Chanwon Travel in Japan: #10 Tokyo DisneySea | Disney's Easter 2015

10 August 2015

Hello my dear Told you this will be fun and guess what?!! Finally it's my #10 TOKYO DisneySea post today! Sorry for the late but I'm so happy with the photo I took with my camera and it's another photo diary on my blog. Okay first sorry for over-excited mood because it's my very first time to DisneySea. Want to book both DisneySea and DisneyLand but DisneyLand too many people. When it's too crowded, it means that you can't take a photo without any photo bomb. Lol All the photo I took consider quite okay except those photo bomb T.T Please ignore it because I don't know how to photoshop that! lol

Besides, the day when I planned for this DisneySea was the only sunny day during that week. Thanks god finally I decided to visit Tokyo DisneySea after so long. Themed spring and it's all about the Disney's Easter 2015. The whole deco was so colourful and inspiring. I feel so energetic on that day, keep jumping and running with my pretty tutu skirt. Once I enter there I was like, OMG SO MANY TWINS?! BFF LOOK?! Don't be surprise on the way the dress up themselves. All adults and kids dress up like the disney characters and wearing the super popular Duffy items on their outfit. 

THIS IS THE POINT! The only day which allowed me to dress up as much as I can. I can tie two bun on my hair , I can wear as cute as I can and no one will blame you! This is quite surprise and even their daddy mommy dress up like mickey for their kids! So cute!! It's like a dream place for me. I wish I can go there once every month! lol crazy ah~

Yay! It's the day!! Dream came true man!! I'm so happy and I feel like hugging my lap top right now! You guys must save money from now on and come here one day ok?! Force someone to take photo for you because if not you will regret on that! Luckily I'm not alone for this place because everyone coming with their friends and family. I didn't see anybody walk alone one I'm sure! From Ikebukuro to Maihama station now!!

Okay okay I should stop here and ARE YOU READY for this?! Let's DisneySea with me~

 ↑ Buying the daily pass and single ticket! 
↑ Then we actually looking for the normal pass until I spot the limited edition (spring easter) card design ads on the top! I top up money to get this special edition pass.

↑  Wahhh so colorful I feel so happy!! Disney music everywhere and cuteness overload!!

 ↑ Transport arrived after 10 mins! Spotted the super cute mickey windows!!! Wish to go back now! OMG

↑ Look at the handle! T.T cuteness overload x2

 Tokyo DisneySea Pass

 Main entrance 

I tell you the moment you walk pass through the main entrance you will be like...
OMG ...
OMG X2...

Disney music everywhere, tourist and most scary was 'OMG?! IS THIS REAL?!!' Like coming out from those disney movie! It looks exactly the same especially the mermaid lagoon. Okay I will show you that later but once I enter DisneySea I was like 'ehhh here very nice! take pic lah!! OMG MICKEY LEH!! OH NO SO CUTE! ARGHHHHHHH~~~'

Sorry babe! I'm too excited for that!
 I'm so Happy 

Daph actually waiting me over there but I told her to wait because I die die want to take photo with this. The DisneySea team must be realise that I need someone to help me this time and they actually come to ask me (automatically) whether need their help to take photo anot! Tears! Ya I need because I get enough of selfies photo I guess~ HAHAHAHA

  photo they took for me! Quite good!

Then after awhile I feel so shy again! lol this time Daph was here to help me :p Thanks babe for the help without you my DisneySea experience wouldn't be this good! Thanks for the accompany and kicker was in a good mood like us too. The weather was like our genting's weather! Not too hot and not too cold. Just right for this so it's why all photo turned out looks so great on my computer.

Look how happy am I  

  Opps I blocked Mickey!

   Me ,  Daph & Kicker

Since I'm so happy on that day I draw my eyeliner with a neon pink eyeliner + eyeshadow from 3CE! Next, added my favourite YSL no.12 shapes of lipstick! My current obsession EMODA Pastel Pink Bag that I got from babe , Black topshop sweater crop top and lastly my white princess tutu skirt!

Okay back to the topic once I walk out from the side I saw this Disney Marie!! So cute eh!! Too bad photobomb behind me :'( But is okay as long as Marie give me a hug from far and after few second all people line up behind me just to take photo with Marie. I think a if you have a chance to be here please act fast and run faster than anyone so that you can take photo with them. If not you need to line up at least 25 mins to get one proper photo. lol

#ChanwonTips : Don't be shy for photo session with Disney Characters. Be fast , smart and stay energetic! Be aware of anyone beside you because you might meet Duffy or Mickey / Minnie if you are lucky enough~

 After the main entrance you can open up your map booklet to have a whole idea of what's going on! HAHAHAHA there are some interesting zone for you to discover it yourself and you might need to take a ride on those interesting play zone. Unfortunately, it was so crowded on the day I visit so I don't have extra patient or time to wait for my turn. But i still can't get enough of that!

