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08 June 2015

Hello My Little Sweeties Have been a while since I back from Japan and next Japan Trip post should be update on this week! I'm so happy because it's been a long time that I never treatment my hair. I stopped my keratin treatment since last year and after I bleach my hair keratin treatment no longer suitable for me. It's more suitable for those who had fizzy hair. Due to the reason from my previous trip, now I'm more interested with Japan Hairstylist. I heard a lot of positive feedback from my friends and they told me I should now continue my treatment journey. I'm still looking for hairstylist who can do a great job on my short hair *still figuring it myself* and maybe I should try to cut my hair at number76 next time!! Let me know if you have some recommended hairstylist who cut nice short hair.

I met Cheesie last time and I have been so excited after I make my appointment. I love the colour of her hair and the air wave! Then I read some of my friend's review on their treatment so I guess I should give my first try on their signature treatment. Unlike others treatment this without any steamer!!!! So you no need sit down and wait for your hair being steam by the hot steamer. Plus, I went to the Number76 @ Publika. It's so new and love the interior design!

Number 76 @ Publika
The whole interior and furnitures are a combination of a darker tone of wood and white classic walls and ceiling. It's so simple and at the same time added a modern element into it. Love the front main door and feel like so 'luxury' once I step inside the shop but a twist after I saw their wood furnitures and white wall. A super bright and big window at the back with some natural sunlight. I pick the seat near the big window and white walls.

I love wood because it makes me feel cozy and feel like I'm in Japan! wtf* Seriously and wish I could stay here or my room deco should go more white and a little combination with darker tone wood. 

My hair before treatment :O So messy and dry?!!! Why?! All thanks to that person that I mention on this post who actually mess up my hair and that's the reason why I MUST get help from the professional and try a better hair treatment. Apart from that my hair now getting weird my bangs half thick half long and I just put everything on a side plus my top part of my hair super dry due to the highlight on the middle.

The middle highlight tone is getting more and more yellowish then it makes my hair look so dry! I have no patient and they advise me to do and protect my hair first before go for the next colour.

First impression, full house during my first visit and luckily I booked my appointment. I went to the counter and tell them my name with booking time. After waiting for 10 mins!! finally~ It's time to give my hair some massage and treatment!!

Ultrasonic Iron Hair Treatment

A very nice guy came to me and ask me whether it's my first time visit anot. I told him YES! Then he was super duper nice to explain the whole process to me one by one. Very patient and his massage skill very good! Overall their treatment impressed me a lot  (VERY VERY IMPRESSED) especially the time that he put the hot towel on my neck and massage my head! OMG THE BEST MOMENT!! Until now I still remember it!! He also brought me some magazines to kill my boredom. YAY!!

The whole massage makes me feel so relax until I want to roll my eyeball up! HAAHAHAH this can explain why I love that and the outcome!!!! Plus, their hair iron won't heat our hand one. Magic!!!

 I touched the iron and I can't feel any heat on my hand!! They even showed me how the hair iron can vibrate the water and you can hear some sound of it.

The whole process took me about 1 hour. It's shorter since it's without any steamer! First you will need to rinse your hair with some application of treatment cream on your hair. Next, they rinse the treatment off again and followed up with a Ultrasonic Iron to vibrate the cells of our hair and at the same time penetrate the treatment cream deep into our hair. (Like the photo above) It never heat up my hair or skin at all!!

He told me that this iron actually vibrates at 37,000 beats per second and can easily separating particle of protein , water and oil in the hair to ensure the treatment penetrates deep inside our hair. Just a few mins you can feel the miracle happen on your hair. For my personal experience, I can't really feel it while my hair still in the semi-wet condition but after they rinse off my hair, I can feel the smoothness and softness immediately right after the treatment!

During the second time they rinse off my hair they actually placed a hot towel on both of my neck and upper forehead! So warm and feel so sleepy after that!! SUPER DUPER RELAXING OMG OMG OMG the whole treatment was out of my expectation because of this hot towel. Imagine the moment you feel so tired and stress but someone was there to help you massage and placed the hot towel on your neck! LOVE THIS TO THE MAX!

Then this 4x hair treatment can last your treatment longer. Use one every week and only works on your hair after having the ultrasonic iron hair treatment. So the whole pack can use for 1 month means that after this signature treatment, your hair can sustain and hold up to 1 month. So nice!! It's my second week and my hair still feel so smooth and more manageable since I tried the treatment! Really can see the result!

For extra care of scalp they applied this hair care product from shiseido on my scalp. Cooling effect and feel so relax again!

 After the whole treatment, it's time to dry and style my hair!! My bangs getting longer and longer so I asked Sato-san to cut it short for me! Thanks a lot! Love it so much!!

This hair treatment cost about RM265 and you can check their full price list on their official website. I think this should be a good practice for all the salon! So you can know the price first before go for it or without further notice. 

Everyone thought cut my hair again or straighten it but's just treatment! Love the outcome and see my hair look super smooth after 2 weeks too! So happy and Sato-san did a great job on my bangs! Love my short bangs now but I think it's time to dye my hair and try to cut my hair shorter now. Any recommendation on Number76 hairstylist?? I'm looking for a shorter length until my mouth or chin one. Arghhh, really love their service but you need extra patient to wait for your turn. Maybe you might need to sit down and read the magazine while waiting for your turn to cut your hair. I waited 30 mins just to cut my bangs but still love the outcome of my hair!! Thumbs up~

I think i should make another appointment before I go for my friend's wedding dinner!! That's all for today! Love,xx. For those who would like to try out their signature me! Worth for your try!! Once you try this I think you can say bye bye to other treatment! Good Luck!

Contact Details
+603 6201 2776 / 3776

10.00 – 19.00 (Closed on Monday)

Number76 Publika, 
A1-G2-2, Solaris Dutamas, 
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Location: Walk towards Publika Shopping Mall’s main entrance, you will see Journal by Plan B on your left and Wondermilk on your right. Step out of the mall, and turn left. Chawan will be on your right. Continue with a short walk towards the junction and turn right when you see Mee Jawa in front of you. Walk straight and you will arrive at Number76 near the end of the row.


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