of the outfit I bought recently was for wearing it to several seasons and that can last me for more than a years. Which means that I can wear and match it over & over again + my wardrobe essentials. Define your own outfits ideas but recently I just love how easy and simple my daily outfits are. Of course, it's also a key and basics pieces that everyone must have! Basically it's just...LESS IS MORE! Now, are you ready for some of my minimalist & others outfits ideas?!!


Day #1: Black on Black 
The key and basics pieces which I can't without will be a cropped singlet and a lace shorts. You probably saw this top again & again on my instagram, right?! HAHAHAHA It's so fitting and comfy except that it's a cropped one so I must wear it with high waist short. If not it looks too sexy on me. Just a simple one colour outfit and realise that mostly people in Korea will wear white top outfit with any colour of denim skirt , short and a pair of comfortable converse shoe. 

|Top - @Labellavita
|Black lace shorts
|Open toe sandals -@Charles & Keith
|Black & white bag from -@nin3tysix

Day #2: White on Stripe 
My favourite outfit during the whole Korea Trip! Bought the whole set on Hongdae , Seoul and guess what the whole set cost no more than RM100! So nice but it's very hard for me because the stripe pant a bit transparent for me! lol Plus, I realise most of the top that available in Korea is more long and loose than I thought. So it's all FREE SIZE! I love how comfy it is and after I'm on a full white outfit most of them thought that I'm from Japan! HAHAAHAHAHAH

Okay...I'm white lover now~
 |Whole outfit from Korea
 |Bag- @Balenciaga

Day #3: Two-Piece Lace Dress  
This is the most exp two piece lace dress that I own. Got this one month before my trip and only reached my doorstep after waiting for almost 3 weeks. Have no idea why the shipping from Singapore to Malaysia need to wait for such a long time. If I know I will pay for the shipping but the website stated it's free ship to our country. Have been eyeing this for a month and it's back order that time but i think they restock it on their website.

Quite pricy for just a dress but I tell you totally worth for the $$ because it's so nice! You can wear it separately too. No joke I feel like this should wear to Santorini Park or somewhere else! 
This outfit was just TOO PRETTY!!! I'm just in love with lace outfit too!!
  |Whole outfit from- @Labellavita

Day #4: Cut in Dress  
Not consider as a minimalist outfit OOTD but just wanna include this since I'm also wearing it during my Korea Trip. It's a cut in one piece dress that I got from the bazaar i joined two months ago. Love this dress because it's quite colourful for me. Guess it's a little bit too much for b&w outfit so the next day I just look for something more colourful but not too much! Just some flora prints on the dress totally made my day!
| Flora Cut in Dress (bought from bazaar)
| White Sandals from @Seoul, Korea

Day #5:School Look   
This grey dress was a bit too loose for me and I was like why not to create a more korean kind of school outfit!! People always wonder why I like to wear a white long sleeve top as an inner top because it's one of my tips to match those loose dress that I bought online. So here's another look that I create!
 Grey Dress- @Shoploooh
Long Sleeve Inner top
Mini black bag from- @Zara
| White wedges from- @Huiicloset 

Day #6:Long Cardigan/Outer   
Guess most of you own a piece of long cardigan or outer! Me too!! My favourite piece from cardigan from the shop that I usually shop with. It's quite long and because of its length I prefer to wear it with a shorter pant and the cropped top too. So, I can look slightly taller ;p

  Long Swetaer- @Shoploooh
|Top - @Labellavita
White shorts- @H&M
Mini black bag from- @Zara
Necklace- @Lovisa

Day #7:Full Lace Dress   
Something similar with the two piece dress but this is just a one piece one and it's sleeveless. I got both black and white one and I think this look really good with my blonde hair. I personally would like to wear this for most of my trip and if you add with a top it can become as a inner dress / skirt too! Quite pretty!
 White one piece lace dress from- @muse_be_amused

Day #8:Black x White Casual   
Another day in Korea and second appearance of this black top! AHHAHAHAAHAHA Nothing much it's just a casual style for me :D Shop and eat non-stop @Gangnam! The Charles and Keith sandal too pain for my leg so I ended up got myself another shoe from Korea. Just cost me around RM48 lol!
|Top - @Labellavita
 White shorts- @Zara
 Shoe bought at Gangnam subway station

Day #9:Stripe Culottes   
Got this whole set (top and bottom can wear separately) because of this stripe culottes. Although i'm not really tall in real life but this culottes magically makes me look super tall in the photo! Have no idea why but the top is a little bit too loose for me on the side but still I love how simple it is and just grab whatever I can to match with this outfit!
 Whole outfit from- @muse_be_amused
  Heels from- @TuesdayCouture

Day #10:Outfit for flight  
This is what I wore the day during my flight and when I'm back from Korea. A simple and fashion white tee with a ripped black jeans! Of course, to cover my naked face I decided to cover it with a sunglasses. lol

So it's all my outfits Idea for the past two months and I hope smelly will be back earlier so I got someone that can help me to take nice photo to put on my next OOTD post :'( Miss him so much but it's okay I shall off to a movie date with my bro now! That's all for today hope you like the photo I took in korea too! Love, xx. See you  guys soon in my next post ;)

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