Easiest Way to create Gradient Lips | VDL Triple Shot Tint Bar

13 August 2015

 ↑ Surprise♥ ↑ 

Hey my little sweethearts! It's me with my brand new blonde hair! Yay and it should be a surprise tomorrow but I can't wait to tell you guys now. You all are the first group of people who saw my blonde hair online & I shall keep you update on that. Yeah! you are right it's my first time ever!! Just in case, I hope to create a memorable trip so I make sure myself to get a brand new hair style with brand new me during my trip tomorrow. No more secret after I update this on my blog. lol Read until the end~

So I think most of you noticed that I love lip product especially gradient lips!! a lot!! and that's why I always dare myself to try new lips product.Plus, it's been awhile since I done my previous lips review!! There are so many reason for me to fall in love with my recent obsession, VDL Triple Shot Tint Bar.

Unlike the normal lipstick I used, this is more like a tint, base and balm in one stick. It's specially made for those who prefer gradient lips + it's the EASIEST way *just a single touch* to create your own gradient lips. What so special about it?!!

↑  Hmmm?!! Spot anything??

Tint, Blam and Base = ALL IN ONE 

A main color (Darkest Tone) + Sub color (Ligher / Medium Tone) + Base color (Nude Tone)

A combination of 3 pretty colours that can instantly create attractive and voluminous gradient lips. It carry all three function of a tint , lip balm that we normally use to moisture up our lips and lastly the lip base that provides us a comfortable and long-lasting lips colour. 

You can play with the colour and the final lip effects is depend on how you applying it on your lips. It's either a vertical or a horizontal application. 

Vertical: Milky colored lips that combine 3 colour tone together
Horizontal: Gradient lip shades from darker to nude color tone 

  Another way to use this VDL Triple Shot Tint Bar: Placed 3 sections vertically on lips and glide it sideways along your lips. It mix and create a beautiful milky coloured lips.

↑  Triple Pink 

Photo tutorial how I normally apply my gradient lips. Previously I'm using a nude lipstick + a pink lip colour that I like. Apply it all over your lip then tap the nude lipstick on your outer corner of your lips. But now with this VDL Triple Shot Tint Bar....I just need one step in order to create this pretty gradient lips.

For this, remember DARKER TONE on your inner lips & NUDE BASE / Light on the outer corner of your lips.

Done be afraid when you saw this colour. Since it's actually a tint lipstick the colour payoff shouldn't be as dark as what we seen on the lip colour. Tint is more moisture than normal lipstick and it's more natural , not as pigmented as normal lipstick. For this I got myself 3 diff colour, Triple Pink, Triple Burgundy & Triple Red.

To be honest, it's not much diff between 3 of the colour on my lips except the level of the redness and pinkish showed on my lips. The Triple pink was the lights colour > next will be the triple red was slightly darker than the pink one > Lastly, Triple Burgundy was the darkest and most red shades I can get other than both of them.


PS: Sorry for the super dry & cracked lips as I repeating myself to remove and apply the lip product on and off ..on and off for this post's review purpose. lol  Okay! Let's get started! Remember to place the main colour at your inner lips and base colour at outer lips.

Ps: After applying lower lip , remember to rotate it to 180 degrees before applying to the upper lip!

Triple Burgundy
 Start with this TRIPLE BURGUNDY

 Application was super duper smooth even on my cracked lips
*Thanks to this tint + lip balm product*

  A very bright burgundy colour look more like a hot pink actually!
Love this the most!! Color payoff darker than another two shades.

Triple Red
  Shades between pink and burgundy! Slightly lighter!
More look like a peach pink than a red colour! lol

 Triple Pink
   More pinkish and this 3 tone pink blend slightly better compare
A very natural and light shades of pink

For me I think I prefer the triple burgundy and triple pink as I'm more on this two shades. But what makes me fall in love with it was the (1) colour payoff really look better than normal tint and lip balm but at the same time more natural compared with those normal lipstick. I think i will stick to this until it finish but at the same time I really love how it works with my cracked + dry lips.

Next, the (2) easiest way to create a natural gradient lips. It only took me about 30 second. I can create my own gradient effect lips with diff application too. So much fun! Suitable for anyone!!

Lastly, (3) 3 of this colour looks really good on our skin. Sometime we might found that we bought the wrong shades but no worried for this! each of them looks REAL GOOD on our skin. I even want to get another extras for myself soon. (TML!!)

The bad news was you still can't get this product in Malaysia but....I'm flying off to KOREA TOMORROW'S NIGHT!! So i'm actually taking order and helping you guys (if you interested) to purchase it and deliver it to you! In short, anything you want to buy in Korea you can pm me as long as I haven back in Malaysia. lol. Will be live update on my instagram and fb page. Please don't missed this because it's the only way I can purchase it too~

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I'm packing my luggage now! I can't wait and it's the surprise I mentioned just now! HAHAHA Yay! AnnYeong KOREA!! Besides, wanted to share with you guys my June-August favourite too! Except for this VDL Triple Shot, I STRONGLY recommended you to try this

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Oh yea!! Spot something interesting??
Received this all the way from Korea too and now *finally* i got time to share it on my blog~

 Guess what is this?



IT'S... from korea too!!

5 days Eyes Cream

Love the super fun packaging and it's from Korea too! I'm going to get this as much as I can and feel free to let me know if you are interested too. I will be live update those interesting product you can't get in Malaysia! This is the best chance for you :p I mean I just shopping for myself but why not helping you to get this since it's very nice to use!!

Reduce fines line, firming , reduce DARK CIRCLE!! Bye bye panda eyes. Works exactly like those exp eye creams but this is much cheaper and the super fun packaging melted my heart!! OMG OMG OMG

 Application was super easy too!

 After that close it back with its cap!

So cute right?!! Hope my blog can be as interesting as this product! Wish to share everything new in my life and stay tuned for my live update on my korea trip! Night and safe flight for myself *pray!!!!