Chanwon Travel in Japan: #7 Nikko

30 June 2015

Moshi Moshi I miss Japan a lot and I didn't work today so I guess it's the best time to continue share my Japan Trip Post #7 with all of you. So excited at this morning because I'm done with this 300 photos I took at Nikko and Edo Wonderland at Nikko as well. It's another lovely morning that I spent at Nikko (World Heritage) and after that we decided to head over to the nearer Ninja Town , a big village that featured lots of ninja and basically everyone were there and dress like a Ninja! So special right?! 

PS: Too much photo on this post,so Edo Wonderland will be on next post! xx




#1 Nikko 日光(World Heritage)
It was a beautiful and exciting morning because it's a time where I stop myself from shopping and head over to the super beautiful place at Nikko. Which is one of the world heritage. Fresh air and nice breath from there with lots of green tree beside. Just like my Korea Trip we spent like few hour just keep our mind peace by visiting this nice place. To be honest, it's so cold that day and I can't even talk. My hand can't even move and I hope to have a warm drinks! Thanks Danny for the recommendation this place definitely a good place to visit but they told me they went there for more than 5 time a year. They can even memorise it now! AHAHAHAHAAH

But it's my first time so I'm pretty sure they gonna be crazy because I'm jumping here and there, talk a lot, eat a lot and walk like a crab after the whole tiring day! Not much we can do, just BREATH the fresh air , walk around , talk super chio photo &  play around with cute little Shiba

During the whole journey to Nikko we actually went to 7-11 to get our breakfast! I'm having rice ball at the same time Babe Daph for me a strawberry waffle! Looks super cute! Taste super sweet and I'm loving it!

Next, also got myself the cheese ham roll! Totally worth it. It's the best reason to kickstart my day in Japan. Everything was so good and even food from 7-11 also taste million times nicer than our 7-11.

The weather was super cold and I can't feel my nose so Danny told me to get a special made in Japan mask! This damn good and way better than the normal mask but also a bit pricy for just a mask. Inside the mask got a cold wet pad and you just need to place inside the mask and wear like normal. It keep you comfortable even you are wearing the mask. Thumbs up!

 Raining soon?! Don't please!!!

Nikko had been a center of Shinto and Buddhist mountain worship for many centuries before Toshogu was built in the 1600s, and Nikko National Park continues to offer scenic, mountainous landscapes, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, wild monkeys and hiking trails

-Credits to Nikko Travel Guide

While walking to Central Nikko we saw this cute little Shiba on a side without his owner. Guess the owner went to somewhere else and leave this cute Shiba here but he's so cute!! I love the breed of Shiba their eyes look so innocent!

 I totally can get my eyes away from this Shiba so I walk closer to him and ask for a photo opportunity even if he can't understand my language! I JUST DONT CARE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

 But Shiba seems like so sad that we never take any selfies with him xD HAHAHAHAHA

 I told Shiba is okay! Is you turn now! 

 Bye Bye Shiba!

 Wahhhhh! Got feel got feel!!

 Guess this will be super beautiful if you come here in Autumn season.

After a super long walk, the rain finally stopped! Woooohoo and I spot a food stall over there. Immediately run over the stall and ordered our food!
 Have no idea why I pose like this! lol
Actually I'm wearing only one layer but decided to simply add on another thick outer to cover myself! Too pro to act like nothing but ended up I still wearing the outer because it's too cold but I look so stupid with both of the outfit combination. Lol

 Thanks for the accompany Babe Daph my long distance BFF.
 Hope you are doing well in Japan 
I Miss You~
 Shinyko Bridge, sacred bridge at the entrance to Nikko's shrines.
 Look how clean & clear it is!

Next post coming soon! Loving the beautiful natural place like this even the mailbox also looks super cute for me! AHAHAHAH That's all for today. Love, xx.