The whole DisneySea break down into 7 diff zone / part:
Discovery Port  | American Waterfront  |  Lost River Delta  | Arabian Coast  |  Mermaid Lagoon  |  Mysterious Island  |  Mediterranean Har
  Spring Disney's Easter themed was full of spring flowers and spring music

 Once you were there you can see lots of small booth / stall selling cute hair accessories and hat! Don't be surprise with the price it's a little pricy but don't buy first~ No need to compare the price , price was the same but more choice after you walk from the main door entrance to the park

  Duffy Shop

Hi Duffy, it's my first time to meet you! Wanted to get all of you home but you might be too big for me to carry around! HHAAHAH So I bought myself some Duffy medium doll chain to tie on my bag and a side small pouch to carry my small coins too! Not joking this is crazy because within 30 mins (after i enter this duffy shop) I spent like RM400 just for the the Duffy items. wtf*

#ChanwonTips : Remember to stay calm and don't over budget because for the big Duffy and bag I believe you can only use it in Japan or during the next time visit Disney here. I know no one will laugh you here but if you carry it in Malaysia people might laugh and look at you. So just buy those you will carry or to use in Malaysia. For example small key chain, cute pen and small coin bag.

At first I want to purchase the big Duffy bag that cost me around RM150-200 but end up I stop myself from being over-excited. I bought the sling coin bag I only use twice during my Japan Trip and until now I can only keep inside my wardrobe. lol I tie it on my bag but my friend laugh me wtf*

  Duffy I love you oh~

  This was the one ! HAHAHAA Luckily I didn't buy

Hot selling item! I love this because I got myself 6 of these in diff clothing! lol Remember if you visit here at least get one for yourself because those Duffy with special design outfit was limited edition on that season only. Spring Duffy wearing pink and blue outfit to represent the colourful easter season!

  Clothes for the Duffy Bear *wtf this is more exp than the Duffy bear! I must stop myself from looking at this. Want to buy T.T

  Mickey Symbol

 Bought this cutie home!

#ChanwonTips : Camera Timer was my best friend of the day! You can bring your tripod stand together with you if you don't mind to carry around.

  Best pose ever! HAHAHAHA

  Busy Uploading photo | Live update during my travel time!

  I love Candid Shoot

  Don't waste the effort...continue take a close up photo for this Duffy Coins Bag

Everyone was looking at my skirt and I'm so in love with it. Will post a proper outfit post on this and remember this was quite a best experience where no one will show you an awkward expression if you dress up so childish or too cute or too dramatic. Everyone was the same too and I'm actually the most normal outfit one! Daph too! Wish to dress up twinny with her next time!!!

  My hair looks so perfect on that day!

  Told you need to stay calm and see another shop here selling all head accessories! 

  hmmm.. too funny leh this! HAHHAA

  My head too small for this! but it's cute!

  Bought this anyway! At least I can wear this when I'm back + I didn't see anyone getting this during the whole day at DisneySea. Wooohooo~

  Match my outfit so much! *syiok sendiri*

  Not my best angle but I don't care!

  Wind Wind go away~~

| Mediterranean Harbor | Everyone look at me when I pose like a crazy one. I have no idea whether it's right a not to step on it. So sorry if I break the rules but I just can't be calm. The whole background make me feel like I'm located inside the Disney Movie. So real and feel like shooting and wearing like a disney character here. ONE DAY ONE DAY!

  Smile until can't see my eyes!

  You can get a fast pass if you want

  Not really into that but just for photo purpose and wish to collect one ticket into  my midori tn! HAHAHA

  YAY! Piggy expression

| Lost River Delta | After awhile we walked to another zone! It's a big scene of (not sure what disney movie) lol

  Greeting Venue. if you were lucky enough you can meet them! Too bad I'm not the lucky one

  Where are you Mickey? Minnie?

  Twins Outfit / BFF Look
 After awhile I feel super duper hot and we decided to rest while at the same time line up for this special ice cream stall.

  Freezing Mango taste super good but I decided to get a strawberry minnie ice cream because it's photo worthy! HAAHAHAH

  Itadakimasu~ I bite and eat you now!!

  Taking photo with my ice cream and spotted the mango ice cream beside my hand. Daph was there to take photo too!

  In Japan, you no need to purposely look for a place to take nice photo because nice background EVERYWHERE. 

  Simply take photo also super nice liao!

