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04 June 2015

Good Afternoon Sweeties  It's been awhile since the last time I share my beauty tips with all of you! You know I'm getting older and my mom always warn me to take a good care of my skin but now it's not just about skincare product anymore. It's more than that! We need something that can help us shine from the inner to outer. Except our daily routine I guess beauty supplement should  be one of the good alternative to stay beautifully. Am I right?!! You have no idea how many beauty supplement I had seen in Japan. It's every way in their mini market or even those 7-11 stores. 

Whether it's a pills or in form of a's just everywhere!! I'm getting older and I think it's time to try out some beauty supplement that actually convenient for me. As you know that I'm not a kind of person who love to bring my water bottle everywhere and my bag was so heavy. So, i have been searching for something that I can bring it with me to EVERYWHERE and ANYTIME. Plus, I want something that is tasty and I feel happy when taking it.

I actually bought a mini beauty jelly bar to try during my Japan trip and surprisingly it taste like a snack! Just like the jelly type of snack that I love! I love snack  my god!! Then, I actually saw this brand called Centa in Watson & Guardian store. I'm happy that I'm able to share my beauty supplement with all of you! Let me introduce this two product for you guys!!

It's known as Centa Beaute & Centa Svelte. Both are jelly type and you can enjoy the flavour.  No need purposely buy from oversea because now you can get it in Malaysia!!! WOOOHOOO Now I no need worry that I can't get it :P

TAAA~DAAA~ One to keep your skin healthy and stay young + Another one is the first slimming jelly product in the market! WOOOHOOO

Centa Beaute
First!!! This is my favourite! The best invention ever I guess. It taste just like normal jelly and it's so convenient that I can bring it along with me to EVERYWHERE. Whether it's work , going to event or in my car I can just grab it and enjoy my little happy time with this tasty jelly! I got myself a lychee flavour one and it taste really good when it's cold! I just put it inside my refrigerator  and grab it before my work!

My little secret ya! Don't say I never tell you :p 

This Centa Beaute contain 5000mg of collagen (per sachet) and you can take this with you and consume it anytime as you like. So convenient hor!! Really love the simple packaging and this lychee really taste like those normal jelly but slightly sour compare to those normal jelly! It's so refresh and not just taste nice it's GOOD FOR OUR SKIN TOO!

 Help to renew our skin , delay or anti aging while at the same time lighten our skin's pigmentation.

 Dancing jelly! So Q!!

Stay young and pretty then next you can shine from inner to outer with this product! HAAHAHAHAHAH Best seller everrrrr~

How about the Centa Svelte?!

Centa Svelte

Yea!! This is the first slimming jelly product in the market so far!! It look like the same as the centa beaute but this is way suitable for those who wish to burn the extra fat on your body! I know some of you feel really suffer when it come to fat burning exercise. I'm also quite lazy but I heard my mom always complain about her extra fats on her body and so...this is the best solution for her! 

The application is slightly diff from the Centa Beaute since this is a slimming product then you need to take this 10 mins before your meal and after that just drink a glass of water will do! No joke ok~~ Where got slimming product taste so yummy one + it's a jelly leh!! You can take 2-3 pack of this per days (depends on the individuals) and most important that IT WONT CAUSE any diarrhea. It means that you no need keep go to toilet and do the 'big business' after consume this! 

 I know you waiting for this!! It can help burn the extra fats , stop the fat formation and REDUCE the hunger pangs!!! After this you won't easily feel hungry and this is the best way to stay happy while trying to cut down the extra fats on our body! Oh yea! My mama love it!!

Light weight packaging , very convenient and taste very good!

 Acal Berry Jelly Flavour!


One box contains 20 sachet
 So light weight!

 Follow me to everywhere! It can bring along anytime and so small! I'm sure your bag can fit in at least 4-5 sachet of this!

Addicted on this jelly product now!

Want to know more? You can check more from their official website / fb and please try this out!!! It's available in both Watson and Guardian store. What are you waiting now oh?!! Just go and try this la!! 

Let stay beautifully together with Centa! That's all about my beauty tips! Love, XoXo.


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