Pobling Mini Ion Applicator *Only RM38??!!

23 August 2015

OMG?!! Are you serious? I got this Pobling mini ion applicator from Hermo.my for ONLY RM38!! This post should be another MUST READ post and that's the reason why I update this once I'm back from Korea. No joke...seriously this is only RM38! I have been looking for an ion applicator for quite awhile and luckily I got this with me during my trip to Seoul. It's still a surprise for me because I only heard of Pobling facial massager and now they even came out with an ion applicator! Let's figure out this mini ion applicator now!

It arrived at my house a day before my trip and I can't live without this every day. It's recommended to use daily about 5 mins. What's the benefit??

This applicator vibrates gently to help deliver nutrients deep into the skin effectively.

In short, it helps to penetrate all benefits of your skincare product deep into your skin and allows your skin to absorb more. Sounds fun and it only cost me RM38 why not to give this a try?! Thanks hero for giving me such an opportunity and Hermo.my is the first in the market to bring this into Malaysia.

There are two colour available. Grey or Red colour I picked the red but when I saw this, it's actually a deep hot pink colour almost like a deep red kind of colour. Mad love with it but it's pretty good to have something that caught my eyes.

 So mini & cute

This is super duper mini and does a great job on my skin especially the size! If you know me well you will notice that I love everything in mini size because it's the time where you can bring it everywhere with you. 

You need an AAA battery in order to use it. Open it up like this and you can see how mini it is. What makes me happy was it really makes my skin absorb the skincare more effective and faster! Can't believe this thing actually works. Plus, it automatically operates with vibration.

The application was pretty easy. You just need to apply your daily skincare product on your skin. Then take this ion applicator and place it on your skin then it will start to vibrate automatically.

This applicator starts to vibrate upon contact with the skin

 Massage from inward to outward

The best part was I like to use it on my eye area. I put on some eye cream and after that use this to vibrate and massage it. So it makes my eye cream absorb faster than applying the product with only my hand. Love this so much! Another must item to reduce the dark circle too!

Cheap & Affordable
Mini Size
Fasten absorption level of my skincare product
Auto turn on once it touched my skin
Easy to use / Convenience

No waterproof
Some people prefer a turn on / off button

Remember that, this Pobling mini ion applicator is not waterproof but you can clean it with a wet tissue or dried cloth. The original / retail price was RM58.00 but Hermo Selling Price = RM38.00!! For those who interested you can click on the link below and get one for yourself!!

Click here- Pobling mini ion applicator 

Go grab while it's still available!! CHEAP AND SUPER EFFECTIVE APPLICATOR!! GOGOGOGOGO~