Peach John | My favourite Bras (for Small Busts too)

31 August 2015

Hi Sweeties  I feel so shy now but it's just another *MUST* blog post that I can't wait to share with all of you. I believe that some of you had read my [ChanwonTips] Best Method / Bra to Wear with Backless, Strapless, Lowback post and I mentioned before Peach John bra is one of my daily essentials. It's a long planned day that I actually visited their physical shop during my Japan Trip few months ago. Just don't be surprise with the amount of money I spent at their physical shop in Japan. I spent the whole evening there about 3 hours I guess. I'm so sorry to my wallet but I really can't find any bra that suit me better than this brand.

It's very popular in Japan and it's available in Hong Kong too BUT...not yet in Malaysia. So it's the only chance that I can grab my favourite bras from there. To be honest most of the bra I saw in Japan was SUPER DUPER KAWAII (CUTE) and all in nice pastel colour. You know I can die for it. *I'm serious!* + they got the best cutting / sizes + cups that suit my small bust / boobs. lol 

To be honest, most of the brands I tried in Malaysia = NOT FIT ME at all. It's why I never share those girly's things on my blog ..until I found this brand! Guess I'm the first few person who share this on my blog but finding the right / perfect bra size is way harder than finding a perfect boyfie! Or maybe same level of difficulty! lol For  me it's super duper hard. I'm super flat and people will never understand what I feel for the past  7 years. Every time i walk by those pretty bra shop and I told myself is okay to give it a try but ended up I'm disappointed. I feel sad that I can't get a bra that fits me.

Is okay lah now I'm 23 years old I accepted and I love my own body. Probably another way to convince myself way 'okay la I got the same body shape with most of the top model ...flat ..except my height!lol' I tear when people told me that I flat like an airport and trying to embarrass me for that. The only thing I can't change it ... I remember each time I accompany my friends shop for their lingerie I was like....hmmm... I can't get what I want.

The past 7 years I'm wearing those kids
the smallest size one...

I don't mind to share it now because I'm confident enough and feel happy for myself. As long as I's more than enough! so..back to the topic, I search search search for many brands until I bought my first TUBE BRA from Peach John.

My top 2 favourite bra! I'm having lots of shoulder off top and one piece dress. It's the time that to pair it with this HOT SELLING ITEM* Peach John Tube Bra. Upper one = Cotton Tube Bra and the bottom one = Lace Tube Bra. Japanese Bra came with lots of sizes and choices. I love their bra because it's much smaller and fits me better than those other brands. I tell you the moment I tried it...I almost cry out and ...Actually, I really cry out loud and running to my mom's room and show her! I know I look like a crazy one but this is...really goooooooood!!

If you wear 32A (like me) you might need to buy B cup size in Japan because their size is super duper small. Suit my small boobs! HAHAHAHA It mean that you need to increase one size than your  normal size. I bought all in size 70B. 65B is too tight for me So now you know the tricks to buy Bras in Japan. But it's best if you can go all the way to Japan and try it out yourself.

So...My top one will be the lace version one and follow with the Top 2 cotton tube bra from Peach John. I wear it like a normal bra and then I no need to wear a tube to cover it because it's a TUBE BRA! YAY!! 

 Except for the size the reason behind was all about their bra hooks! It stay nicely on your body and VERY STRONG!! How you jump also won't drop one! Super duper strong!! It's why I can wear it alone without any bra strap.

The best haul that I got from Japan! BEST BEST SUPER BEST SO FAR! I want to cry again T.T Please if you visit Japan remember check this out. Not many people know this but it's REAL GOOD! REALLY REALLY GOOD X3290304303O584058048 . Thanks to this brand I feel like I'm a real female now lol.  *tears x10000* Available in white, nude , pink , black , dark blue , grey & so on!

Except for the top #1&#2...this most chio and prettiest bra that I ever seen T.T I mean that I got for myself. I want to sapu all but they only left 2 colour and my size only left 3 pieces only. Luckily I'm able to grab it all! It's the new collection that launch in April. A surprise behind the bra... A 'hiding love'

So cute right T.T Some more the colour so pretty and best colour combination ever! I wish that I could bring all home or maybe bring it all back in Malaysia. Maybe open a shop of Peach John here :'( See the pink and mint colour combination and most importantly it fit me too T.T OH MY GOD I WANT TO CRY WHEN I NOTICE THIS!

The cutting / material / quality!! THUMBS UP for this collection. Their lingerie collection more pretty but too expensive so I better just buy this only lolx. A gold touch on its strap. I bought all colour!

So dreamy right?! Mermaid bra like that! Like a cute bikini too! if there are 7 colour available i will just grab it all. OMG OMG

For those who prefer normal colour or push up bra you can look at this collection. The bra material like those bikini. The shape and feeling of wearing it was super duper comfy.

 So nice T.T I want cry x2938208323 I just bought one push up one because I don't like the feeling of squeezing my boobs but I hope one day I can see my cleavage. Maybe when I'm pregnant! MUAHAHAHAH *joking joking* get too excited!

For those girl who love sport looking bra you can get this!
 I buy this because I just love it. It's normal and the comfy level still the top 3 one better than this. Maybe can keep this wear as a inner bra with those transparent white top. OH....I should get a white one instead of this :'( forgot!!!

So it's all about my favourite bra brand. For those who love to wear sleeveless top and tired for transparent strap you might need to look for this brand. REMEMBER to shop this when you're in Japan. I'm going to Japan soon and probably my brother have to wait me for awhile... i mean...maybe less than 3 hours i hope ?!! :X Sorry bro!! 

Small busts or Big busts? DONT WORRY! PEACH JOHN GOT IT ALL

Really really good! It's my favourite bra ever and within 3 hours...I used more than RM1K for all of this.. I'm sorry wallet... Girls like me will only understand T.T I hope that the next time I visit their shop they should come out with their new collection for me to grab! hehe!! I love Peach John as much as I love Japan!

I love you so much please wait me...for another one month..okay!! I will be back SOOOOOOON! That's all for today. Love, xx.


  1. I like this brand a lot too, and very agreed for small boobs. Unfortunately Malaysia don't have this brand

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