Chanwon Travel in Japan: #9 HI TOKYO!

20 July 2015

Ohayo~ all my sweethearts It's getting better and more fun on all the coming post because I'm finally in TOKYO! The best place ever but I still love the peaceful place and small town other than Tokyo. But who know that I'm going again few more months! MUAHHAAHHAAHHAH I'm so excited now but still I have to finish all my previous post before my net surprise trip so that I can arrange a giveaway to all of you before I leave Malaysia. Hey yeah!!!

 Since I'm leaving to Tokyo I guess it's the last morning I spent with Mimi :'( Miss you xoxo
 In a good mood so everything seems to  be so nice to me! Photo also so pretty :p 
 I'm coming TOKYO!!
You know right...I love pink and the purpose of my trip was all about the pretty pinkish sakura. But it's so hard to find a long pink sakura road for photo purpose!!lol~ Guess what Danny found!! It's on the road side during the journey to Tokyo!! We have no idea where is this but it was so lucky and my dream came true x21893273273912

Then Danny stopped his car on a side and we enjoy the photo worthy session! HAAHAHAHAH no strangers and no photobomb behind! So good!

To be honest I'm quite sad that most of the day in Tokyo was full of rain :'( Raining everyday and the weather suddenly so cold! I remember the coldest was 8°C degree . I pray to the god because I wish to go Disney on a Sunny Day but the first few day rain quite heavy and all our plan postponed and delayed. Most of the plan was indoor and every morning and a night before, we have to look for the weather report. Luckily the third day I'm able to visit DisneySea and went to Harajuku the next day. It's either Sunny Day then Raining Day or the rest of my trip was full of RAIN.

Luckily I'm able to capture the pretty sakura!! Plus, because of the weather most of the sakura dropped. Too bad for those who visit Japan on the middle of April. Left little sakura :'( But don't worry because you got another excuse to visit Japan again next year. MUAHAHAHAHAH

Recommended place ever!! Pick the homestay or apartment near this station! It's more convenience!

 Image from Google Image

From Ikebukuro to Shinjuku, Harajuku , Shibuya , Yoyogi or Ueno was super easy! Both of my homestay / apartment near this station and I'm afraid I can't recognise the station so I take a photo and keep it on my phone. Let see if I'm sesat jalan I still can point it out to someone else! *thinktoomuch So yea! Back to the topic, since the first day in Ikebukuro was raining heavily we decided to get a transparent umbrella and plan some indoor shopping @SEIBU, Ikebukuro


Oh my love! I think Japan was a country that I couldn't resist. Not just about food but EVERYTHING. Most of the characters from Sanrio having their individual standalone fair at each diff shopping complex. I tell you aaaa I really wish to grab them home. I'm already crazy for this gudetama but trying to stop myself! I can't over spend leh my god!!! Their iPhone case super duper cute but all their casing around RM70-150. All real one and don't have inspired phone case so you just have to act steady when you realise this gudetama phone case cost more than RM110 :'(

Wait I update you my gudetama collection! HAHAHAAHAH It's a super cute character from Sanrio too. An EGG! An lazy , unmotivated egg. I bought their collection book and some sticker + letter set on the same day. Like that already use more than RM150. I just can't resist it!! Actually to be honest, before I'm able to travel in Japan I thought everything was exp like what I mentioned earlier on my previous post. Their product or food just make you spend more.

Every morning I pass by this same shopping mall I was like ' pls..chanwon..dont go inside..dont look at the stationery area..just ignore....walk with one eye closed' Like that leh! I everyday , every morning told myself I HAVE TO CLOSE MY EYE AND WALK STRAIGHTLY. But hor....

I still spend a lot T.T The whole luggage is full of gudetama, japanese snack , twinny stars , unicorn and my huge stationery haul! wtf am I doing T.T

Then after we walk passed the gudetama fair I saw some delicious yummy donuts. I tell you a diff story one! This one nice to see, nice to touch and also NICE TO EAT. I tell you this is the best donut EVER! BEST EVER T.T *tears*

Buy buy buy buy all! Gudetama food again T.T
If someone here... willing to bring this back to Malaysia?!! PLEASE I NEED THIS NOW! So tempted! 

Bought a mirror from here and the blusher!
trying their new lip product and bought some as souvenir for my friends.
Rain but I DON'T CARE!
Strawberry Pie 
delicious til can die!
But guess what surprised me!?! Their drinks! Unlike our Mc Donald orange juice because in Japanese their juice is 100% juice one! Real orange juice! I tear again T.T So touched and you know what I wish I could come to Japan twice a year! Spring and Autumn! pls!

So the first day in Tokyo was quite tiring. Need to unpack everything and the first homestay in Tokyo was quite disappointed -.- I shall talk and show it to you on next coming post. But still.. I'M IN LOVE IN JAPAN! The rest of my day was just looking for the weather report and plan my schedule again while at the same time facetime+ing with Smelly. HAHAHA That's all for today. Love, xx.

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