My Braces Story #2: Put on Braces, Damon Braces System , Price & My Experience

23 July 2015

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Hello all my Sweethearts  It's been a hard time for me since yesterday because I can't feel my teeth now! It's one month after i put on my upper braces and I went to put my lower braces yesterday. So I guess it's the best time for me to share this on my blog although I feel so tired now but still due to the overwhelmed question on my Facebook and Instagram, I decided to blog it as soon as possible so you won't get the wrong idea and information from those wrong comment.  

(If you want to know the full story you might need to read my braces story part #1: click here)

I decided to include my Before photo in this post so I can do a comparison after I take off my braces. I know it's a long journey but I'm so excited for that!

To be honest, I'm getting so sad and feel really bad every time people talk about my teeth. I called it as rabbit teeth but I'm actually having an  OVERBITE problem. In this cases, a person's upper and lower jaws aren't the same size or are malformed, resulting in either an overbite, when there is excessive protrusion of the upper jaw.

So this is the reason why I always smile with my teeth and doesn't close my mouth because I can't even close it nicely. It's either my chin muscle all appear or I look very fierce every time I close my mouth. So I normally close my mouth 'heavily' with my lower lips and push my lower jar to appear just nice with my upper teeth. It's not obvious from the front but as you can see from all the BEFORE photo it look really ugly from the side view.

The reason why am I getting this because I want to have a comfortable bite, nicer teeth profile and much-improved facial profile so I can smile nicely and be confident with my teeth. Then my jar and teeth can have a better position just like you.

 Some good example I got from google image

This is my X-RAY. I did it last year and it's before I chopped my hair! HAHAHAHA Dr. Neoh send this for me and luckily I keep a copy on my computer so I can show you how serious was my problem. It's so annoying that I keep delay on making this decision but at the same time I'm super duper happy I DID IT NOW *like finally*. Nothing to be afraid of but need sacrifice to some yummy and tasty food :'(

HAHAHA MY TEETH !! The alignment quite nice and it's just the problem of OVERBITE! Ahhh :'( Why ah!! 

My Choice: Damon Braces System
It's quite a hard decision for me because I did survey around and visit quite a number of dental clinic. No one explain it nicely and patiently to me except Dr. Neoh. Struggle for making the decision as I'm always dilemma for it. Ended up I choose to go for Damon Braces System. A lighter , less painful , more comfortable & faster way to fix my overbite problem.

Different between Traditional & Damon Braces
The traditional braces was the one you can pick the colour of the rubber and it's much bigger size. I know all of you told me that it's quite suffer after put on the braces because the traditional braces can rubs against our gums and lips then it's why some people who wear braces always complain about their ULCER. I'm so afraid of that and I ask doc is there any alternative or way to look nicer with braces. 
From youtube & google image

Damon passive self-ligating braces eliminate the need for elastic or meta "ties" & painful tightening. Light high-technology shape-memory wires move teeth faster and requires fewer adjustment than the traditional one.

Clear Damon & Normal Damon Braces

I mentioned that I'm in love with my upper clear braces and some of the people who don't know what's the diff between damon clear braces with the traditional one so they comment on the photo below telling me how fast it might turn to 'yellowish' and ugly. It's why I need to talk about it in details so that you have a basic idea of what it is.

I decided to have a combination of clear damon braces (upper teeth) with the normal one for my lower teeth. I'm dilemma for it because damon clear braces was pricy than the normal one. I mean really so expensive lah! It's because the clear one can only use once if anything happen on it you have to order a new one as replacement while the normal (metal damon braces) if the bracket dropped you can use it and stick it back. The clear one tend to be lighter too and no rubbing between yours lips or gum.

Of course everyone know that I can't smile with a obvious metal braces so I choose a combination of both. Thanks doc for making the best decision for me. The price for traditionl braces (in KL) almost cost around RM5-6k and it's 2 to 3 years period. While for damon braces it's more pricy than the normal around RM7-8k some dental clinic offer invisalign (photo below) around RM10-15k depend on your case. 

For my case it's cost around RM9k++ plus. I extracted 4 tooth around RM100-120 per teeth. (Haven extract my 2 wisdom tooth) As usual, I'm not surprise with the price as it's already expected since I pick the clear damon braces. Photo below was quite similar to my case except I'm having a 8 clear braces. (photo shows 6 clear damon braces) At first I'm worried about the price but luckily this dental clinic allow their patient to go for installment plan which you will need to pay an amount of deposit and the remain one will be divided for each month or each time you visit the clinic.

So it means that every month I only need to pay few hundred in order to pay the full amount back & complete my two years plus braces journey. Quite okay for me since I pay it myself. Okay la I'm actually eating my porridge now and almost tear when I never expect this could happen on me. Finally I'm a braces girl!!

Putting on my upper braces wasn't painful for me. I mean both upper and lower braces put on process NO PAIN AT ALL but diff story after that. The procedure just simple but it's advisable to apply as much lip balm as you can before put on the braces because you need to open your mouth as much as you can and I know it's quite scary to open up your mouth for about 1 to 2 hours.

