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01 August 2015

Hello my little sweeties Arghhh!! I'm just too excited for this and finally the launching of CASIO ZR3500. It's a camera that I recommended for all of my readers since two years ago. Remember the time I bought my ZR1000 and did a personal comparison + review (here) on my blog. Until now I still recommend this for those who looking for a selfie camera with a reasonable price. I used my previous ZR1000 for almost 2 years with no regret on that! Have been looking to get one again on hand and I saw few upgraded version of ZR but still.....

I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS: ZR3500 with lots of improvement and better function!

Every single time I control myself not to over spend. I normally need a DSLR camera to shoot my blog's photo and a selfies camera for me to travel and normal outing. But...I still can't control myself when I saw this ZR3500 in Japan last time.'s finally here in MALAYSIA~ I'm so proud of this! Thanks for the invitation! Will cover some of the photo I took during the launch of ZR3500 + some important feature of CASIO ZR3500.


It was a great day!! We get introduced with the new features and improvement of ZR3500 plus some chit chat time with all selfies lover. To be honest, no one can live without a camera from CASIO. When we heard about selfies camera, straight away it related with CASIO. We talk to each other and some demo of the new ZR3500.

 Of course!! Girls always have a super sweet stomach for dessert and cakes! OMG !!

 The whole dessert table was so colourful! 

So happy to meet my friends there! We actually have our lunch first before anyone there and after awhile we decided to sit down with each other and trying out the new ZR3500. But still we were waiting for the speech and a real demo from the new ambassador and manager from Casio.

There are so many series of selfies camera! It's all to meet your needs and satisfied the user. I personally love ZR and TR series! 
 Make up mode?!! Familiar with this right?! I think I did this every time when I review the CASIO camera.

The best part of this new CASIO ZR3500 will be the auto send feature! With the new EXILIM Auto Transfer, all image captured by us will automatically transferred to our smartphone! This mean that you can immediately upload your photo to your social media platform and share it immediately with your friends! Furthermore, the new ZR3500 has a small button in front (beside the lens) makes you easily take a selfies with just a fingertips! For those who love to share your OOTD must be surprise because ZR3500 got the remote control feature so that you can use your phone as remote control to capture a full-body OOTD photo!!! Oh yea something that I'm surprise with this ZR3500... it has the skin tone mode that you can adjust to a whiter or darker tone colour for your skin. JUST LIKE THE TR!!OMGGGGGGG~

SO GOOD RIGHT?!!! Want to know more? Don't worry I CAN SHOW YOU....RIGHT NOW!!!!

- Closer Look -

 Last time I bought a black ZR camera and this time I'm a white lover!! I got myself a white one while my friend got the super bright yellow and some of them got pink one. This new ZR3500 available in 4 diff colour, White | Pink | Yellow | Silver. The silver one not bad because it looks more vintage than other while the other 3 colour will probably be most wanted colour for girls I guess :p

Everything look similar with the previous one but this added with a turning button shortcut for TimeLapse feature! Best for travel!!

Connectivity! A button for you to connect your phone with this camera. You can send photo without a need of wifi card and auto download photo to your phone + remote control feature!

The previous ZR got a mini tripod behind the camera body but this ZR3500 don't have this feature :'( But it's okay because now we all use selfies stick rather than the mini tripod! The selling price is RM1699 Included GST + FREE MEMORY CARD + Exclusive mini selfies stick that can fit into our bag (MY FAVOURITE SELFIE STICK EVER! SO MINI SO EASY TO CARRY AROUND) + A leather case!

4-IN-1 FOR JUST RM1699...

 My favourite pastel pink!

 -USEFUL Feature and function of CASIO ZR3500-

#1 AUTOMATICALLY send photos to our phone.
This is the best part of ZR3500! The connectivity! What you need to do is just search for ' EXILIM CONNECT' on your app store or google play then download it into your phone.

 Download it!
 After download it click the connect button on your camera and you can see this appear on your screen.
 Next, follow it step by step (just turn on your bluetooth as well) to connect both of your phone and camera together.
 Click Enable if you want to automatically sends image files to smartphone!

Then you are done!Now you just have to take photo straight away from your camera and at the same time it will automatically download into your phone! YAYYYY!!
When this symbol turned red it means that your phone and camera connected with each other!

The second feature I need to highlight will be their new remote control feature where you can actually remote control the camera with your phone. It's so easy, just connect it again and click the REMOTE CONTROL icon on your phone or camera then...TAAADAAAA! Tips: You can use this to capture a group photo with your friend , your OOTD photo or shooting for your blog post photos too! Remember to bring the selfies stick together with you too!! No need timer anymore!

Click remote start!

 Place the camera at your best angle or desired position.

 Then you can spot yourself on your phone! HAHAAHAH

 Few setting available! Video or camera | Zoom in & out | Flash or without flash | Timer | Camera mode

 Self shooting! HAHAHAHA

You can throw away your wifi card and just stay close with this EXILIM CONNECT app which makes your life easier. With just few second you can view all your photo from your camera ON YOUR PHONE. You can also download / view and pick it one by one.
Easy?!! YAY!!!

 #4 NEW Shot
The rest remain the same but added a MAKE-UP BKT on the best shot mode & Sparkling Mode on the ART SHOT.
MAKE-UP BKT allows you to capture 3 photo (3 diff skin tone) in ONE SHOT. Normal vs Darker Skin Tone vs Whitening Skin Tone. So, you can pick your favourite or preferable skin tone without few shot.


Taken by ZR3500 without any filter & edit
(a) Taken inside my room + facing the window | SkinTone +1 & Smooth Skin +6 

 (b) Taken inside my friend's car  | SkinTone +0 & Smooth Skin +5

 (c) Indoor room light | SkinTone +2 & Smooth Skin +7 

Here's some of the example photo I took with this camera. This post is a little too long I think I should make another PART2 post for this! If you interested to read more useful feature of ZR3500 and more sample photo I took during my day outing and travel then stay tuned! I'm flying soon~ That's all for today. Love, xx.

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