Louis & Izabell's First Birthday Party

06 July 2015

Happy Birthday to Louis & Izabell the cutest twins in our life! Smelly must be so jealous of me because it's another well spent weekend with my long lost best friends. I met this twins parent when I'm still study during my first year of University and both of their daddy and mummy were the sweetest couple ever! They get married before I met them and see this two little angels now! It's not easy to take care of twins and I never experience it but I think it's really cool!

Still remember my first shooting was 5 years ago and they are my first photography buddy! We can wake up in the early morning and shoot until evening. We spent our day once every half year and her wife, Mandy was one of the girl that caught my eyes! If I'm a boy....!! HAHAHAHAHA I love her so much and how time flies. 5 years after with all their hard work and never give up on this their dream finally came true.

I almost tear when I know that and throwback to the first time, Smelly and I went to visit Mandy at hospital. I saw their twins I was like OMG, I WANT TO CRY NOW! So touched and melted my heart. I feel so old now and they turned one yesterday! A super cheerful party and too bad Smelly not here and he was so envy I can play around with Louis and Izabell :p MUAHHAAHHAHA

Some of my favourite shoot by them! Last time young and energetic now don't even dare to think of this again but it's so memorable. They even printed all the photo out for me and keep in an album and give it to me during my birthday 4 years ago T.T Okay la I'm really old now and have been blogging for 6-7 years! OMG

So when I met them yesterday I was like, WHY YOU BOTH STILL LOOK SO YOUNG! Still look super young!! After all the memorable conversation and throwback I seriously just can't stop myself playing with the children. My friends around me one by one getting married and another baby bash end of this month! WHY ALL SO SWEET!! I can't wait to get into marriage and have my own little angel when I'm 27 years old! HAHAHAHAH

But it's okay now I still can play around with the kids and must have fun when we are young right! Met all my long lost friend yesterday and things getting so fun during our conversation and I should have stop myself from typing now because I took so many pretty photo yesterday!! Of course, not me it's the cute little twins of Hinika & Mandy! Wooohoooo Brother (gor gor)& sister (mei mei) and just one mins diff!

Let's the photo do the talking!

 Louis & Izabell's 1st Birthday Party
 Izabell mei mei & Louis gor gor
 That milk bottle! HAHAAH I took one and I tried! HAHAHAHAA

Louis allow people to hug him and walk around but Izabell Mei Mei is more shy. She will cry when she notice her mommy and daddy walk away from her! So cute and I successfully hug Louis for the first time while Izabell I took quite a while but at least she let me hug for ...about...3 mins?! HAHAHAHAHAA Better than nothing lah! They are so cute T.T Cute until I couldn't resist! 

 Happy Birthday to twins Louis & Izabell! 
Stay healthy and don't too cute because I might not able to stop myself from kissing your cheek. lol
 Like Father Like Son!
hey! don't block my way I want to take photo xD
 Where's mei mei?!
 Izabell just keep stick to Hinika. One step away she will cry. I mean cry out loud! Maybe too many new faces yesterday but she get better after that! I can hug her already!! YEAH YEAH!!
 While both twins having their cake, their mommy and daddy behind also having their lunch! HAHAHAAHAHA
 Pretty Izabell!! SO CUTE 
 Gotcha!! AHHAHAHA
Last but not least, Happy Birthday to Louis & Izabell and congrats to Hinika & Mandy!

Love their new home! Thanks for having me yesterday! 
 I miss Smelly T.T

Can't wait to meet them again and see how time flies T.T soon they will turn to two years old ...5 years old.... OMGOMG! I can't wait to meet them again! That's all for today. Love, xx.