Since I put on my upper and lower braces separately and I only took around 40 mins for my upper and lower (second visit) about 37 mins too. I recorded it nicely because I know some of you was curious about that. Really no pain during the process but after that what makes me suffer on the first week was...

(1-6 days after put on braces)

This is what makes me suffer. Not even pain but the amount of time I need to look at those delicious BUT I CAN'T EAT IT. You know what T.T although it's just a week but the first few days I almost tear when I can't eat my favourite rice and fish. Until now I still don't have the chance to eat famous amos cookies. MUMMY T.T so sad I can't bite. But don't worry it will become normal and you can bite like usual after a week!! Just can't eat hard cookie or apple or meat. You need to chop it into small pieces and put it into your mouth.

So I'm a happy kid after my first week of having only my upper braces. But diff story after I put on my lower braces. I want to kill myself yesterday :'(

 Due to my wisdom tooth and Dr. Neoh need to pull my second wisdom tooth to the front so he put something like a 'coil' on my right teeth. Like the photo above! So hor~~ I feel so sick and uncomfortable since yesterday until now. My jaw + gum + mouth I mean everything makes me FEEL SO SORE and so 'sour'. I can't even smile and feel so tired once I open my mouth or take some food.

But it's slightly better because today (second day after my lower brace) I can bite porridge and small pieces of fish. The first time I can't even eat and I 'drink' the porridge. wtf* It's totally no pain at all but it's just SO SORE!!! Each time I feel like eating my teeth got no energy to bite and just numb -.- Like a useless teeth! Everytime I look at the food I can't eat!! Morning when I'm lazy to think of what to eat I'm just having a cup of hot milo and pour some milo on my biscuit , make it softer and eat it like that -.-

T.T .... Wahlao eh!! You all never lie to me braces totally no pain at all but it's all about the sacrifice for my favourite food and also I need to be calm each time I feel super sore. Okay... I just pray hard this time but after a week I'm like a crazy girl keep on eating only. I remember last month after a week i eat waffle , eat sushi , eat this & that! Everyone was like ' ARE YOU OKAY CHANWON?'

But it's quite inconvenient because each time I took my food I need to use my iPhone to look at my braces, I need to clean it with water or use my tongue, friend need to take care of me and always ask me what can I eat or can I bite this and that.

Not sure I should feel happy or sad with it but I'm pretty much appreciate the only one week time to take porridge + marmite. And probably my bro and mom gonna hate me because they need to eat the same porridge like me too! HAAHAHAHAH Sorry bro! Plus, each time I did some adjustment on my braces I feel super down like now because I can't bite and i seriously feel so sore this time. So...please keep myself motivated or as long as I'm sad about it please tell me it's alright T.T Really so moody I can't eat anything right now. Even the soft potato I need to squeeze it only can put on my mouth T.T

I'm so sad and I'm still having my 3rd porridge for today as my dinner. Hope my braces story can help you to make your decision or you can share this experience with your friend even you never put on any braces. But please support those who put on the braces because it's not easy at all T.T I can't believe that I still have another 2 years plus to go for but I WILL BE BETTER after that. Just the first few days after tighten the braces really!

For those who wish to consult and go for braces I hope that you can do some preparation. Now I got three good friends... My 3 buddy...

They are like my bff now! Everywhere and I need them all day long!

I look thinner now but my weight remain the same. I can see the slightly changes on the side of my face and every morning I wake up I can feel the magic. My teeth movement and it changed everyday. Like now although it's quite suffer at the beginning but I believe I won't regret on it. I will be proud of myself able to make my dream come true and now....

I'M FINALLY....PUT ON BRACES!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO & I guess that's all for today. Will keep you update on my braces story. Probably after 4-5 months?! Otherwise I will post on my instagram @chanwon92 so that I can share my life with al of you. Love, xx.

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  1. Your braces story is very nice. Thanks for sharing. Great Results!! Your overbite problem is cured and the tooth becomes straight after getting Braces on.

  2. Can I hv the contact number and address of ur clinic. M having overbite problem too. M confused with so many options available but ur story sounds less painful to me.

    1. Please refer to my part 1 braces story. Every details stated there <3

  3. hye..may i know the clinic adress

  4. Hey, I wanted to try Invisalign Malaysia , thank you for the price list!

  5. May i know what type of tooth brush you used while wearing braces. I am having hard time to wash my teeth with braces.

  6. Can I ask roughly how much for the first payment(include with the deposit and installment)? And roughly how much for the installment? Thanks. :)

    1. It's depend on the amount you wanna pay and how long it takes for your braces ya. some people one year some two years so it's diff but you can make a call to ask first . have a nice day.

  7. Hi chanwon, if i get my braces there do they do the normal kind of braces like the tradition one or they only do this damon system?

    1. all dental clinic has variety of braces ya. Either traditional or damon system :D

  8. Replies
    1. read my part 1 braces story ya. Mentioned there.

  9. why did you need to get 4 teeth extracted? does it have anything to do with the overjet/protrusion?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. If i only wear the ordinary braces that is rm5-6k, can i repair my overbite teeth? Or do i have to wear damon braces ?

  12. Good info. May I know how how much your monthly paid? I hope less than 300 😫