[Review] COREYANG Silk Mask + KOREA 4D Facial Brush

26 June 2015

Hello Peep! It's me~Chanwon! Today, I'm going to blog about this coreyang silk mask that I received last month. Thanks for the opportunity and I'm going to share my experience and review on this post. You know girls can't live without mask and there are lot of mask out there which we might be interested with and some even come out with a V shape mask sheet that can helps us to get a V shape face after few application but ...this time I stick to a basic mask which gave me a 8 effects on my skin. Plus, it's so natural that suitable for sensitive skin even if you are a pregnant women or breastfeeding mother. 

It's an ALL-IN-ONE silk mask! From Whitening to hydrating plus some addition benefit for our skin, such as anti-aging , skin call repair and minimising our pores. For those who don't have any idea on getting which mask and not sure which to pick then this should be another alternative for you because it's 8-IN-1!

6 packs in a box and it even came with a cleanser for your face + moisturising cream that you can apply it on your face. It's my first time getting a mask pack that came with a cleanser and cream for our face! I think it's suitable for those who travel a lot and wish to get the ALL IN ONE effect and it's really convenient. Am I right?!

My all time favourite silk mask! I love how hydrating it is and it's really brighten my face after few application. I'm very busy this 2 months and I used this twice a week in order to get my baby skin back!

Face Cleanser

Silk Mask
Tear off the plastic sheet~
 Like this~
 Breathable mask sheet and I want to minimise my pores!!

One box can last me about 1 month and I love try & test diff mask but after all, I still prefer silk mask! Because it's more easy to fit on my face and I can feel my skin absorb it faster than a normal mask sheet. After the application of mask you can proceed with your toner and use your own night cream if you prefer your own skincare product routine.

2) Convenience
3) Came with a mini pack of cleanser + cream
4) Breathable Silk Mask
5) Easily Absorb into my skin
6) Hydrating and suit for sensitive skin
1) Not really 'whitening' (Since it's 8 in 1 effect so it's not a mask that make me WOW on the whitening outcome)
2) The cream might not suitable for those who have SUPER oily skin. Not a big deal because you can use your own moisturiser cream
3) The shape of the mask quite small for a guy (But it fit me nicely just that if you are a male then it might be small for you)

After trying out their silk mask the owner of the shop was nice enough to send me another facial brush to review and share it with you guys. It's made in Korea!! But what makes me fall in love with it was the colour of the facial brush. It's PINK! 

Yea!! I can die for it and it's not a normal facial brush but a 4D facial brush that involved in 2 diff motion which is rotation and vibration.

A thick box with a combination of black and pink colour! Just like my blog theme! AHHAHAHAH How was it? Do you like it?! Love the minimalist layout so that you can focus more on my blog. Next, a big princess crown logo on the brush.

1 Year warranty came with 2 brush head (retail price:rm45/each refill ) & 2aaa battery
 Came with 2 brush refills
 ON/OFF Button
 Nice handle and the shape fits my hand so much! Still in love with this pastel pink brush! So pretty~
 Rotation from left to right + Up & Downward vibration.

The rotation helps to clean out the dirt from our pores while the up & down vibration did a good job in deep cleansing and it feels like a real & gentle massages on my skin. Just like our hand tapping on our skin and without any need of our hand we can remove all the dirt! Hurayyy~

 Soft Micro-bristle Brush Head 

Super duper soft and it can provide a low irritation deep cleansing but you are not suitable for this if you have super allergy skin or inflamed skin. I know some of you actually did some laser and skin treatment to get back your baby skin but remember after laser treatment (or any treatment that can make your skin become sensitive)..you are not recommend to use any facial brush to massage your face. 

Battery Replacement by turning the lower part of handle to the left and close it by turning to the right.

Don't wanna repeat the same thing over and over again because I did a post about my daily skincare routine so you can read back and see what's the best method for your skin. Remember always outward , upward and last step should be the same too!

Step (1): Apply a small amount of cleanser on your wet skin. You can either put onto the brush or on your skin

Step (2): Turn on the button and start experience the 4d motion on your skin

Step (3): Clean your cheek, nose , forehead , chin (just all over your face) Don't over do it! 1-2 mins enough for entire face

Step (4): Rinse with warm water

 Last step should be your daily routine by using your own toner and moisturizer! After using the brush you have to take out the brush head and clean it. After all just place it and let it dry!

1) Water resistant (but can't put it into the water because it's not fully waterproof)
2) Attractive Color for those who love pink
3) Nice handle for easier application
4) Both rotation and vibration for deep cleansing
5) Two refill brush
6) Battery placement was way easier by just turning it 
1) You can't choose the level of the vibration and rotation
2) Not fully Waterproof
3) Not suitable for those who are sensitive skin type
4) No beep sound to remind or count the time for you so you might need to count it yourself. 

If you are interested in getting one of there you can actually reach them via
| Watsapp or wechat: 0134321870
| Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/uniquehomebeauty 
| Instagram: @unique_homebeauty

For those who wish to touch and feel the product you can head over to the pop up stall dreamland event @times square ,Penang from 11am-9pm ya! Just go and give them a visit! It's a chance for you to experience it. That's all for today. Love, xx


  1. which is better 4d facial or the Mary Kay one

    1. Mary kay one have better control via this one can't adjust the level of rotation and vibration + the price comparison between both. So it's depend on your budget and which suitable for you on the long term basis :) Thanks!