How to WIN Tickets & Soundcheck Party to BIG BANG's Concert

04 July 2015


Annyeong I know you have been waiting for this and so do I! I just feel the same like all of you and I know most of you wish to win the BIG BANG concert ticket that happening on this month and all thanks to Hotlink! It's so awesome that Hotlink actually brings the BIGBANG 2015 World Tour to Malaysian fans, which will be held on 24 July! 

BUT WAIT?!!! WHAT?!! Win tickets and soundcheck pass to BIG BANG CONCERT?!!!! Is this real?! OMG OMG OMG!!

It's real!!! The biggest K-pop band in the world, BIGBANG, will be at Putra Indoor Stadium on 24 July at 8.30 pm.and what you need to do is just take part in a video or re-post contest for a chance to get access to the ‘soundcheck party’ and Rock Zone tickets worth RM798 each or participate in a re-post contest to win Rock Zone tickets worth RM698 each. 

The contest will run until 16 July. The BIGBANG contest is the culmination of various K-pop events and activities organised by Hotlink over the past few months, including the Hotlink K-Pop Academy World Tour [MADE] to Malaysian fans! 

Seriously, i'm so excited for this!

Here’s what you need to do:

BIGBANG Soundcheck Party Contest (Win ‘Soundcheck Party’ access & Rock Zone Tickets worth RM798 each)
1.     Take a creative video of themselves lip-syncing to their favourite BIGBANG song
2.     Post their video on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and share who their favourite BIGBANG member is and why
3.     Follow & tag @hotlinkcomms and include #HotlinkBBVIP #Hotlink #LIVELIFELOUD in their caption.

BIGBANG Rock Zone Ticket Contest (Win Rock Zone tickets worth RM698)
1.     Look out for the “Bae Bae Bang” video from Hotlink’s Youtube Channel, Instagram (@HotlinkComms), Facebook page or
2.     Post the ‘Bae Bae Bang’ video on their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account and share who their favourite BIGBANG member is and why
3.     Follow & tag @hotlinkcomms and include #HotlinkBBVIP #Hotlink #LIVELIFELOUD in their caption. 

For Facebook entries, fans will need to email the link to their entry to must also ensure their social media accounts are set to ‘public’ in order for viewing of the submission. The most creative submissions will be selected as winners. 

OMG! JOIN this to win exclusive tickets and soundcheck party pass for yourself too. Again, I have to put on my thinking cap on this creative video! I WANT TO WIN!!  *prayhard* All the best and GOOD LUCK sweeties! 

Oh yea!! Did you watch this? Malaysia version! AHAHAHAH This full music video Bae Bae Bang is so damn funny!!!! Laugh my mouth off! My favorite is the lip-syn part of Alex damn alike like the real MV while Joe having the most chio hair ever! Good try yoooo~

 For more information on Hotlink’s BIGBANG contest,