 Now!! THIS IS A MUST..I repeat!!

THIS IS A MUST! #ChanwonTips

Please remember to line up for this super yummy tasty (taste heavenly) Chicken Drumstick! The line wasn't that long during the time I visit here. We waited for 15 mins in order to get our yummy nom nom nom~ chicken drumstick!

  Set with a drink

  OMG I TELL YOU NO JOKE A!! THIS IS DAMN YUMMY *recommended by Daph and now I'm recommended it to EVERYONE OF YOU! REMEMBER TO ORDER THIS OH!!

  The meat is so soft and yummy. It melted on my tongue and the taste of it was soooooooooooo good until I have no idea how to explain it.

| Arabian Coast | A place where aladdin live and the whole village just like the town in the disney movie. Feel like wearing like aladdin style! AHAHAHAH

  Guess who I met?! Stitch and his gf?!

  Oh yay!

So pretty and nice right? The building and deco was exactly same like the disney movie. Where's my aladdin I need to make a wish too! Hahahah

Each diff zone got its own shop selling their special items and maybe some cookies too. You can get some as souvenir but to be honest the price was quite pricy for me. I got myself a key chain set again with all disney characters prints on it. Will show you later!

  Easter edition Items

  Popcorn key chain *interesting!

OMG! Can I take a proper photo here without anyone behind me? :'(

 Typical Tourist Pose

| Mermaid Lagoon | This was one of my favourite zone! Super beautiful outside and inside. Look like I'm the mermaid and prepare to meet my mermaid friend and 'fish friends' too! lol I can't imagine how much they paid to build this up! OMG SO BEAUTIFUL!! X2


So beautiful right?! It's why this is my favourite zone...EVER!!! Hard to take photo but you must visit here once!! MUST!!

  I remember i saw this on one of the movie...but I can't remember his name =.=

  Yea! I bought this home! as souvenir too!


  That's all my DisneySea experience feel so sad :'(
#ChanwonTips: It's 5pm we leaved DisneySea and I saw lots of late comer line up at the entrance to get half price ticket! So if you don't mind to take photo at night or you just wish to visit here with a cheaper price you can actually be a late comer and come slightly late to get their discount pass. Night time you can watch the special performance and lighting there was super beautiful too.

  Top up my card
  This save my life!

  Want to have some drinks?

  Sob sob! I don't want to leave here :'(

After being too hyper for a whole's super tired after I took my shower! I can't feel my leg and I think I should get one sport shoe (I bought the nikeair during my japan trip after visited DisneySea) it's too tired to walk with heel or any flats too. Seriously please bring a sport shoe with you for any trip! It's useful and save much energy! The whole night was so great for me. Being a big kid for a whole day and after that unpack for everything that I bought on that day.

Got some instant noodle from the convenience store!

  HAHAHAHAH Shooting with my Duffy


Really so big! I can't believe this taste so good too! I saw this on Publika and it cost x3 price than the one I got in Japan. Okay la I should visit Japan soon and guess what I actually bought two ticket last with my bro!! I'm so excited and at the same time very worry about him because I'm the one who sponsored his whole trip. I'm a good sis and hopefully we no need to wash plate in Japan (joke joke) I wish to travel together with my mom too because my bro and mom never visit either Japan korea or taiwan. This time it's a trip specially make for my bro of course he gonna force by me to help on taking photo. Wish smelly can make it for this trip but he's going to work soon :'( IMMA SO SAD I WANNA TRAVEL WITH SMELLY !!! 

Thanks for everyone who read my Travel post. You are the one encourage me to become who am I today. Until now I still can't believe that I made it! I'm so happy and I should speed up my Travel Post so that I can update it again during my next visit. No drag and delay anymore! 

Moreover, it's a very good experience to visit DisneySea and hopefully I can visit Disneyland in the future because I wanna meet the real minnie and donald duck! The entrance wasn't so exp still reasonable but with the amount money you spend on buying all souvenir and items from Duffy shop it's enough to make me broke. Seriously YOU all should force your partner to stop you from buying that. So remember to stay calm and think twice before your purchase because it's so easy to over spend in Disney Shop. No joke!!!

I think that's all for today's post! See you on next post :) Love, xx. 


  1. hi dear,

    where did u get the dress , lovely! thinking of getting one to wear during my lo first birthday :p

    1. you mean the skirt? white tutu? it's from this link you can check

  2. Love your blog! Interesting and help reads... Am using your tips for my 1st FnE Japan trip next month! Wish me luck!

    1. Thanks sweetie <3 Glad that it's helpful for you <3 Good luck & hug!!

  3. hi do u think disneyland is better or disneysea?