Ash Brown Two Tone x SHORT BOB Hair by Dé MAKER @ Lake Fields

15 July 2015

Oh hey!! At first I was like 'this is the best photo that I need to put as the first photo of this post' but after a while I was like...why it look like own armpit wtf* Seems so wrong but just want to have a quick sharing on my recent hair transformation. I guess most of you know that I'm very disappointed toward my hair :'( I seriously need a new haircut + colour for my hair...WHY?

Let me show you...

To be honest, I really feel so disappointed with those super well-known or luxurious salon. I mean not all because some I know was quite good but just SOME out there was super bad. I get invited for quite a number of salon and I tried most of their service. The thing that I need to highlight on...and always want to emphasize is the owner's personality and attitude. If you notice that on my blog I only shared things I like, things I love and if it's an ads I will be putting it on the label itself clearly. 

From my personal experience after went and tried so many hair salon. I mean again NOT ALL but some luxurious or expensive one, their owner or director seems to have some attitude problem. They always think that their salon is SO EXPENSIVE and being OVER SELF-IMPORTANT or OVER PROUD of themselves. In shorts, 'hidung tinggi sangat!' It was good at first but after the second approach I feel like we can't met to a same opinion or point. On and Off , on and off at the end I rejected all the collaboration because I know...I know I just can't be happy to work with people who have attitude problems and only think about their preference not my preference or what I prefer on.

So after all that I'm very disappointed toward their attitude problem and still they can't get what I want so I have to dye my hair AGAIN. Not even after a month I just can't stand my hair being partially bleach , gold and faded. Look so yellowish and my face turned super tired-looking with that kind of hair colour. Normally no one can save me plus I'm working that time!!! I got no extra time to rush to salon during weekdays. So I drag drag drag until 1 month plus I decided to call my friends Dezh salon to save my hair before one of my beauty audition.

Was pretty rush that time because he used 4 hours just to balance out my hair colour. I'm very confident to him because he was the one did my long + 3 tone red hair colour last time. Except him I can't think of others! His might not as popular as those expensive one but he was the best hairstylist EVER. Being so humble, friendly and nice to smelly , my bro and me! His salon didn't put much on advertising or promoting but I believe one day people will know! How come this person so good no people know it. 

Read my 3 tone red x long hair post done by De Maker here

So....this is why I love their salon so much. The whole process took really long but still I have to keep myself calm.

1) Lighten my hair root without bleaching my hair. Use lightening cream
2) Dye darker tone to cover my partially bleach yellowish hair  (The problem is the partially isn't partially at all... -.- so ugly)
3) Dye it ash brown
4) Added darker ask blue at the lower part and middle part of my hair
5) Complete my 50% hair cut 

I'm rushing on that day so I have to visit De Maker again for another haircut. I'm having the best hair colour throughout the whole month! I'm so in love with this colour tone so might go back to this colour again this week I guess. But now it's after one month+ the ash faded and I wish to cut away the partially bleach hair now T.T So now it's either bleach everything of keep on cover the lighter hair colour with darker tone!

So this is why...never ever bleach partially. Either you go for dip dye hair or else you have to dye it again and again. like me :( But is okay now because I'm short hair now so I can always change my hair colour and do the treatment at the same time! So I get into TOP10 Finalist on Revlon Ambassador Search.

I'm not being paid but Dezh was really nice! After the previous incident happened I feel like it's really important to keep myself positive with nice and positive people. I found it :) A place which I can put my trust and confident on. Never overdo my hair, never bleach without asking, when I say 1 cm then he really chopped 1 cm on my hair! AHHAHAHAAH

So this is my 3rd visit! Is time to chopped my hair into short bob hairstyle! I told him just cut as short as possible because it's easy to comb and just 5 mins I'm done with my short hair. Just go out like that seems really nice! WOOOHOOOOO

 Second week after my ash tone colour. The colour lighter and naturally blend with the ash brown colour.
 Just put on the braces so I can't close my mouth nicely lol!


Dezh was super duper shocked with my hair. It grow really fast and now the black roots all come out already! I booked my appointment with my friends this Friday! So I'm still thinking what colour should I go for!! Maybe ash?!! Let see how and need to cut my bangs too. WHY SHORT HAIR YOU GROW SUPER FAST =.=

 Smelly's hair!! Male haircut RM30 / Dye Hair RM80 

Completed hair look! WOOOHOOO So happy to share this new bob hair with all of you. Fyi, this hair length was super easy to blow-dry! Now I need to wait it grow longer and cut for another short hairstyle again! Yeah!

Oh yea for those who interested to try out their service you can now enjoy RM99 for hair colouring!! GIRLSSSSSS!! RM99 and remember to show your print screen when you visit their salon ya!

De MAKER Hair Studio

 36,Jalan Tasik Utama 7,
The Trillium,Sungai Besi,
57000 Kuala Lumpur .
For appointment please contact 03-90554701

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