Chanwon Travel in Japan: #8 EDO WONDERLAND NIKKO

07 July 2015

After a wonderful morning spent at Nikko, we went back to our car and plan for our next destination. It's so fun that everything came in a great time and we realise that there are a super fun NINJA VILLAGE nearby us. It's the EDO WONDERLAND @Nikko Edomura. It's not a free entry but the ticket was around 4,000 Yen approximate RM120 per entry. Abit pricy for us but I think it's our first time here and we spent like another half day here. So it's quite worth and never come never know it look like a REAL NINJA VILLAGE

Everyone talk like a ninja, walk , jump like a ninja, the whole environment look like a REAL VILLAGE that come from those ninja story or movie like that. So mystery and look like I'm in the zaman dahulu! HAHAHAHAHA Super duper fun and we actually went to the shop wanted to change our whole costumes or change to the Edo-style Kimono. Unfortunately, the shop closed after 3pm or 2.30pm I forgot. Just 3 mins late then it closed :'( I want to wear KIMONO. But never mind next round first loh!!!

There are FREE Shuttle available. You can come here by Train or bY JR from Shinjuku. From Shinjuku , Ikebukuro OR Omiya Stations, take the direct train 'Kinugawa' or 'Spacia-Kinugawa' to Kinugawa Onsen Station. Then take the local bus (15 mins) or a taxi (10 mins) to EDO WONDERLAND NIKKO. 
Love this place because it's full of Japanese traditional , ninja living history and culture of Edo period Japan. Plenty of live action performance ,craft studios ,parades and cultural activities. 

After I took this photo, this girl turned super angry and I was like ' what's going on?!!'. Daph and Danny told me that I need to respect them because they doesn't want to look ugly on our photo so must wait them to pose properly or give a hint to them that you are going to take photo. HAHAHAH So sorry T.T I don't know please don't be so angry ya! I smile with her after that and trying hard to hint her that I don't know about that. lol

 Can photoshoot here with KIMONO if you want! Should be awesome!
 Took one of this to keep in my travelersnote! Got lots of fun activities and a small NINJA MAP inside!
 4 of us!

 Not cheap!! Quite pricy if you want to rent a pretty kimono but others is more to NINJA COSTUMES. So cute all the man there wearing this and half cover their face xD
O-Edo Tenmangu Shrine - The super famous shrine for prayers relating to study and learning. 
Want to pass for your exam? pray here!!
 Japanese swords are one of the great wonders of Japan. This is an museum that you can see lots of collection of Japanese swords. 

Yaba Archery Range
Ya stands for Japanese Archery. You can join and have fun at here! For those who succeed in making 5 direct hits then you can win a cool prize home!
 Cute Ninja Souvenir 

 EDO-Period Japan's Jail 
 err...a bit too scary here so I just took some photo only ><
 Each piece of art here represent some historical event happened during their edo period in Japan.
I'm afraid that the thing can move and say Hi to me T.T 
The music is too dramatic and feel bait scary inside this small museum! lol

The Ultimate Geisha
After visited their special museum and having our food at there suddenly I heard someone shouting. It's the super glamour and flamboyance of the ultimo geisha.
 With a brocade obi belt tied in front, high platform geta shoes and the most elaborate hairstyle. The Oiran is attended by apprentices and little girls. It all take place on the main street of Nikko Edo Mura! If you were here then don't miss this incredible parade! If it's raining day then too bad :'( You can see it when it rains.
 I need this shoes! HAHAHAHAHA
 zoom zoom zoom

So pretty right?!! After some thank you speech, they went into the house.
Then we were so hungry! Get some Japanese snack!
Ninja everywhere!

NINJA KAI KAI TEI (Mysterious Ninja House)
Ninja weird weird house! HAHAHAHA LOL the name itself was so cute! It's another mysterious Ninja House that filled with illusions. 
Is the floor slanting? Do balls roll up hill? 
I can't stand up straight in a tilted room -.- I feel so dizzy and feel like vomiting after that! wtf

We spent almost a half day on this EDO WONDERLAND and I personally quite amazed with it. It's so real and the whole Japan's legendary Edo Era was in front of me. Feel it and touch it! Other than that it's so cool to have Ninjas sneak around me! Like I'm from this edo era! AHHAHAAHHA Anoter super beautiful natural surroundings @ Nikko. Love Nikko so much and it's where I should take a break that time.

Thanks the D&D family who accompany me the whole day! Kicker look so sleepy here :p
After had sushi in Japan I'm no longer a fans of sushi king. Sushi in Japan was so delicious, fresh and look at the salmon!! SO THICK SO HUGE and covered all the sushi rice! omg!!! I'm craving for this now!
Look at the thickness of sashimi! SO THICK T.T I MISS YOU SASHIMI!

Yum yum yum yum~ That's all about my EDO WONDERLAND experience and I hope you feel like you're traveling with me too! Follow more post on my blog to travel in Japan with me! That's all for today. Love, xx.